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    • Ayurvedic Allergy Specialist
    • CEO & Founder of IAFA®
    • 14 Years of Experience
    • Treated 50,000+ Patients Successfully



    Personal Information on Dr.Sahil Gupta

    Birth Place: Gohana, Delhi NCR, India

    Date of birth: 24-August-1985

    Official Address: IAFA For Allergy, Plot No. 26, Sector-7 HUDA, Gohana, Haryana, India – 131301 (60 minutes drive from Indira Gandhi International Airport, New Delhi)

    Contact details

    Phone: +91-9612180000

    Email: [email protected]

    Languages: English and Hindi


    Educational background

    • Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery ( BAMS – 5 ½ years of degree course) from Maharishi Dayanand University, Rohtak, India
    • Masters degree in Health Administration( MHA– 3 years of degree course)  from DCRUST University, Murthal, India

    International Relationships

    • Conducting awareness programs and consultations to the followers from United States of America
    • Started IAFA project in Russian Federation and IAFA professionals are working in Russian Federation to add direct service
    • International herbalproduct delivery is been done By IAFA, to all destinations around the globe

    The CEO and founder of IAFA, is the lead reason for founding an Ayurveda venture for assuring natural friendly healing for wide range of Allergies.


    After completing Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine and Surgery (BAMS) with excellent performance Dr. Sahil Gupta started practisingAyurveda with prime importance to allergic disorders management. The familial background as well as academic Ayurvedic support from Gurus (teachers) helped Dr. Sahil Gupta to excel in Ayurvedic healing and health maintaining practise. 

    He became the first Ayurvedic doctor to cure Food allergies through natural measures. He designed his own methods of unique herbal applications for Fungal infection cure and unique natural vaccination methods. Food allergy, Skin allergy and Nasal allergy cases were completely cured through natural and special methods by him within a short period of time. 


    The aim of founding IAFA lead him to specialize in Health Administration. In the year of 2014, Dr. Sahil Gupta completed his Masters in Health Administration with outstanding performance.TheAyurveda knowledge skill from Bachelor of Ayurvedic Medicine and Surgery and management skill from Master of Health Administration made him to be named as ‘Ayurvedic gem’ among family members, followers and well wishers.


    Dr. Sahil Gupta is serving the whole world through his idea of natural friendly healing for all with Ayurveda. He is giving his service in western countries including United States of America and Canada. His aim of popularizing Ayurveda around the globe have also benefited in the countries of Europe, Asia and Middle East. In recent future, IAFA is planning register wellness centers in Russian Federation and Canada with the help of overseas partners and followers. 


    The name, Dr. Sahil Gupta in the field Ayurveda has become popular around the globe through his magnificent contribution especially in the field of Ayurvedic allergic management and Ayurvedic Pediatrics case management.


    Meetthe’Ayurvedicgem’Dr.Sahil Gupta at IAFA for attaining natural solution for all your health related queries.


    “Maintain your health through natural measures by incorporating Ayurveda to your daily life. A person who follows Ayurveda daily will be free from any sort of diseases”- Great words by Dr.Sahil Gupta


    Let’s join his vision to spread Ayurveda and Yoga to all by reaching IAFA!!!

    Dr.Sahil Gupta's Aim

    • Spreading Ayurveda and Yoga to each and every corner of this world
    • Giving awareness about health maintenance through natural measures
    • Giving awareness about disease cure through natural measures giving prime importance to Allergic care and Pediatric care
    • Assuring the best Ayurveda and herbal products to all
    • Making the availability of Ayurveda service and products around the globe
    • Creating awareness to the young generation about the importance of nature friendly life for leading a healthy life in a healthy background

    Swami Vivekananda, a monk who popularized Yoga in west more than 125 years ago

    Dr. Gupta’s visit at  AJIT-VIVEK MUSEUM (Ramakrishna Mission Vivekananda Smriti Mandir), Khetri, Rajasthan.  Dr. Gupta is leading IAFA with the combined effort of Yoga and Ayurveda. Giving the benefits of Yoga to the world is one among his prime aim. 

    Speech for Parents of children with special needs

    Dr. Gupta delivering speech at an awareness programconductedat Alpine Hospital,  Haryana for parents of children with special needs. He is conducting various awareness programs and charity to the welfare of certain communities, who are in need of all level support to be a part of the our society.

    Dr. Gupta delivering speech at a national level conference on Allergies at JCI, New Delhi. He is interested in sharing all his valuable knowledge to the upcoming generation for the promotion of real knowledge.

    Present responsibilities

    • Dr. Sahil Gupta, as the CEO and founder of IAFA, is providing services inside India and abroad.  The whole IAFA centre is run under the guidance of Dr. Gupta along with the participation of more than fifty medical professionals from all over Indiaand foreign countries. IAFA presently is providing Ayurveda and Yoga management of Allergic disorders, Pediatricconditions and other general disorders management along with wellness treatment.
    • Dr. Gupta also is the head of IAFA manufacturing unit. IAFA is manufacturing good qualityclassical Ayurveda and herbal products. The products are having ingredients which have gone through high level quality checkto assure best results to all our followers.
    • Dr. Gupta is also into medical writings and researches.  Recently he have completed writing of two books on Allergic disorders and Pediatrics. The books are on final stage of publishing. He has  also published a case study on Maxillary Sinus Aspergillosis to prove the curing ability of Ayurveda in treating chronic conditions.  His researches on Food allergies, Skin allergies and Nasal allergies also will be soon published By IAFA officially for adding Ayuvedic knowledge awareness to all individuals.
    • Presenly Dr. Gupta is also conducting Video consultations and courses all over the world. The courses include short term Ayurveda and  Yoga learning through video lessons. Dr. Gupta also will be soon visiting Canada and Russian Federation for conducting awareness programs and consultations.
    • Dr. Sahil Gupta, called the name ‘Ayurvedic gem’ is a perfect example for a complete Ayurveda follower and propagator. He is anincarnation presented on Mother Earth forteaching natural friendly lifestyle to allthrough his deep Ayurveda and Yoga knowledge.

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