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    Raisins - Vitis Vinifera - Kishmish

    Raisins - Vitis Vinifera

    The delicious, small dry fruit known as raisins offers several noteworthy advantages that you must be aware of. Check out this index of the intriguing usefulness of raisins, and yet you haven’t already, consider incorporating them into your meals. Because they contain a ton of real sugar, kishmish is one of the better choices for candy and other sweets. Additionally, raisins have advantages. They are a fantastic source of minerals and vitamins and also fiber, calcium, iron, and potassium. It will provide you with a boost of power and maintain your system looking healthy. Additionally, they are snappy and easy snacks that can be had at any time of the day. 

    You can raise your everyday intake by simply eating a raisin handful, in addition to other health benefits. scroll down to understand the health advantages of raisins and their natural cures for various illnesses.

    Synonyms of Raisins

    • Kismis
    • Kishmish
    • Draksharishta
    • Vitis Vinifera

    Nutritional Facts of Raisins

    A quarter-cup of raisins includes:-


    Sugar:21 grams
    Fiber:1 gram
    Carbohydrates:29 grams
    Fat:0 grams
    Protein:1 gram

    Phytochemical Constituents of Raisins

    • Caftaric acid
    • Coutaric acid
    • Flavonols
    • Quercetin
    • Kaempferol glycosides

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    Therapeutic Uses of Raisins

    • Eyes

    The polyphenolic phytonutrients carotenoid, vitamin A, and beta carotene are encountered in raisins that support the maintenance of healthy vision.

    By lowering the outcomes of free radicals, which promote muscle degeneration and decrease eyesight, these nutrients aid in safeguarding your vision.


    • Metabolism

    Having raisins per day is helpful for your stomach. It has fibers that expand when exposed to moisture. These assists ease constipation by retaining a laxative effect on the stomach. Additionally, eating raisins every day maintains regular bowel movements and the fiber in raisins helps to take out all the toxins from the body and speed up the metabolism process.


    • IBS

    IBS sometimes referred to as Grahani, is primarily brought on by poor dietary habits, an abundance of hard-to-digest food particles, the consumption of allergenic or nutritionally deficient foods, overeating, eating irregularly, and other physical and mental causes. Illness like constipation and diarrhea may be brought on by it. The wonderful raisins make it the ideal alternative for treating this excruciating illness.


    • Heals Gastronomical Issues

    Increased quantities of magnesium and potassium held in raisins have been demonstrated to lessen acidity.

    Daily eating raisins lowers the blood’s poisonous level, which alleviates symptoms like bloating.


    • For Skin

    Having raisin is an underutilized gambit for maintaining healthful skin. The raisins make you seem younger and guard against skin damage. Given that it has all the essential elements for suitable skin, it can even heal skin problems like acne and pimples. The ideal approach to swallowing raisins to maintain healthy skin is to first soak them in water.

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    Home Remedies Raisins

    • Inflammation

    This therapy has been utilized to aid relieve pain and swelling caused by conditions such as arthritis. 8 to 9 raisins per day, or one spoonful, has long been the suggested intake. You may need to wait around 3 weeks after you start taking the saturated raisins for the maximum impact. afterward, the teaspoon must be ingested consistently daily. If the pain does not subside, try consuming 1 tablespoon in the morning and 1 in the evening.


    • Skin Hydration

    Antioxidants included in raisins help in fixing cellular deterioration. It helps you obtain clear skin and retains it looking young for a longer period. Consuming this water is beneficial for keeping the skin moisturized as well.


    • For Teeth & Gums

    6-8 raisins should be ingested every day to protect teeth from tooth erosion and cavities, and further gum-related issues. They possess a particular photochemical class that eliminates germs but also feeds the gums and external coating of the teeth, which serves as a protective shield.

    Ayurvedic Aspects of Raisins

    Ayurvedic texts state that kishmish have a sweet flavor or madhura in taste. It offers light nourishment and a cooling effect. The vata is calmed by raisins. They support digestive processes and waste removal. raisins must be soaked the night before and consumed the successive morning.

    Raisins can support a variety of Pitta issues. It works wonders to relieve the burning that comes with urination. Additionally, as raisins are a natural diuretic, they assist in draining, releasing urine, and cooling the body.

    Daily Dose:  Only 30 grams of raisins are consumed daily.

    Side Effects of Raisins

    • Stomach Disorders

    Ingesting excessive doses of dietary fiber is detrimental to your digestive system and decreases the absorption of different nutrients. Dietary fibers help alleviate diarrhea by absorbing extra fluid from the body. However, excessive consumption of them might result in stomach-related concerns like indigestion, and dehydration.


    • Weight Gain

    Swallowing excessive raisins can cause weight gain. Therefore, you should take them in the required dosage.


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    Article Written By: Dr. Sahil Gupta, Ayurvedic Allergy Specialist


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