What is Bovine Colostrum, its Components and Its Benefits?

Know about the Bovine Colostrum, its components, and its benefits. Bovine colostrum is the initial milk secreted by cows during the first day after calving.

Colostrum is the milky fluid that is produced by all mammals right after the birth of a newborn. Bovine colostrum is the milky fluid that we get from a cow that has given birth. A newborn calf needs essential immunity to fight against diseases, the bovine colostrum is loaded with plenty of macronutrients, vitamins, immunoglobulins, and antibacterial agents. 

In this article, we’ll discuss in detail its components and benefits. 

Bovine Colostrum and its Components 

Whenever a cow gives birth to a newborn, bovine colostrum appears and is the milky fluid that is collected from the udder of cows for the first few days before true milk appears. It contains more protein and macronutrients than normal milk. It helps to provide the needed strength for the newborn calf to survive. 

Its components: 

Nutrition of bovine colostrum says that bovine colostrum has more nutrients than normal milk and is beneficial to the newborn calf in many ways. Bovine colostrum contains the following elements: 

  • Macronutrients
  • Proteins
  • Immunoglobulins like IgG, IgM, and IgA help to fight against diseases. 
  • Growth factors especially IGF-1 and IGF-2. 
  • NCBI shows that bovine colostrum has approx 7% of fat.
  • Minerals like zinc, calcium, phosphorus, copper, and magnesium. 
  • Vitamins like B12, E, and D are higher in concentration in bovine colostrum. 
  • NCBI also shows that bovine colostrum also contains hormones like progesterone, oxytocin, thyroxine, and calcitonin. 

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Bovine Colostrum and its Benefits

Bovine colostrum tends to have more advantages than the first milk. The newborn calf is ready to grow stronger and healthier. The following are the advantages of bovine colostrum: 

  • Fulfills the protein needs of the calf and helps to grow the muscle of the calf.
  • Growth factors help in proper growth to occur. 
  • Immunoglobulins aid in fighting against various diseases until the calf develops its immune system.
  • It has the above-mentioned hormones which help in the wholesome growth of the calf. 
  • Vitamins benefit the calf to get energy until it can have a feed.
  • Hormones also help the neonate suckle the milk. 
  • Macronutrients and minerals complete the nutrition that is required for a newborn calf to develop, fight and strengthen. 

Final Verdict

Bovine colostrum is a milky and creamy fluid that is more nutritious and antimicrobial than normal cows’ milk. It appears for the first few days of a cow’s delivery to a newborn calf. Later the cow produces normal milk. Research studies have shown that bovine colostrum has more macronutrients, minerals, vitamins, proteins, growth factors, and immunoglobulins as we mentioned above. They all help in the overall growth of the newborn calf, therefore it is usually advised that the bovine colostrum should not be collected from the cow and should be left for the calf. As the newborn calf doesn’t have a proper immune system, bovine colostrum fills the void and aids in fighting against diseases and infections. The other nutrients are an addition to the energy, growth, and strength of the calf.

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