Personal Information

Birth Place: Chandigarh, India

Date of Birth: 24 January 1998

Languages: English, Hindi, and Punjabi.

Contact Details

Email Id.:

Phone No.: (+91) 961-218-0000

Official Address: IAFA AYURVEDA, S.C.O. 312, 1st Floor, Sector 38-D, Chandigarh, 160036

Dr. Sahil Gupta with Dr. Anjali Jindal

Personal Details of Dr. Anjali Jindal

Dr. Anjali Jindal is a highly qualified and well-experienced Ayurvedic consultant at IAFA and is fluent in Hindi, Punjabi and English. She was born and brought up in India with all the Ayurvedic medicine wisdom imbibed from her ancestors. You can contact her for any further queries.

Ayurvedic Expertise of Dr. Anjali Jindal

Dr. Anjali Jindal is a respected and experienced Ayurvedic physician at IAFA and has been treating patients with various allergies with care and compassion. Her enthusiasm for Ayurveda has pushed her a step forward to gain insights into yoga science and nutrition. 

By combining Ayurveda, Yoga science and Nutrition, she’s bringing a drastic change in the lives of people and improving their quality of life. She’s well known for her patient-centric approach. 

With their deep knowledge of nutrition, she also guides her patients to follow an ayurvedic diet and ayurvedic way of living to lead a healthy life. She is helping patients to attain well being by guiding them ages old yogic practices.

Educational Background of Dr. Anjali Jindal

Dr. Anjali Jindal completed her Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery (BAMS – 5 ½ Year)   from Shri Dhanwantry Ayurvedic College, Chandigarh, India. She has pursued additional training in yogic sciences, nutrition and dietetics and earned certifications. 

During her bachelor’s, she attended a workshop on the prevention and management of lifestyle disorders. Her workshop knowledge is quite useful in educating her patients about the ill effects of neglecting serious disorders.

Dr. Anjali’s Prime Focus

  • Treat patients with Ayurveda to help attain a healthy life.
  • Provide holistic health advice to patients by combining Ayurveda with yoga and nutrition. 
  • Bring a change in people’s lives by guiding them to follow an Ayurvedic lifestyle.
  • To Improve people’s quality of life by counseling them to include ayurvedic diet principles. 
  • To spread the deep knowledge of yoga and Ayurveda. 

Dr. Anjali Jindal Signing Off with an Advice –

Make positive changes in your life to heal the illnesses naturally.

– An Ayurvedic Principle.

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