Successful Ayurvedic Treatment of Eye Allergies – A Case Study

Successful Ayurvedic Treatment of Eye Allergies - A Case Study

A 2-year-old Vihaan Joshi from Hyderabad has been suffering from Eye Allergies for a year. His major symptoms were redness, itchiness, and watery eyes with foreign body sensation. His father further mentioned that the child has a history of recurrent styes. Recurrent styes if left untreated can lead to sebaceous gland carcinoma. The child was feeling irritated all the time and had dryness and severe itching. Vihaan’s father contacted IAFA® through online video consultation and took a 3-month course and his eye allergies are not an issue anymore.

Through this blog let’s get to know in detail the symptoms, diagnosis and medications that helped him to get rid of eye allergies.

A Glimpse of Eye Allergies

Let’s get to know a brief intro about the disease:-

Allergies are hypersensitive reactions that are caused when the body is exposed to a wide range of allergens. There are a variety of allergies like skin allergies, nasal allergies and eye allergies

Ayurvedic Perspective of Eye Allergies

वातेननेत्राभिष्यन्देनासानाहाल्पशोफताl शङ्घाक्षिभ्रूललाडस्यतोदस्फुरणभेदनम् ll

शुष्काल्पदूषिकाशीतमच्छमश्रुचलारुज:l निमेषोन्मेषणंकृच्च्राज्जन्तूनामिवसर्प्पणम् ll

Ayurveda explains allergies as Srotasam Ati Pravruti means body channels hypersensitivity. Ayurveda states that allergies are due to the hypersensitive reaction of the body channels, there are around 13 internal and 7 external body channels. The eyes are considered external body channels. Vitiation of Vata dosha is mainly the reason for Eye Allergies. Eye allergies can result in excessive irritation along with redness and leaky eyes. 

Do You Have These Symptoms?

If your eyes are red, itchy and puffy, a quick remedy will be cold compression or instilling Grutham in your eyes but if your symptoms are longing and recurring then it’s time for you to visit the doctor. We will recommend you to consult Dr. Sahil Gupta who’s an ayurvedic allergy specialist and has around 14+ years of experience treating various eye allergies, and skin and nasal allergies. 

The eye allergies symptoms are due to the release of inflammatory cells called histamines from the mast cells present in your eyes. It often occurs when you come into contact with allergens. Most common symptoms of eye allergies are:-

  • Redness
  • Itchiness
  • Burning sensation
  • Dry eyes or
  • Watery eyes
  • Swollen eyes
  • Dirt in the eyes
  • Irritation in the eyes
  • Blurred vision
  • Puffy eyes
  • Photosensitivity

Research studies show that usually these symptoms stay for 4-8 weeks, in case your allergies are increasing or you find them recurring, then book an online consultation before any severe consequence happens. 

What Can be the Cause of Eye Allergies? 

Well, because it differs from person to person based on their body’s hypersensitivity or exposure to allergens the common causes of eye allergies are:-

  • Pet dander
  • Dust mites
  • Fungi mould
  • Pollens
  • Mould spores
  • Cigarette smoke
  • Perfume odours
  • Diesel exhaust
  • Irritants

Along with the above-mentioned causes, excessive screen time can also be a major trigger for the occurrence or exaggeration of eye allergies.

Keep yourself away from these triggers and protect yourself from worsening symptoms until you see a doctor.

Past Medical History of Vihaan

Severe inflammation in the right eye from 3rd June 2022.

Final Diagnosis

After covering the symptoms, cause and past medical history, Dr. Sahil Gupta diagnosed the final diagnosis as Netra Abhishyanda (Eye Allergies)

Ayurvedic Treatment for Eye Allergies

Dr. Sahil Gupta treats Eye Allergies by implying two treatment options. One is external and the other is internal. External treatment involves the treatment of eye and nasal allergies as both are often correlated. And the internal treatment involves the restoration of gut protein breakdown as Ayurveda strongly believes that allergies must be treated internally as it is the root cause. 

External Treatment

  1. For Nasal: Pratimarsha Nasya Karma with Nasayoga Grutham

  • Instil 1-2 drops of lukewarm Grutham in bilateral nostrils and 1 drop in the navel area twice a day, one early in the morning and at bedtime. 
  • Nasa Yoga Grantham helps in the treatment of nasal allergy symptoms that often trigger eye allergies.
  1. For Eyes: Akshi Tarpana Grutham

  • Instil 1 drop in bilateral eyes once a day at bedtime. 
  • It reduces inflammation in the eyes and gives relief from redness, itching and irritation in eyes. 

