Why are A2 Milk and its Products Expensive?

Know about why A2 milk and its products are expensive. A2 milk is different from normal milk and A1 milk. A2 milk has A2 beta-casein milk protein.

ABC News explains that around 7.5% of children suffer from either cow’s milk allergy or intolerance. Not every milk available in the market is the best for your newborn child once you stop breastfeeding. But A2 milk is from centuries before and Ayurveda endorses the use of A2 milk without any worry of allergies or intolerances. As they say, good things come at more expense, you have to pay for them. But, let’s see in this article whether A2 milk is worth the money or not.

What Exactly is A2 Milk?

A1 Milk Vs A2 Milk - Which is the Best as per Ancient Ayurveda?A2 milk is different from normal milk and A1 milk. A2 milk has A2 beta-casein milk protein. A2 cows are Indian desi cows that have a different genetic makeup from other cows. A2 milk upon consumption digests easily leaving no Ama visha (toxins). If you want to read in detail about A2 milk and its benefits, please click here to read it.

Why is A2 Milk Expensive?

  • Farmers have to breed the A2 cows in open fields and should not tie in the goshalas.
  • Farmers have to check up on their cows for the exact genetic makeup for about 5 years. Then only they can have A2 milk tags.
  • The feed given to the A2 cows should be devoid of any chemicals. They should be naturally fed.
  • The yield of A2 milk is less, making it more in demand.
  • Keeping in mind the health benefits of A2 milk, its usage has been widespread.
  • People who don’t have A2 milk in their regions are importing it from other states.
  • Considering the fact that A2 milk causes no milk allergies or intolerances, people are shifting from their normal or A1 milk to A2 milk.
  • A2 milk is tastier, healthier, and packed with more nutrients than A1 milk.

Why are A2 Milk Products Expensive? 

  • A2 milk products like A2 ghee, A2 curd, Paneer, and Butter are prepared using A2 milk.
  • They are prepared traditionally by keeping the roots of Ayurveda intact.
  • No heavy machines are used for making, thereby retaining most of the nutrients.
  • The manual process is followed which is slow, time taking, and labor-requiring.
  • The products are shuddh (pure) and of high quality making them more expensive.
  • No other adulterated products are added during their preparation.

Note: Please, check the ingredients list before you purchase, if you find any preservatives or artificial sweeteners, or vegetable oils, avoid buying them.

If you are worried about the quality of the products, most of them you can prepare easily at home in an ayurvedic way. 

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Final Verdict

Even though A2 milk and its products are expensive, they are of high quality and are full of nutrients that you cannot find in other foods. Milk is considered as shresht in Ayurveda. Especially cows’ milk is beneficial to health. Nowadays where everything is adulterated and loaded with artificial sweeteners and chemicals. Organic and natural milk is rare and expensive. But the health benefits we get by consuming A2 milk are worth the price. Not only do we get all the nutrients present in the milk but we can also prevent the ill-health issues of A1 milk. If you are confused about which milk is best for you and if you are suffering from any kind of milk allergies or intolerances, then book an online consultation now with Dr. Sahil Gupta, the founder of IAFA® who’s an ayurvedic specialist. So far, IAFA® has made 50000+ patients’ lives happier and healthier. All kinds of allergies and other disorders are treated here by using the ancient Ayurvedic treatment approach and a personalized ayurvedic diet.

Dr. Sahil Gupta completed his Bachelor of Ayurveda in Medicine and Surgery (B.A.M.S.) and Master’s Degree in Health Administration (MHA) India. He is Registered Ayurvedic Doctor & Vaidya in India having Registration No. 23780. He is the CEO and founder of IAFA. After completing BAMS, Dr. Sahil Gupta started practicing Ayruveda by giving prime importance to allergic disorders management. He became the first Ayurvedic doctor to cure Food Allergies through Ayurveda. Read More About Dr. Sahil Gupta.

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