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Toothpaste Allergy

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Toothpaste Allergy

Toothpaste is one of the most commonly used commodities in our daily life.  People cannot even think about brushing teeth without using toothpaste. Owing to its increased use and demand, different brands are introducing newly flavoured and active ingredient containing tooth pastes. This can clearly result in some kind of toothpaste allergy in some people. Most common type of toothpaste allergy involves contact dermatitis of mouth. The symptoms include mouth sore, swelling of gums, tongue irritation, itching of the lips etc. In Ayurveda, there is briefing about poisoned tooth cleaning agents. Dr. Gupta’s IAFA offers effective Ayurvedic management for various allergies. IAFA is the leading institute that offers the best treatment of allergic ailments including toothpaste allergy.

Causes of Toothpaste Allergy

Various toothpastes contain different ingredients.  These ingredients may result in various reactions. The most common ingredient responsible for allergy is Cinnamic aldehyde. Also, flavouring agents like Balsam of Peru can cause some allergic response. Other ingredients like fluoride, gluten etc. is also responsible for toothpaste allergy.

Ayurvedic references of Toothpaste Allergy

Signs of Toothpaste Allergy

Major allergic symptoms include:

  • Rashes around the mouth
  • Inflammation of lips
  • Itchy and burning sensation of mouth

In Ayurveda, the symptoms manifested on using poisoned mouth cleaning agents include swelling, dryness and cracking of lips, swelling of tongue and around gums.

“Dr. Gupta’s IAFA is well oriented in the management of minor allergies like toothpaste allergies. Institute of Applied Food Allergy® Dr. Gupta’s IAFA is the leading institute that offers the best treatment of various allergic ailments including toothpaste allergy.


-Allergist, Dr. Sahil Gupta

Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine & Surgery
Master’s in Health Administration

Diet Management in Toothpaste Allergy

Do’s (Pathya) in Toothpaste Allergy

  • Use toothpastes containing natural products
  • Use only a little amount of toothpaste
  • Use natural products like mango leaves, charcoal etc. instead of toothpaste
  • Use familiar and accustomed brands and products
  • Use toothpaste with common ingredients
  • Stop use of toothpaste that is once found to be allergic

Don’ts (Apathya) in Toothpaste Allergy

  • Non-vegetarian food 
  • Cigarette smoking  
  • Fried and hard to eat food 
  • Too hot or too cold food
  • Repeated use of allergy causing product
  • Use of extra flavoured products
  • Experimentation of new products without reason

Yoga and Pranayama in Toothpaste Allergy

Yoga helps to increase blood circulation and maintains health of various body organs. Following Yoga postures will be beneficial for teeth:

  • Sarvangasana
  • Matsyasana
  • Ardhamatsyendrasana
  • Paschimottanasana

Specific pranayama techniques are helpful in purifying gums and to remove various diseases of teeth and mouth like dental caries, bad odour etc. 

Ayurvedic Treatment for Toothpaste Allergy

Ayurveda has given treatment for allergy caused by mouth cleaning agents. Ayurvedic management includes internal medicines as well as external therapies.

Internal Medicines

  • Triphala Kashaya
  • Trayantyadi Kashaya
  • Aragwadhadi Kashaya
  • Punarnavadi Kashaya
  • Pathyashadangam Kashaya

  • Kaisoraguggulu Gulika
  • Chandanasava
  • Usirasava
  • Guggulupanchapala Churna
  • Dasamoolaharitaki Lehya

External Medicines

  • Triphala Churna
  • Arimedadi Taila

  • Tila Taila
  • Dhanyamla

Treatment Procedures

  • Kabala (Gargling with medicated liquids)
  • Gandusha (Withholding medicated liquid in mouth)
  • Lepana (Application of medicated paste)

Purification Procedures

  • Virechana (Purgation)

Single Herbs in Toothpaste Allergy

  • Tila (Sesamum indicum)
  • Yashtimadhu (Glycyrrhiza glabra)
  • Dhataki (Woodfordia fruiticosa)

  • Saptachada (Alstonia scholaris)
  • Sirisha (Albezia lebbeck)
  • Pathya (Terminalia chebula)

Article Written By: Dr. Sahil Gupta, Ayurvedic Allergist

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How toothpaste causes allergy?

Answer: Various ingredients in toothpaste like flavouring agents, fluorides etc. are responsible for allergic reactions.

Question: What are the symptoms of toothpaste allergy?

Answer: Major symptoms of toothpaste allergy are swelling of skin around mouth, dryness and cracks of lips, sore mouth etc.

Question: Is Ayurvedic treatment beneficial for toothpaste allergy?

Answer: Yes, Ayurveda advices internal as well external medicines for allergic symptoms caused by use of toothpaste. It helps in complete cure of allergic manifestations.

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