Allergy Treatment in Ayurveda

Prescribing and practicing Ayurveda is a lifelong involvement, not a one and half month course. There are thousands of Ayurvedic medications available – according to ancient texts. Let’s Know in Detail About:-
How to Give It?
Whom to Give It?
When to Give It?

How Does IAFA® Help in the Treatment of Allergy?

IAFA® aims at bringing back an individual to the normal Prakriti or Constitution, by providing proper Diet, Regimen, Yoga, Shamana therapy, Shodana therapy, and Rasayana therapy measures. IAFA also has designed herbal shots therapy and immunization programs for improving health and immunity. IAFA® the first Ayurvedic Institution in the world that has a clear solution for all types of Allergies like Food allergies, Skin allergies, and Nasal allergies as well as all types of Fungal infections based on the ancient science of life.

If you have never been diagnosed with allergies but think you might have them or aren't sure what causes your allergy symptoms, consult with Dr. Gupta (Ayurvedic Allergy Specialist) for Ashtavidha Pariksha (The Eightfold Exam) for allergy diagnosis.

In this alleviating therapy, IAFA self-prepared ayurvedic medicines consisting of herbs, minerals, and biological products, which are used alone or in compound form in allergies disorders are administered orally and externally so as to correct the functions of Doshas, Dhatus, Malas, and Agni and discard the ailments, immunize the body and cure diseases.

This treatment helps us to remove the Toxins (Ama) and other harmful wastes from our body. The treatment includes Purva Karma (Initial procedures), Pradhana Karma (the main procedures) and Paschat Karma (post-operative procedure).

In this method, IAFA offers another relief option for chronic allergies by prescribing allergy shots which are 5000-year-old ancient antidote in the form of medicine called “Swaras Chikitsa”, which are introduced as “Herbal Shots” nowadays, which are high potency herbal extracts in a liquid form consisting of herbs, which are used alone or in compound form in allergies disorders are administered orally to discard the ailments, immunize the body and cure diseases.

IAFA Ayurveda® is proud to offer the Ancient Ayurvedic Immunization technique founded by Acharya Kashyap in the 6th Century BCE, to a child from birth to 16 years of age. Our Ayurvedic Immunization measure stimulates the immune responses for all types of infectious agents and keeps the child safe and healthy.

In this method, IAFA redirects the right path for the essence of tissues i.e. tissues strengtheners and rejuvenators preventive as well as curative treatment against chronic allergies. IAFA Rasayana Chikitsa works on the principles to restore the health of those who are ill beyond hope and give back to normal life with no allergies.

Yoga measures are showing great results when combined with Ayurvedic treatment methods. The mental stress generated due to skin allergy or any other allergies is easily manageable through Yoga measures. The mental care given by Yoga helps in the fast healing of Allergic disorders. Yoga also adds physical support in the treatment of allergic conditions by supporting nerve activity, blood, and lymph circulation for fast healing.

Ayurvedic Treatment for Allergy by IAFA Ayurveda®

Ayurveda includes diet, regimen, external treatment procedures, and internal treatment measures for maintaining health as well as for treating diseases. In general, Ayurveda uses the principle by “Reducing the increased doshas or Increasing the decreased doshas” for maintaining a balance within an individual. These two kinds of therapies in Ayurveda are well known as Dvividha Upakarma. The two basic methods of treatment are:-

  1. Santarpana
  2. Apatarpana

Ayurvedic Reference of Dvividha Upakarma (Two Kinds of Therapies)

It means the treatment measures used for reducing the increased factors or cleansing the unwanted factors out of an individual. In the majority of the cases associated with Allergies, Langhana therapy is used as the initial step to reduce the increased doshas and later Brimhana therapy is used to attain the balance if necessary.

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