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High Potency Herbal Extracts in Liquid Form

What Is Swaras Chikitsa

“Swaras Chikitsa” or  “Herbal shots” are high potency herbal extracts in liquid form consisting of herbs, which are used alone or in compound form in allergies disorders are administered orally to discard the ailments; immunize the body and cure chronic diseases. To maintain the purity and efficacy level of the herbs, IAFA is doing self classic cultivation. IAFA extracts fresh allergy herbal shots without artificial sweetener and preservatives and provides it only to their patients because of little in quantity.

The wide array of Swaras or Herbal Shot presented is advisable in different allergic conditions to get support to live allergy free lifestyle.


These shots offer tremendous benefits to cure allergies, which no other method of ingesting herb can perform. The most ancient medicine practice ayurveda by Vaidya’s of India have been proven that the theory of Swaras bypass the digestive system and enter the bloodstream rapidly, allowing the body to absorb all these herbs in an effective way and act as an antidote. IAFA had prepared a unique antidote herbal shot for particular type of allergic reaction in form of single herb or in compound form herbal extract, on the basis of clinical trials.

How IAFA Swaras Chikitsa Traditional Antidote Therapy Works

Target Based High Potency Herbal Extract Shot Act As An Antidote To A Particular Kind Of Allergy

Herbal Shot Rapidly Target Immunological Pathology and Stimulate

T-Cell Promote
Tolerance Response Instead
of Allergic Response


IAFA reached the key point that herbal shots do not contain any destructive ingredients, making them safe to consume for allergy patients. Each herbal shot is a mixture of the liquid extract of the purest form of herbs, which offers a goodness of aroma and benefits of medicines at the same time.


The purest and easy-to-consume herbal shots help support immunity and work as an antidote to promote tolerance response instead of allergic response to reverse allergic reactions. These shots eliminate waste elements,

  • promote healthy digestion,
  • detoxification,
  • maintain blood sugar and cholesterol level,
  • support immune functioning etc.

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