Ayurvedic Treatment of Skin Diseases – Permanent and Effective

Ayurvedic Treatment of Skin Diseases

Are you also a victim of sensitive skin and prone to develop various skin conditions? If yes, then head on to read this article where we shall discuss different kinds of skin diseases, conditions, and problems, their causes, symptoms, and ayurvedic treatment measures.

What is a Skin Disease?

Skin disease is a condition of the skin, which is caused due to a reaction to any foreign substance that the skin might be sensitive to, lifestyle factors, or genetic reasons. Skin disease generally causes a typical rash, redness, patches, irritation, burning and itching sensations, inflammation, and various other kinds of changes in the appearance of the skin.

Major Types of Skin Diseases

Various Different Kinds of Skin Disorders Include:

1. Acne:

  • Acne is caused by blocked skin follicles and leads to the build-up of oil, dead skin, and bacteria in the pores of the skin.
  • Commonly appears on the face, neck, shoulders, upper back, and chest.
  • Breakout in the form of pimples, cysts, blackheads, whiteheads, or painful nodules.

2. Blister:

  • May develop anywhere on the body.
  • Can develop individually or in the group.
  • Appears as a watery, fluid-filled area on the skin.

3. Cold Sore:

  • A fluid-filled, painful, and red blister that develops near the lips or mouth.
  • Usually causes other symptoms such as body aches, mild fever, swollen lymph nodes, or other flu-like symptoms.
  • The sensation of burning, tingling, itching, and pain are often caused before the development of the sore.

4. Carbuncle:

  • A crusty or oozing lump under the skin.
  • Is red and protruded in appearance.
  • Fever, body ache, and fatigue are a few other symptoms.

5. Rosacea:

  • Rosacea is a chronic disease that may relapse after the treatment and continue on a cycle.
  • There are typically four types of rosacea with a range of different kinds of symptoms.
  • Common symptoms include skin dryness, skin sensitivity, facial flush, raised and red bumps.

6. Hives:

  • Hives are itchy-raised welts that are mildly painful to touch.
  • Red and warm in appearance and mostly occur as a response to an allergen.
  • Can be small, large, in a group, round, or ring-shaped, and sometimes distorted and randomly shaped.

7. Latex Allergy:

  • The condition may often lead to medical emergencies therefore urgent care must be taken.
  • A severe latex allergy can cause a shortage of breath and swelling.
  • Watery eyes, runny and itchy nose, cough, and sneezing are all caused due to airborne latex particles.
  • A rash may occur on the skin within minutes to hours post-exposure to latex content.

8. Psoriasis:

  • Psoriasis commonly appears on the elbow, knees, lower back, or scalp.
  • Maybe asymptomatic in nature.
  • If symptoms appear, itching may be one of the first few.
  • Silvery and scaly patches that are sharply defined.

Few Other Common Types of Skin Diseases Include:

  1. Cellulitis
  2. Measles
  3. Melanoma
  4. Lupus
  5. Contact dermatitis
  6. Vitiligo
  7. Wart
  8. Chickenpox
  9. Ringworm
  10. Melasma
  11. Impetigo
  12. Eczema

Causes of Skin Diseases

Underlying skin conditions, genetic factors, allergic reactions, and lifestyle factors may be lead to various skin diseases. Few other factors that lead to the same include:

  1. Parasites, or fungus that live and thrive in the skin.
  2. Viruses.
  3. Excessive exposure to the sun and its UV rays.
  4. Hereditary reasons.
  5. Contact with an infected person.
  6. Environmental triggers and allergens.
  7. Allergic reactions to certain medications.
  8. Trapped bacteria in hair follicles or pores.
  9. Diabetes.
  10. Inflammatory Bowel Disease.
  11. Lupus.
  12. Stress.
  13. Pregnancy.
  14. Reaction to makeup or skin products.

Symptoms of Skin Diseases

Apart from a few specific symptoms mentioned above, below are listed a few typical Symptoms of Skin Diseases:

  1. Ulcers
  2. Skin Allergy
  3. Lesions or open sores
  4. White or red raised bumps
  5. Discolored skin patches
  6. Changes in the size or color of a mole
  7. Loss of skin pigment
  8. Cracked or dry skin
  9. Painful, itchy, and red rash
  10. Peeling of skin
  11. Bumps that are fleshy, or other kinds of extended skin growths
  12. Warts
  13. Flushing in excess
  14. Rough or scaly skin

Prevention of Skin Diseases

Certain skin diseases that are caused due to genetic factors or some acute conditions may not be avoided, but taking precautions can sure avoid your risk of getting a skin disease that may be a result of other factors. These preventive measures include:

  1. Avoid sharing personal belongings such as towels, clothing, and bedding.
  2. Do not share utensils or drinking glasses with others.
  3. Ensure a proper, balanced, and nutritious diet.
  4. Keep yourself properly hydrated.
  5. Keep away from emotional or physical stress.
  6. Exercise regularly.
  7. Avoid coming into contact with infected people.
  8. Make sure you properly wash and sanitize your hands post an outing, especially after visiting public places.
  9. Take extra when in areas such as gyms, swimming pools, shower areas, locker rooms, etc. as these are prone to carry infecting viruses.
  10. Take proper sleep of at least 6 hours.
  11. Get vaccinated for skin conditions like chickenpox.
  12. Excessive hot, or cold can cause damage to the skin, protect your skin against such temperatures.
  13. Avoid coming into contact with harsh chemicals.

Ayurvedic Treatment of Skin Diseases

Ayurveda offers many effective herbs and herbal remedies for Ayurvedic treatment of skin diseases. These herbs and herbal remedies do have not any side effects. Let us take a look at a few prominent herbs and herbal remedies to treat various skin diseases naturally: –

1. Winsoria Oil:

  • It is a magical ayurvedic herb for allergic reactions and to relieve itching.
  • It significantly helps in treating psoriasis.
  • Provides comfort from symptoms of itching, inflammation, sores, silvery scales, and discoloration of the skin.

2. Kumkumadi Oil:

  • This oil effectively helps in restoring back the normal skin color after experiencing certain skin conditions and is good for clearing and improving complexion.
  • Excellent ayurvedic medicine for treating itching issues.
  • Also helps in treating acne, pimples, and marks.

3. Nalpamaradi Keram:

  • The oil is obtained by combining different species of fig tree.
  • Helps in improving skin health.
  • Helps in curing and managing skin infections.
  • Extremely helpful in treating eczema.
  • Also manages excessive itching.

4. Nimadi Kwath:

  • This Ayurvedic supplement contains antimicrobial properties.
  • Its anti-inflammatory properties help in healing inflammation of the skin
  • Also helps in improving overall skin health.

5. Keram:

  • Coconut oil, known as Keram in Ayurveda is used as a base oil for making many oils for ayurvedic treatments.
  • The oil is cool and has a soothing effect on skin conditions and diseases.
  • Helps in managing and treating skin inflammation and itching.
  • Provides natural moisturization and prevents the skin from drying and scaling.

6. Haridra:

  • Known as turmeric in layman’s language.
  • A powerful antiseptic and natural healer for various conditions, wounds, and internal healing.
  • Helps in improving overall skin health.
  • Reduces skin toxins and helps in fighting against skin infections and disorders.

7. Kukuma:

  • Commonly known as saffron.
  • Helps in improving skin tone and complexion.
  • Helps in maintaining all three doshas.
  • Has anti-inflammatory and antioxidant properties.
  • Helps in managing pimples and acne.


There are a vast number of skin conditions and problems and it’s almost impossible to take as many precautions, but practicing a healthy lifestyle and proper diet can certainly help you win half the battle.

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