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We are thrilled and excited to announce that IAFA College of Ayurveda is coming up with a variety of online courses with an affordable range for everyone. We won’t leave you empty-handed and empty-minded. At the end of the course, you’ll get certified, and of course the wide wisdom of ancient ayurvedic herbs.


This is an awesome initiative by  Dr Sahil Gupta who has 14+ years of experience in Ayurveda and has been treating allergies worldwide. 


IAFA® started as an institution to treat any kinds of allergies all over the world. It is an endeavor by Dr Gupta, an ayurvedic allergy specialist who has around 14+ years of experience and treated around 50000+ patients not only in India but also from other western and European countries. IAFA® not only treats all kinds of allergies but also provides knowledge-based blogs about ancient Ayurveda and deep knowledge about ancient ayurvedic herbs. IAFA also has a wide range of products from herbal powders, herbal tonics, herbal seeds, herbal syrups and herbal teas. 


Dr Sahil Gupta is the most experienced and certified Ayurvedic expert and an allergic Ayurveda specialist who has treated more than 50000+ patients suffering from any kind of allergies worldwide. An ayurvedic practitioner who incorporates the goodness of yoga and a personalized ayurvedic diet for body and mind wellness. He is also an author of two books on child health and allergies and fungal infections. The founder and CEO of IAFA Ayurveda® maintains a team of  well-trained ayurvedic practitioners.  

ICA helps you to

  • Understand Ayurvedic herbs thoroughly

Herbs are of different forms, some are in powdered form and some are in liquid form. Some are available raw and some as prepared. ICA will help you to clear every doubt regarding the herbs. You will get deep wisdom, not just the bookish words.


  • Analyze Ayurvedic herbs physically or Online

You can examine the herbs, their texture, and their nature. ICA can provide you with authentic and natural herbs. 


  • Reinvigorate with Ayurvedic Herbs 

Connect with the ancient ayurvedic knowledge about herbs and rejuvenate yourself with the naturally available herbs.

In addition to the above, you can also know the preparation of ayurvedic medicine by using ayurvedic herbs, their manufacturing, storage and usage.

Why learning herbs is essential?

“Ayurveda”- The traditional Indian medicine is becoming increasingly popular throughout the world, as patients of various diseases generally respond very well to various Ayurvedic treatments, experiencing the reductions in the symptoms and even the cessation of their symptoms. Herbs (Dravyas) play a major role in the Ayurvedic healing process. All the Dravyas (herbs) are composed of five Mahabhutas and so are in the body. These herbs are used as a drug and diet to effect desired changes in case of disorders and maintenance of the latter. In Ayurvedic classical texts i.e Ch. Su. 26/ 12, it is quoted that there is no Dravya which can be taken as non- drug. Along with this Ayurvedic texts also warn against the use of the substance that is adequately understood. Any plant can be used to treat patients but only if it is understood properly, in terms of its nomenclature, identity, properties and actions. As Ayurveda is gaining popularity today, a vast array of spurious Ayurvedic herbs and formulations are available in the market as a result of use of substitute herb, adulterated herb or controversial herb. To avoid any kind of array and to get the maximum benefit from various herbs it is essential to learn herbs and their properties as per classical texts.

This course is for you, if?

  • Anyone enthusiastic about ancient Ayurveda all over the world.
  • An Ayurvedic practitioner who’s just starting the practice. 
  • An Ayurvedic consultant.
  • An Ayurvedic herbs manufacturer who is involved in the preparation of mulikas for a wide range of illnesses.
  • An experienced Ayurvedic practitioner who wants to learn more about ancient miraculous medicine.
  • Who wants to include the goodness of Ayurveda in your daily life.
  • Who’s willing to treat acute illnesses with the use of home remedies? 
  • Want to introduce a well-balanced ayurvedic diet into your life?

Medium of Learning

No matter where you are in the world, you can get a deep knowledge of ancient Ayurvedic herbs by sitting comfortably at your home or you can learn them by visiting IAFA college of Ayurveda directly from our gurus. Your comfort is our preference. IAFA college of Ayurveda makes learning comfortable, affordable, less boring and more interesting.

Explore Shadow of Dravyaguna

Explore the courses given below and choose the one based on your preferences. 



(Personalize Course- Choose any herb of your choice)

Course Duration: 2 Days

Time: 45 Minutes Per Day

Topics to be covered

Identification of Drugs- It is matter of great task to completely identify the herb customarily…

Read More


Holistic Herb 10

Knowledge of medicinal plants and science behind them.

(Personalize course- Choose 10 herbs of your choice)

Course Duration: 45 Days

Time: 45 Minutes Per Day

Topics to be covered

This course consists of a batch of 10 herbs you wanna learn about. These herbs are vital…

Read More


Basics of Ayurvedic Pharmacology

(Dravya Guna)

Course Duration: 30 Days

Time: 45 Minutes Per Day

Topics to be covered

1. Basics concepts of Dravya (herbs) – 

 Read More

There is a wide range of options to choose from. Just pick one and get started on your learning. Hurry up! Don’t wait otherwise your hunger for learning may vanish. Learning should never be delayed. Learn and explore! IAFA College of Ayurveda wishes you the best on your learning journey with us. 

We will see you in the class. 

Only wisdom of ancient herbs? Nah- Nah

Learning with exciting gifts. Sounds electrifying, right? We know you. We won’t disappoint you. We make your learning exciting, joyful, and fruitful and not only your minds are filled with ancient Ayurveda wisdom but also your hands with thrilling gifts


  • All required study material 
  • IAFA Ayurveda Health Suppliment Kit (worth INR 2500 or $75)
  • 1 Book (Hard Copy) written by Dr. Sahil Gupta on “Ayurvedic Aspects of Allergies and Fungal Infection” (worth INR 1990 or $44.95)
  • Lifetime membership of Institute of Applied Food Allergy
  • One consultation free with IAFA Ayurveda Expert

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