Namaste Everyone,

We are so delighted to share with you that we have taken your request and have come up with opportunities for you to provide Ayurvedic Clinic Franchise. Many people across the world are asking us for ayurvedic products distributorshipthird-party ayurvedic products manufacturing and Ayurvedic Clinic Franchise opportunities, so finally our founder Dr Sahil Gupta has decided to fulfil their wish.

You already know that IAFA Ayurveda has been expanding day by day and our healing stories through miraculous Ayurveda therapy are everyone’s word of mouth. So we want this Nobel and miraculous Ayurveda to reach every corner of the world. We know we are aiming for big things, but it can be possible if we can be together. Come, work with us, and let’s spread the legacy of Ayurveda all around the world.

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    Why IAFA Ayurveda?

    We want to carry this legacy all around the world. We want your hand to be a part of this beautiful journey of healing the world through Ayurveda. 

    Start your journey of healing the world by opening a clinic franchise at your place, with our help!

    Consultations in and outside India.

    Conducts both offline and online consultations.

    Happy and healthy patients worldwide.

    A registered manufacturing firm in India.

    Manufacture and worldwide shipment of herbal products

    Teach Ayurveda through ICA.

    Provide distributorship opportunities worldwide.

    Offer third-party manufacturing services.

    • An Ayurvedic institution, conducting consultations and treating patients worldwide. 
    • Conducts both online and offline consultations. 
    • IAFA Ayurveda is a registered manufacturing firm based in India. 
    • IAFA manufactures authentic Ayurvedic herbal medicines that ship worldwide.
    • IAFA College of Ayurved I.e., ICA, trains individuals all around the world and spreads knowledge about ancient Ayurvedic herbs. 
    • IAFA Ayurveda distributorship opportunities to retailers and professionals seeking to become herbal medicine distributors.
    • IAFA Ayurveda also provides third-party manufacturing to individuals. 
    • Healthy and Happy patients who got treated across countries. 

    What Do You Need to Open An Ayurvedic Clinic?

    • An Ayurvedic graduate or anyone who has the will and believes in natural healing and is enthused to treat patients through Ayurveda.
    • A person who has the spirit to run a successful business.
    • Being passionate about spreading the goodness of Ayurveda across the countries.
    • A dedicated individual who can spend around 9-10 hours in the clinic working for a good cause.
    • An individual who can meet with other professionals and can uphill the business. 

    Privileges You Get As the Owner of an Ayurvedic Clinic

    IAFA’s recognition badge

    Need not spend a penny on high infrastructure

    Offer consultation facilities.

    Supply of high-quality medicines

    Supportive encouragement

    Chance to heal the world naturally.

    Luck to become a part of the Noble profession.

    • Recognition badge from IAFA Ayurveda and your name will be mentioned gracefully and we are proud of you.
    • Free training from our Ayurvedic experts.
    • Offer online consultation services from our Dr Sahil Gupta and other Ayurveda experts.
    • Supply of top-notch quality herbal medicines.
    • Constant and supportive encouragement from IAFA Ayurveda.
    • A chance to heal the world naturally through Ayurveda. 
    • To become a part of the Noble profession. 

    Infrastructure Requirements

    To add the above-mentioned personality requirements, you also need the following infrastructural requirements:-

    200-300 sq. ft of area

    An initial investment of 2.5 to 5 lakhs

    2 years licence agreement from IAFA

    2 lakhs for brand license and clinic setup.

    • An area of around 200-300 sq. ft in a well-recognised place. So that anyone can have access to it.  
    • You need to have some initial investment of around 2.5 to 5 lacs.
    • You should get a licence agreement from IAFA Ayurveda to start a clinic franchise which would last for 2 years.
    • You need to invest 2 lacs for 2 year brand licence aggrement and clinic setup. 

    Outside India?

    Hey, if you are not from India and still have the spirit to run an Ayurvedic clinic in your locality, you are in the right place. Don’t think this is not for you. Of course, we love to have people who believe in Ayurveda even if they are from other countries. As you are from outside India, you may not have done a degree in Ayurveda. So we would like to inform you that, anyone who believes in natural healing, or who has done any degree or diploma related to Ayurveda, or Ayurvedic enthusiasts who strongly acknowledge Ayurveda can grab this opportunity. We will guide you and can also provide online consultation to the patients of your locality from our experts. We will be with you throughout your journey of healing people naturally. Join us now!

    Isn’t it the Best Opportunity?

    • The herbal industry is worth 4.4 billion dollars and is going exponentially, it’s the best time to invest in it.  
    • Grab the golden opportunity to treat the world through miraculous and ancient Ayurveda.
    • Grow your wealth by healing people’s health.
    • Business with us is like the cherry on the cake. We will surely be your great asset.
    • Get great recognition worldwide by becoming a clinical franchise with IAFA. 
    • Everyone has the right to heal naturally and we are striving to make Ayurveda enlighten
      the darks. 
    • Become a clinical franchise partner with us and let’s together work for a noble cause. 

    The team IAFA and Dr Sahil Gupta are waiting for you on the other side. Come and join us. If you have any queries, you are just a call or mail away. Mail or call us, and we will respond accordingly. We believe that we can together heal this world with the help of mother nature’s ancient Ayurveda. In the world of medicines with side effects and long-term effects, let’s be the change and provide medicines with immense health. As you all know there is no room for side effects in Ayurveda. Waiting for you on the other side! 

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