Five basic shodhanas and Panchakarma: Cleansing measures

यदीरयेद्वहिर्दोषान् पञ्चधा शोधनं च यत् I
निरूहो वमनं कायशिरोरेको अस्रविस्रुतिः II

As mentioned earlier, Ayurveda has two treatment methods, one among those methods is known as Shodhana (Purification procedures including methods of Panchakarma).

Shodhana and Shamana are equally important in Ayurveda.  In Shodhana therapy vitiated doshas namely Vata, Pitta and Kapha are expelled forcefully out of the body channels.

Shodhana are of Five types –

  • Vamana ( Emesis or Vomiting treatment)
  • Virechana ( Purgation)
  • Kashaya Vasthi ( Decoction enema)
  • Nasyam  ( Nasal medication) and
  • Rakta Moksham  ( Bloodletting) 

Above five treatment methods are called as Pancha Vidha Sodhana or Five types of purification treatments. In PanchaKarma, instead of  Rakta Moksha (bloodletting) of Pancha Vidha Shodhana,  Sneha vasthi ( Medicated  oil enema) is added. So that,  Panchakarma has,

  • Vamana  ( Emesis or Vomiting treatment)
  • Virechana ( Purgation)
  • Kashaya Vasthi ( Decoction enema)
  • Sneha Vasthi  ( Medicated Oil enema) and
  • Nasyam ( Nasal drops)

Vamana: Emesis therapy

Vamana is used in case of diseases having vitiation of Kapha in excess. The conditions like allergy of upper respiratory tract like Asthma, cough, cold or bronchitis proper Vamana therapy is suggestive. The Vamana therapy helps to expel unwanted Kapha doshas from the affected areas as well stomach. It adds lightness to the body and cures diseases. Emesis therapy or Vamana therapy is highly suggestive in cases of a wide range of allergies as well as fungal infections. Skin and Nasal allergies are cured with the help of Vamana therapy in combination with other medications.

Virechana: Purgation therapy

Virechana is a method of treatment used for expelling vitiated Pitta dosha out of the body. Medications are used orally for achieving the emesis and purgation in case Vamana and Virechana respectively. The virechana therapy helps in expelling unwanted Pitta dosha out of our various body channels. The virechana therapy is also suggestive in case of allergies with intestinal disorder lies as the root cause. Along with curing diseases, virechana therapy adds lightness to the body and mind.

Vasthi or Basti: Enema therapy

Kashaya vasthi ( decoction enema) and Sneha vasthi (oil enema) are Ayurvedic enemas used in eliminating the vitiated Vata dosha from the channels. This kind of therapy is highly suggested in the allergic conditions with the involvement of Vata dosha especially vitiated over the lower large intestine area. Based on the nature of vitiation oil or decoctions are used for performing enema. The enema therapy helps in activating  the nervous system as well as circulation within an individual along with cleansing the body and mind. 

Nasya: Nasal medication therapy

The vitiation above the shoulder is treated with the help of Nasya treatment. Nasya is suggested in case of Nasal allergy, Skin allergy and Fungal infections of the upper respiratory tract. Based on the condition Ayurvedic powders, oils or decoctions are used for Nasya therapy. Nasya therapy performed in combination with various other medications are assuring complete cure in allergic disorders.

Raktamokshana: Blood letting therapy

The process done to manage the disorders caused due to vitiated Pitta and Rakta (blood). Certain cases of Eczema and fungal infections are treated with the help of Bloodletting therapy. Skin allergies and discoloration are also treated through Ayurvedic bloodletting therapy. Leeches or special blood draining mechanisms are used for performing bloodletting therapy.

Poorvakarma or Preparatory measures or Pre – purification measures

Pancha Vidha Shodana and Panchakarma are performed after proper preparatory measures called Snehana ( Internal as well as external oleation ) and  Svedana ( Sweat generating therapy). The procedures like Abhyana (oil massage), Kizhi (medicine bags application on body) and Sirodhara  ( pouring of herbal or medicated oil in a proper pendulum motion over the forehead) and medicated steam bath( with oil applied over the exposed surface of body) are some of the popular treatment procedures of  Ayurveda. Abhyanga , Kizhi, Sirodhara  Kativasthi (hip joint treatment with oil stagnation), Januvasthi ( knee joint treatment with oil stagnation) and medicated  steam bath  are the combination of Oleation and Sweat generating therapy  done at the same time. Udwartana (powder massage) and  Churna pinda sweda ( medicated powder bag massage) are examples of giving dry heat for pacifying pain and associated symptoms. Pancha vidha shodhana and Panchakarma helps in complete expelling of vitiated humors from the body and mind.

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Diet and Regimen or Lifestyle


Diet and regimen are also important factors in attaining a healthy life. The present day fast lifestyle restricts a person from giving self-importance. New generation working style has certain rules and time schedule and such time schedule compel a person to stick on to a timetable which should have place for family, job and self care. In many cases people sacrifice self-care to maintain a good family as well as professional life. IAFA suggests that self-care and self-consideration also is very important for leading a balanced life. Self-care adds mental and physical stability through which the family and profession can be maintained on a positive level. 

Diet and regimen takes the major role in self-care. According Ayurveda, each person must be considered individually in all aspects. The diet and regimen is completely individualistic, as the constitution of each individual is unique. The diet and regimen will be fixed by our team based on the levels of Vata , Pitta and Kapha dosha after a special consultation program. 

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