Kaumarabhruthya is the equivalent Ayurvedic branch of modern pediatrics mentioned in ancient Ayurvedic classics named Kashyapa Samhita and Ashtangahrudaya. Kaumarabhruthya is also called as Bala Chikitsa. This branch deals with child care in total, breast milk related ailments and breast milk purification treatments. 

The social, mental, and physical well-being of a child is aimed through various measures as per Ayurveda. Dr.Sahil Gupta’s experience in child care is the key factor in the success behind Ayurvpediatrics department along with the presence of highly qualified Ayurveda professionals.

IAFA has designed special diet plans, regimen, external care measures, and internal care measures for managing child-related conditions. IAFA under the guidance of Dr.Gupta also have designed various products for maintaining health of a child. The products include:-

  • Ayurvedic child nutrition products
  • Ayurvedic skin care products for children
  • Ayurvedic immunity boosters for children
  • Ayurvedic general health herbal solutions for children – this category includes preparations for improving various systemic conditions like:-
    • Respiratory system disorders
    • Integumentary system disorders (Skin ailments including hair care)
    • Circulatory system disorders
    • Joint and muscle disorders
    • Mental disorders and developmental disorders
    • Sense organ-related disorders
    • Metabolism-related conditions including Digestive system and Urinary system disorders
  • IAFA also has special Ayurvedic and herbal products for various Allergies including Food allergy, Skin allergy, and Nasal Allergies  as well as various Fungal infections in children

IAFA Ayurpediatrics includes

  • General child care measures from birth
  • Ayurvedic immunization programs
  • Treatment of developmental disorders
  • Treatment of general pediatric disorders
  • Allergy treatment- Food Allergy, Skin Allergy, Nasal Allergy and Fungal infection treatment for children
  • Breast milk purification treatment and breast milk related disorders treatment

General child care includes diet, regimen, internal and external Ayurveda measures. IAFA has developed easy to follow Ayurvedic immunization programs also for assuring a healthy life ahead. Developmental disorders and general pediatric disorders are treated with high success rates at Dr.Sahil Gupta’s IAFA. Our specialists under the guidance of Dr.Gupta are successfully treating a wide range of allergic conditions and fungal infections through unique Ayurvedic measures. Breast milk purification and breast milk-related disorders are only completely cured through Ayurveda measures followed at IAFA. IAFA is the right destination for those who seek natural health solutions for children’s care.

At IAFA each child is assessed individually through various observation methods by different professionals. After proper assessment, the required Ayurvedic measures are prescribed by IAFA professionals.

Your Child is safe in the responsible hands of IAFA team!!! Give Ayurvedic care to your child for a healthy life ahead!!!

Ayurpediatrics A to Z

Ayurvedic Reference of Pediatric care

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Hours are generally 9:00 am to 6:00 pm and we are closed for lunch from 01:00 pm to 2:00 pm daily. Each clinic has varying days of operation and Allergy Hours, so please speak to the specific clinic staff for exact hours at that location.

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