Developmental Milestones – Samskara

संस्कारोहीगुणान्तराधानमुच्यते l

Having a new born in the family will be the most exciting and enthusiastic time. Observing a baby’s growth is really a curious and overwhelming experience. The touch, cuddling, sweet chatters, loving looks, smiles etc. of parents, siblings and other family members supports the emotional and social development of the child. The child is always keen to observe everything around and tries to explore the new world. Here comes the importance of understanding the major developmental milestones of children. Though, there will be variations between each child, the basic knowledge about this helps the parents to analyze childhood and also to enjoy their parenthood. Ayurveda also explains about the various developmental stages of children collectively called as Samskara (ceremonies).

Major Milestones in the Development of Children

The stages of development in children are divided into 4 major categories based on area of development. They are:

  • Gross Motor Development
  • Fine Motor Development
  • Language Development
  • Personal and Social Development

1. Gross Motor Development

It refers to the overall physical response of the baby to the surroundings. Following are the important gross motor developments acquired by children and its corresponding age.

  • Neck holding – 3 months
  • Sitting with support – 5 months
  • Sitting without support – 8 months
  • Walking with support – 10 months
  • Crawling-11 months
  • Standing without support – 12 months
  • Walking without support – 13 months

Ayurveda explains Upavesana Samskara (Sitting ceremony) at six months of age. Here baby is suggested to be seated without support to observe growth and activities. Baby should not be seated continuously for more than 48 minutes.

2. Fine Motor Development

This refers to the fine movements of child including grasping, holding etc.

  • Grasps a rattle or ring when placed in hand – 4 months
  • Holds objects with both hands- 5 months
  • Holding objects with crude grasp from palm – 7 months
  • Holding small objects between index fingerand thumb – 9 months

3. Language

It includes development in communication of the baby.

  • Turns head to sound- 1 months
  • Single letters  – 6 months
  • Two letters – 9 months
  • 2 words with meaning – 1 year
  • Simple sentence – 3 years
  • Telling a story – 3 years

4. Personal and Social Milestone

This category includes interaction of baby with the surroundings.

  • Social smile – 2 months
  • Recognizing mother- 3 months
  • Smiles at mirror image- 6 months
  • Waves – bye bye- 9 months
  • Plays a simple ball game – 1 year

In Ayurveda, Nishkramana Samskara (outing ceremony) is advised during fourth month. This is meant to acclimatize baby to the external environment. This helps to improve the personal and social development of child. 

Steps to Promote Baby’s Development

Following things can be practiced in order to enhance and ensure growth and development in children.

  • Engage in small chattering, cuddling and sweet talks with baby.
  • Play small and appropriate games
  • Give simple and colourful toys
  • Read out stories and poems to babies
  • Sing or play music

Ayurvedic Reference of Developmental milestones -Samskara

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Frequently Asked Questions

Question: At what age baby starts to sit without support?

Answer: Baby starts to sit without support at the age of 8 months. According to Ayurveda, baby sitting should be practised from 6th month.

Question: At what age the child starts recognizing mother?

Answer: Baby starts recognizing mother by 3 months of age

Question: Does Ayurveda have explanations about developmental stages of a child?

Answer: Yes. Ayurveda explains about developmental stages that includes multifaceted process and customs for improving child response.

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