Can Humans Drink Bovine Colostrum?

Can Humans Drink Bovine Colostrum?

Webmd says that bovine colostrum has 100 times higher antibody levels than normal milk. Research is going on where scientists are vaccinating the cows to get “hyperimmune bovine colostrum”. This colostrum is being used to treat various infections and disease conditions. Some say that having bovine colostrum is not ethical and may have side effects on our body but some others contradict this saying human consumption of bovine colostrum is good for health as it has plenty of nutrients and antibodies. So, in this article let’s see whether we can consume bovine colostrum or not, keep on scrolling and enjoy the reading. 

But, before that, if you want to read in detail about bovine colostrum you can read it here.

Benefits of Bovine Colostrum 

Okay, let’s get started. If you have read the above article you might have got an idea about bovine colostrum, if you haven’t, don’t worry we’ll cover you up.

Bovine colostrum is not true milk, it’s just a milky and creamy fluid that appears right after cows have given birth and is full of nutrients and antibodies which are way higher than regular milk. So, research is going on to prove that the human consumption of bovine colostrum will aid in fighting some human illnesses too as it is rich in antibodies and immunoglobulins. But one is not 100% sure of the effect of bovine colostrum on human health. 

  • Some studies at webmd showed that bovine colostrum is good in treating diarrhoea, infections caused by rotavirus, and upper respiratory tract infections. 
  • BC its human benefit study shows that dried colostrum is collected and pasteurized and is used as a health supplement to treat many diseases in humans. 
  • It helps to build muscular and skeletal growth and has many health benefits. 
  • Bovine colostrum helps to aid the digestive system and endocrine systems.
  • Health supplements are available for human consumption to improve overall health. 

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Is Bovine Colostrum the Same as Human Colostrum?

  • Human colostrum has IgA antibodies in particular and is essential for the newborn to fight against diseases. 
  • Human colostrum doesn’t have IgG antibodies as they get transferred through the mother’s placenta to the newborn. 
  • But bovine colostrum has IgG antibodies and hence the newborn calves are weak until they receive bovine colostrum.
  • Bovine colostrum has more growth factors than the human colostrum and is so essential for the proper growth of the calf. 

Can the Human Body Accept Bovine Colostrum? 

Although bovine colostrum is made into capsules and health supplements, it has to be survived in the human body to give its effect. But the immunoglobulins present in the bovine colostrum can’t survive the human GI tract and many studies have failed to prove the retention of bovine colostrum in the human body. Moreover,  the microbial infections that cows get differ from human microbial infections. So researchers are not sure of the effective health benefits one can get by consuming bovine colostrum. 

The Final Viewpoint 

  • Yes, bovine colostrum has many health benefits and can fight various infections in humans too.
  • But, the researchers are still not sure of 100% effectiveness and whether bovine colostrum can retain in the human GI tract.
  • When it comes to an ethical point of view, a newborn calf needs bovine colostrum to gain strength and immunity to fight against diseases, so the calves need bovine colostrum more than us.
  • But, bovine colostrum has been pasteurized to replace and use as a health supplement but there are chances of getting allergies to consuming pasteurized products. 


We hope you have got a clear eye on whether to consume or not to consume bovine colostrum. But, if you get any allergies or suffer from any kind of cow’s milk allergy or milk intolerance book an online video consultation with Dr. Sahil Gupta now. IAFA has been serving good health free from allergies for decades with the use of ancient Ayurveda along with a personalized ayurvedic diet.