Namaste Everyone,

Do you know that you can sell Ayurvedic herbal products without even manufacturing them?

Yes! You can! You are the distributors we are searching for and waiting for. Thank you for stopping by and landing here. IAFA Ayurveda® is a registered manufacturing firm, producing and selling Ayurvedic products in India and also worldwide and you can be a part of us by selling our products and healing the world naturally. Our main goal is not only to make our products reach the needy across the globe but also to spread awareness about the ancient miraculous Ayurveda. Become a part of a healing community. Our herbal products are of top-notch quality and are in high demand worldwide. So, don’t wait, become our Ayurvedic Products Distributor and get distributorship of our Ayurvedic Products to spread Ayurveda worldwide.

Just scroll down to know how you can become the distributor of our Ayurvedic products. If you ask me for a suggestion I would all say to Hurry up! Because great things are limited and you can be one of those Nobel people who gets a chance to do Ayurvedic Products Distribution Business and spread Ayurveda around the world. Yes, we call you Nobel because you will be working for a great cause and will be healing people all around the world naturally, leaving the legacy of Ayurveda across the countries. By joining us you can have a deal of good business too. We are grateful to welcome you.

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    Why IAFA Ayurveda?

    This is a perfect question which we always love to answer. The “why” factor is always crucial, if you are not clear with your “why” there is no purpose in doing things. Okay, we will tell you why IAFA Ayurveda® is the best manufacturer and why you should choose us:-

    Top-notch quality products

    Quality assured and 100% safe

    100% natural and pure vegetarian

    Manufactured under the supervision of Ayurveda experts

    Produced in bulk to cope with demand

    We use Ancient Ayurveda scriptures and the latest technology to produce.

    Serve Noble cause

    • Our herbal products are of high-grade quality and manufactured keeping in mind the goodness and health of people.
    • Products have undergone various quality tests, and trials to test their quality and effectiveness. So you can be 100% sure of our products. 
    • We use only natural ingredients and no added colouring agents, sweetening products and flavours.
    • Manufactured and supervised under the guidance of Ayurveda experts who have years of experience in it.
    • To preserve the quality of the products, they are manufactured by using the best technology. 
    • Manufactured in bulk, so that there will be no shortage of supply and to cope with the demand.
    • 100% vegetarian products, we don’t use any kind of animal gelatin shells, so can increase the wide range of usage. 
    • By joining us, you can also be a part of a beautiful community that’s involved in healing the world with the miracle of Ayurveda.

    We guess you have got a clear ‘why’ now. If yes, then hurry up! And join us. And also we have got something to tell you more, keep reading!

    5 Things That Make IAFA Ayurveda® Unique Among Others

    95% of successful
    treatment rate

    Highly demanded and widely supplied products worldwide.

    Manufactured under the guidance of 14+ years experienced Dr Sahil Gupta.

    A registered manufacturing firm in India.

    Buyer and seller of Ayurvedic herbs

    Teach Ayurveda through IAFA College of Ayurveda (ICA).

    • The quality and the success rate of treatment. More than 95% of patients who got treated at IAFA® are leading happy and healthier lives.
    • The herbal products are of first-class quality and are sold worldwide. No, we don’t bluff you by hiding the ingredients because our products are 100% natural, free from any kind of synthetic added flavours and sweeteners. 
    • Our Ayurveda Expert, the Founder of IAFA Ayurveda®, India, Dr Sahil Gupta has around 14+ years of experience treating patients across the globe. Do you know what makes him unique? His empathy towards his patients makes him understand his patients better and treat them the best.
    • We are a registered manufacturer of Ayurvedic herbal medicines and we also act as a bridge between the farmers and cultivators selling the herbs and the people buying authentic Ayurvedic herbs.
    • We are highly encouraged to educate people about Ayurveda, herbs and the Ayurvedic way of living through our IAFA College of Ayurveda, that is, ICA.

    Ready to join us and become our distributor? Then click on the below-given buttons.

    What Change Can You Bring by Being Our Distributor?

    Ayurveda throughout the world. We alone as a manufacturer can reach where our hands can. But we can’t reach everywhere, that’s when you come into the picture. Come and join us and spread the goodness of Ayurvedic and Ayurvedic herbal medicines all around the world. By becoming our distributor:-

    • You can heal a wide range of chronic illnesses naturally.
    • You can be a part of someone’s health journey.
    • Spread miraculous herbs across the globe.
    • You can get an opportunity to work with a largely exploring firm, IAFA Ayurveda®. 
    • You can grow your wealth and health. 

    Why wait? Join now and become our Nobel distributor. Let’s heal the world together with natural Ayurvedic herbs. 

    What Do You Need to Become Our Ayurvedic Products Distributor?

    First order around 350-500 products

    50+ products for later orders

    Payment on placing order. Negotiation is acceptable.

    We pay packaging and labelling charges. You pay shipment charges.

    Growing personality

    Business Mindset

    Willingness to grow Ayurveda

    Desire to heal the world naturally.

    • You need to place a minimum of 350-500 products for your first order.
    • Later you can minimise the order to around 50 and will be good for both of us if you can consistently place orders.
    • The payment must be done when you place the order. We’re open to negotiations on this. So, please contact us. 
    • The company pays for packaging and labelling and we let you know that shipment or delivery charges need to be paid by you.
    • A strong growing personality is expected from you to excel in this business.
    • A business mindset will be an addition to invoking good and authentic marketing of our Ayurvedic products.
    • It will be great if you can have the willingness to take Ayurveda to the corners. 
    • A strong desire to heal the world naturally and become a part of ever-growing Ayurveda.

    Privileges You Get As Our Ayurvedic Products Distributor

    IAFA’s recognition badge

    Free marketing campaigns

    Free mentoring by Dr Sahil Gupta and other experts

    Damage while delivery? Full replacement. No extra charges.

    • IAFA®’s recognition badge and you’ll be mentioned on all our websites as our distributor. We are so proud of you! 
    • Free mentoring from IAFA®’s Ayurvedic experts and also from our founder Dr Sahil Gupta. We are keen towards sharing knowledge along with natural healing! 
    • Free marketing campaigns are conducted to assist you to increase awareness about the products. Don’t worry, we will always be with you in this healing journey. 
    • If any damage occurs to the products during the shipment, a full replacement can be offered without offering extra charges.

    We wanna give our helping hand as you will be working for a noble cause.

    Staying Outside India?

    Don’t worry even if you stay outside India and want to grow your business by becoming a distributor of herbal medicines. Because we provide you with an opportunity. No matter where you are, you can still become a distributor of IAFA Ayurveda. There will be no jargon in the transportation of products because IAFA has been dealing with the international transport of its products to patients across the world. So, don’t hesitate and become our distributor now. 

    Wanna Be A Part of IAFA Ayurveda?

    Well, we know as much as we want you to be a part of our community, you also want to give your hand in spreading awareness about Ayurveda. Some of you want to be a distributor and some want to have a clinic. We have a place for everyone. We believe in inclusivity and diversity. Along with the opportunity as an Ayurvedic Products Distributor, you’ll also get a chance to be an ayurvedic product manufacturer or get an ayurvedic clinic franchise.

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