Rasayana method of treatment in Ayurvedic science

8th Century: The Indian Alchemy

स्वस्थस्योर्जस्करं यत्तु तद्वृष्यं तद्रसायनम् II

Ayurveda has in itself the essence of tissues

Rasayana therapy or Rejuvenation therapy is the method used in Ayurveda science to retain the complete health of an individual through balancing the functioning of all the bodily tissues and mind. The Rejuvenation procedure aims at a complete refreshing of an individual.

In Ayurvedic science , the rejuvenation is attained with the help of diet, regimen, intake of preparations and therapies. Prior to the therapeutic measures a detailed assessment of patient is performed with the help of Ayurvedic assessing tools. The basic constitution (Prakriti) and vitiation( Vikriti) level of a patient is assessed by an Ayurveda specialist through various examination measures.

In general , there are two types of Rasayana procedures, namely


The Kutipraveshika method of Rasayana is performed by undergoing treatment measures within a closed chamber. All physical and mental contact with the external atmosphere is detached in case of Kutipraveshika method of rejuvenation. Kutipraveshika method can be only being performed under complete rest.


Suryamaruthika rasayana is a method of rejuvenation which can be performed in all the human beings without much severe restrictions. The Suryamaruthika method can be performed by anyone along with their daily normal activities.

There are targeted benefits for Rejuvenation therapy. Anti-ageing, hair protection, skin protection, intestinal system activity and mental boosting. Rejuvenation therapy is performed after proper purification measures. The purification procedures are performed through Panchakarma. Vamana (emesis), Virechana (purgation), Vasthi (enema) and Nasyam( nasal medication) are the purification methods used in Ayurveda. Internal as well as external therapeutic measures are used along with the purification procedures.

Our ancestors have developed proper therapeutic as well as supportive measures to delay the ageing process. The Rejuvenation helps in improving all the activities within an individual. The Rasayana chikitsa or Rejuvenation therapy improves immune system and it is also having anti degeneration character. Rasayana treatment plays an important role in retaining the normal physical and mental level after the treatment performed in Food allergy, Skin allergy or Nasal allergy. Rasayana therapy is also effective in case of Fungal infections as well as various other conditions including pediatric cases. 

The effects of Rasayana according Ayurvedic classical knowledge are,


Improved physical and mental harmony


Free from diseases


Sexual vigor




Mental and physical strength

Command over language

Respectability and Brilliance

Ayurveda has numerous single as well as compound preparations for performing the Rasayana treatment. According to Ayurveda, Rasayana rejuvenates all the seven dhatus of the body. Ayurveda explains that body is made of seven dhatus (Ayurvedic equivalent of body tissues) namely,

  • Rasa( plasma)
  • Asruk(blood)
  • Mamsa(muscles)
  • Medals(fat)
  • Asthi(bones)
  • Majja(Other connective tissue, nervous tissue etc.) and
  • Sukra(semen and other sexual factors)

The proper metabolism is the key factor for attaining Rejuvenation. Rasayana therapy aims at the proper metabolism from the beginning to end for making a complete refreshing and rejuvenation.

Rasayana therapy or Rejuvenation therapy is one among the eight major branches of Ayurveda. Rasayana is considered to be the solution for this present scenario with all improper and unhealthy lifestyle measures. Rasayana assures a nature friendly and side-effect free Rejuvenative measures. 

Rasayana is the only solution and suitable therapy for the hectic and busy life schedule for attaining a healthy and disease free life. Rasayana measure is highly suggestive in case of all types of Allergic conditions to attain great immunity and complete cure. 

IAFA specialists are successfully performing Rasayana measures for adding a natural rejuvenation. IAFA assures complete rejuvenation through natural friendly measures by administration of Ayurvedic measures successfully.

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