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Sun Allergy - Causes, Symptoms and Ayurvedic Treatment

Sun allergy is the allergic reaction of skin that is exposed to sunlight. The area of skin exposed to hot rays of sun may develop rashes with itching. This condition is also known as solar urticaria. It may be hereditary or triggered by other factors. It is a rare type of allergy that can be affected at any age. Ayurveda explains that such a condition is manifested in individuals with aggravation of Pitha dosha. Dr. Gupta’s IAFA offers effective Ayurvedic management for Sun Allergy. IAFA is the leading firm that advocates reliable and fruitful treatment for various types of allergies including sun allergy.

Causes of Sun Allergy

Sunlight allergy is caused by hyper sensitivity reaction of body towards sunlight. Sunlight activates body to produce antibodies that stimulates the secretion of histamines and other chemicals. These chemicals are responsible for allergic reactions in the body. It will be more common in people with family history of Sunlight allergy, having other allergic skin diseases, who regularly use perfumes or other irritant cosmetics etc. Mostly exposure to ultraviolet rays in sunlight cause more severe allergic reactions.


Ayurveda also says that during afternoon, there are chances for aggravation of Pitha dosha due to intensity of sunlight.

Ayurvedic Reference of Sun Allergy

Concept of Sun Allergy in Ayurveda

Symptoms of Sun Allergy

Signs and symptoms of Sun Allergy include:

  • Redness of exposed skin
  • Itching 
  • Burning sensation
  • Pain

  • Small elevated rashes 
  • Dryness and scaling of skin
  • Blisters

These are usually seen only on exposed skin. Symptoms usually develop within a few minutes to hours after exposure.

Associated symptoms in sun allergy include:

  • Low blood pressure
  • Nausea

  • Headache
  • Breathing difficulty

According to Ayurveda, the symptoms of aggravated Pitha dosha are burning sensation, redness, warmth, fainting, loss of consciousness etc. 

Dr. Sahil Gupta Allergy Specialist

“Dr. Gupta’s IAFA offers effective Ayurvedic management for Sun Allergy. Institute of Applied Food Allergy® is a pioneering center in the Ayurvedic management of various allergies including Sun allergy. IAFA ensures good results and relief to all suffering from the distressing effects of Sun allergy”.

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– Dr. Sahil Gupta (B.A.M.S., M.H.A.)

Ayurvedic Allergy Specialist
CEO & Founder of IAFA®

Diet in Sun Allergy

Do’s (Pathya) in Sun Allergy

  • Green leafy vegetables
  • Green gram
  • Fruits and salads
  • Watermelon juice
  • Gooseberry
  • Use of Aloe vera gel on exposed parts
  • Exercise in early morning 
  • Use of fully covered dresses while exposed to sun
  • Use of sunglasses and caps

Don’ts (Apathya) in Sun Allergy

  • Spicy food especially pickle
  • Intake of non-vegetarian food especially seafood
  • Excess consumption of Alcohol 
  • Cigarette smoking  
  • Fried food and bakery items 
  • Exposure to sun between 10 am and 4pm
  • Heavy physical activity at noon
  • Use of medications that make sensitive to light
  • Day sleep
  • Mental stress

Yoga and Pranayama in Sun Allergy

Yoga helps to increase blood circulation that in turn aids in healing of rashes and blisters. It also helps to relieve mental stress and to energize body cells. Following Yoga postures will be especially beneficial for skin health:-

  • Trikonasana 
  • Uthanasana
  •  Janu sirasana
  • Pawanamuktasana
  • Chakrasana

Pranayama is also beneficial to purify blood and increase its oxygen carrying capacity. It helps to maintain healthy and glowing skin.


Ayurvedic Treatment for Sun Allergy

Ayurveda has effective treatment for sunlight allergy. Ayurvedic management includes internal medicines as well as external therapies.

Internal Medicines

  • Padoladi Kashaya
  • Panchatiktaka Kashaya 
  • Guluchyadi Kashaya
  • Nimbamrutasava
  • Avipathi Choorna

  • Tiktaka Grita
  • Pravala Bhasma
  • Sidhamakaradhwaja
  • Haridrakhanta

External application of following medicines is also very useful.

  • Eladigana Choorna
  • Kumkumadi Lepa

  • Nalpamaradi Kera
  • Sudha Durvadi Kera

Treatment Procedures in Sun Allergy

  • Virechana (Purgation) 
  • Raktamoksha (Blood-Letting) 

  • Lepana (Medicinal Paste)
  • Takradhara (Pouring Medicated Buttermilk)

Single Herbs in the Management of Sun Allergy

  • Kumari (Aloe vera)
  • Chandana (Santalum album)
  • Usheera (Vetiveria zizanoides)

  • Durva (Cynodon dactylon)
  • Lodhra (Symplocos racemosa)

Article Written By: Dr. Sahil Gupta (B.A.M.S., M.H.A.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: How is Sun allergy caused?

Answer: Sun allergy is caused by exposure to severe sunlight that results in hypersensitivity of skin manifested allergic reactions. 

Question: What are the Symptoms of Sun allergy?

Answer: The major symptoms of sun allergy are appearance of rashes, burning sensation, itching etc. on exposed skin, fainting due to dehydration, head ache, nausea etc.

Question: Is Ayurveda having Effective Treatment for Sun Allergy?

Answer: Yes, Ayurveda has effective remedial measures for Sun allergy. It incorporates internal medicines as well as external applications for the management of Sun allergy.

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