Common Symptoms of Allergies

Let’s know the common symptoms of Allergies:-

Runny Nose, Blocked Nose and Sneezing

Symptoms like Runny nose, Blocked nose and Sneezing can be observed in the allergic cases of rhinitis. Allergic rhinitis may also show itching associated with the above mentioned symptoms.

Wheezing and Shortness of Breath

Wheezing and shortness of breath are the common symptoms observed in Asthma. The above mentioned similar symptoms can also be observed in certain other allergic conditions as well as infections.


Cough and chest tightness can be observed as a symptom of certain allergic conditions. Hay fever and Allergic bronchitismay show the symptom of chronic cough.


Edema is one among the major symptom of Allergic reactions. Drug reaction or food allergy may cause edema of upper intestine and associated structures. Based on the drug or material edema can occur at any site.


Atopic dermatitis or eczema is the condition associated with presence of rash over the skin of certain areas. The nature of rashes in skin allergy may vary according to cause. In general, rashes may showing redness or itching or scaling nature.

Cold Sweats or Excessive Sweating

Sudden sweating or excessive sweating is observed as a symptom of certain allergic conditions especially Hay Fever as well as other untreated allergies. The sweating may occur even during normal rest period in case of allergic disorders.


Headache is observed as a symptom of different allergic conditions. Allergic rhinitis can be commonly associated with the symptom of headache. Fungal infection of maxillary sinus and common sinusitis are also observed with the symptom of headache.

Nausea and Vomiting

Nausea and Vomiting are the symptoms observed especially in case of food allergies. Indigestion is the basic cause of above mentioned symptoms and must be managed with sudden treatment procedures.

Fever and Sore Throat

Low grade fever and sore throat associated with common cold can be observed certain allergic disorders. Hay fever is such a condition which may show the above mentioned symptoms.

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