Does Your Infant Formula have A1 Milk Protein or A2 Milk Protein?

Does Your Infant Formula have A1 Milk Protein or A2 Milk Protein?

A never-ending debate between A1 milk and A2 milk, which is best for your newborn baby. The new mommies have this dilemma haunting their heads when they decide to go for baby formula. Which baby formula uses A2 milk and is safe for their babies? In this article, we have provided you with almost all the brands which use A2 milk protein in their infant formula. Enjoy reading and get a clear eye on which brand of baby formula you should opt for, for your newborn child.

Note: This article is not in a promotion or derogation of any brand. We just provide you with the brands that have A2 milk protein in their ingredients to make your work of searching easier, the choice is in your hands. Happy reading! 

Why is A2 Milk in Your Baby Formula Recommended? 

A2 milk is of natural origin and is devoid of all artificial chemicals, stabilisers, flavours and sweeteners. Using A2 milk instead of A1 milk which is produced by using genetically engineered cows will benefit the baby in getting more nutrients and also save the baby from allergies. A2 milk gets easily digested and has a gentle effect on the underdeveloped digestive system of infants. If you want to read everything about A1 vs A2 milk, read it here. We have covered every minute detail of it, and recommend you to have a glimpse. 

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Brands that Use A2 Milk as a Source of Protein in Infant Formula

1. Enfamil: 

The WHO recommends omega 3 DHA range from 0.2% to 0.36% in infant formula, keeping this in mind, the brand Enfamil came up with a new formula to use only A2 milk in their ingredients and that too within the recommended range of 0.32%. Enfamil also mentions that the newly designed formula is the best because:

  • It uses only A2 milk protein which is gentle and easily digested and has no side effects on the newborn. 
  • It is a perfect substitute for imported European formulas.
  • It has no added sugars, GMOs, corn and all. 

Can read more info about it from their official website Enfamil.

Source: Ingredients of Enfamil

2. A2 Platinum: 

The a2 milk company in New Zealand has come up with a2 platinum in 2013 to make the best and safest a2 milk protein infant and toddler formulas. Their products have been certified as true a2® products which give the credibility that they use only a2 milk in their products. Their products are authentic, of premium quality and safe for your newborns. 

Can read more about their products from their official website a2 milk company.

3. Similac: 

Similac organic with A2 milk is the USDA-certified safest and most gentle baby formula. Similac mentions that their products are

  • Made with no artificial hormones and no added sugars.
  • Non-GMO and made with lactose.
  • Paediatrician recommended.
  • Have a good range of DHA, lutein and vitamin E.

You can read more about their products from their official website Similac.

4. Holle Organic: 

By keeping in mind the ultimate benefits of A2 milk and also the harm that is caused by the use of A1 milk, Holle produced organic infant formula by using skimmed A2 milk as a source of whey and protein. So, 

  • It is safe to use and has a soothing effect on infants’ digestive systems.
  • It has fish oil and DHA in recommended ranges which is essential for the brain development of the child.
  • Holle recommends using infant formula for stage 1 up to 6 months and shifting to stage 2 after 6 months. 

Read more about their products from their official website – Holle organic.

5. Cow and Gate:

Cow and Gate have produced infant formula and toddler formulas ranging from stage 1 to stage 3 by using A2 milk protein. 

  • This is made from farms in Europe where only A2 cows are a breed.
  • Rich in calcium and vitamin D which are essential for the bone development of children.
  • Quality-assured packaging.

Read more about this here – Cow and Gate.

Which Brand is the Best?

Although we have mentioned the brands which produce A2 milk infant formula, we don’t personally recommend you choose the particular infant formula. Breast formula is better for infants than any formula. So new moms must try to breastfeed their babies. If there are any exceptions then they can choose the infant which has A2 milk in it. 

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