Ayurveda has in itself the essence of Vaccination or Inoculation

Institute of Applied Food Allergy® has proven Ayurvedic immunization measures that help a child to maintain health always without periodical medicine intake. The basic principles used in Ayurvedic immunization are “Swasthavruttha”- which means the regimen for staying healthy always and Rasayana – or Rejuvenation measure. These concepts are clearly explained in Ashtangahrudaya, Susrutha Samhita, and Charka Samhita. Dr. Sahil Gupta has made deep research on various Ayurvedic combinations for improving immunity. The laboratory studies as well as clinical studies of Ayurveda measures helped him to find the best choice for assuring immunization.

IAFA Oral Ayurvedic Immunization: The three oral Ayurvedic measures used at Dr. Gupta’s IAFA

Swarnaprashana (Herbal and Gold Concoction)

Vacha Churna (Acorus Calamus Linn.)

Madhu (Medicated Honey)

The above-mentioned measures are highly successful in improving the immune system of a child and thus preventing the child from getting various disorders. The details of Suvarnaprashana are explained in Kashyapa Samhita written by VriddhaJeevaka Acharya (Teacher). The method of gold intake along with Honey and Ghee was a tradition in ancient India, which was successfully used for adding rejuvenation and strength in a child during the initial growing stage. The general Suvarnaprashana can be given up to the age of 16 years from birth.  IAFA is using unique medicated honey and medicated ghee for administering Suvarnaprashana. The Swarnaprashana or Swarna bindu sanskara got successfully reintroduced by IAFA to the world population.

Vachachurna (Acoruscalamus) and Madhu (Medicated honey) are also used in unique combinations at IAFA for improving immunity. The long period usage from 6 months to 2 years of the above measures has proven to be assuring immunomodulatory action and growth-promoting action. The combination herbs used along with the above immunity boosters are developed by years of research work conducted by Dr. Sahil Gupta. He is working with a vision – Health for all through Ayurveda is helping to form various unique Ayurvedic combinations for serving millions of the population.

All the above-mentioned immunity-improving measures are highly safe and helpful for millions of children to lead a disease-free life.

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