Our Services

Allergy Treatment

IAFA® is managing a wide range of Allergic conditions including Food allergy, Skin allergy, Nasal allergy, Fungal infections, etc. by following the principles of Ayurveda.

Allergy Testing

IAFA® is assuring services for a wide range of Allergies confirming modern tests. We are serving our followers with the most accurate results through advanced levels of testing. 

Oral Ayurvedic Immunization

IAFA® is proud to offer the Ancient Ayurvedic Immunization technique founded by Acharya Kashyap in the 6th Century BCE, to a child from birth for a period of 6 months daily.

Pediatric Care

IAFA® is having a separate wing called as Ayurpediatrics to maintain health in children as well to treat their disorders through using complete Ayurvedic measures.

Personalized Diet Plan

IAFA® provides Ayurvedic Personalized Diet (Meal) Plan along with good lifestyle recommendations, which helps to treat the diseases, you’re suffering from.

Ayurveda Classes

At the IAFA® College of Ayurveda, you can get a deep knowledge about ayurvedic herbs, their properties, their usage and also the various vital concepts of healthcare and healthy living.

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