Internal Treatment

  1. IAFA Swaras Chikitsa: IAFA Bhoomi Amla Swaras

  • 5 ml of swaras twice a day with an equal amount of water.
  • Swaras bypass the digestive system and enter the bloodstream and treat any kind of illness more quickly than any other medication. Along with treating illness it also helps in the boosting of immunity. 
  1. Aahar Amrutham Bindu

  • 1 ml twice a day after a meal.
  • It aids in gastrointestinal repair and treats indigestion issues to enhance digestion. It is often indicated and safe in children.
  1. Shishu Laxoherb

Diet Plan 

You may get doubt what’s the link between your allergies and diet, but Ayurveda correlates and strongly states that a weak digestive fire (Agni) and the vitiation of Vata dosha is the main reason behind allergies, so IAFA®’S diet plan mainly involves the balance of doshas and treat the allergies by eliminating the root cause. 

Do’s (Pathya)

  • Consume easily digestible food. 
  • Include more fibre-containing fruits and vegetables in your diet.                                                      
  • Consume green leafy vegetables once a day.
  • Apple and pomegranate are rich sources of antioxidants that help in the reduction of inflammation in the body. 
  • Practise cold compressing on your eyes to relieve strain. 
  • Guided Yoga movements or regular eye exercises are highly beneficial. 
  • Use sunglasses when stepping out to prevent exposure to sun rays. 
  • Keep your surroundings clean and freemasonry from irritants and allergens. 

Don’ts (Apathya) 

  • Avoid foods high in bad cholesterol like vegetable oils, Dalda, cheese, butter, red meat and other meats. 
  • Spicy, sour foods and packaged foods need to be kept at bay. 
  • Baked foods, yeast-fermented foods, and fermented beverages are a big NO. 
  • Fruits like Avocado and nuts like cashew, peanut, and pistachio are not recommended.
  • Reduce or completely avoid your exposure to dust, smoke and other allergens.
  • Practise touching off rituals when you come in contact with pets. 
  • It’s hard to resist touching or rubbing the eyes continuously, but rubbing does more bad than good. 
  • Avoiding or reducing screen time is the best thing you can do to prevent eye allergies and also to enhance eyesight. 

Follow-Up #1

After a month of continuously using the medicines prescribed by Dr. Sahil Gupta, Vihaan started feeling better than before. His father reported that his eyes’ redness and itching are reduced to around 50%. He further said that he’s happy with the medication as he’s getting good results. 

Follow-Up #2

Dr. Sahil Gupta further assisted Vihaan to use the medication for another 2 months to get good results and also to eliminate the root cause of the disease. The results after 2 months of continuously using medications were:

  • Redness, irritation, and itching have been reduced to 90%.
  • No inflammation in the right eye as before. 
  • Recurrent styes are not noted.
  • Vihaan feels less irritated and more relieved than before. 

Follow-Up #3

Another month of usage of medication assures that the child is now free from any kinds of allergies and can live an allergy-free life. 

  • Complete recovery from eye allergies. 
  • Now he no longer suffers from any irritation or leaky eyes. 
  • Elimination of the root cause of the disease.
  • As the medications also worked on the gut of the child, the child now feels more energetic and their appetite also improved. 

A Happy Review from the Patient

Reviews like this make us more satisfied with the treatment we provide. This review is proof that allergies can be treated which is today’s myth that allergies can’t be treated. Book an online consultation now with Dr. Sahil Gupta and get rid of all your allergies

Click here to check out the google review.

A Quick Wrap Up

Vihaan, a 2-year-old, has been suffering from eye allergies and went to many hospitals before they reached us. They booked an online consultation with Dr. Sahil Gupta and got treated successfully within 3 months of rigorous therapy. After examining his condition and the severity of the disease, Dr Gupta prescribed the medicines for 3 months. And no surprise, the child is now living an allergy-free life.

His father again contacted IAFA® to express his gratitude after 2 months of relapse of medications. He further added that after stopping medication he was worried that he may again catch allergies, but nothing like that happened and Vihaan now lives happily and his allergies are gone. 50000+ such patients at IAFA® express their gratitude for the successful treatment of all allergies.

If you want your success story to be recorded in the books of IAFA®, book an online consultation now and get rid of all your allergies.