Successful Treatment of Chronic Urticaria and Food Intolerances with Effective Alternative Medicines – A Case Study

It is a case study about the successful treatment of Chronic Urticaria and Food Intolerances with safe and effective Alternative medicines.

A Brief About the Case

Ridhi, a 15-year-old female residing in Jammu has been suffering from chronic urticaria and food intolerances for the past 1 year. She’s sensitive to extreme pressure, sunlight, extreme cold, heat, and physical exercise and she’s getting urticaria rashes and weals all over the body. Currently, she’s on Allopathic Antihistamines but she’s not getting permanent relief from the symptoms of urticaria. She consulted IAFA Ayurveda® online and took medications for about 3 months and got great relief and now she’s living a happier and healthier life without any worry of allergies. 

Let’s get to know how Ridhi got treated naturally for her urticaria condition through this case study. 

Case Details:

  • Name: Ridhi
  • Age: 15 years old
  • Gender: Female
  • UID No: 7079
  • DOA: 03/05/2022


Ayurveda explains Allergy as “Srotas Ati Pravruti,” which means “body channel hyperactivity” and is the main reason behind major allergies in our body. As per Ayurveda, there are 13 internal channels and 7 external channels in the body leading to the manifestation of various allergy symptoms. 

Food allergies or intolerances can be taken as the hyperactivity of Annavaha Srotas (Channel for food) and skin allergy as the hyperactivity of Rasavaha Srotas (Channel for digested food and products). Our patient has both skin allergies and food intolerances

Ayurveda explains Urticaria as Sheetpitta and we can see the dominance of Vata and Kapha dosha along with the indulgence of aggregated pitta dosha. To put simply there will be an imbalance of three doshas and there is the dominance of Vata and Kapha Dosha. 



The above shloka explains that exposure to cold breezes can result in the aggravation of Vata and Kapha Doshas. Signs of Sheetpitta include:

  • Varatidamshtra vatashotha (Skin becomes like a bite of a nettle sting).
  • Kandu (Itching).
  • Toda (Pricking). 

Food allergies or intolerances are known as Aahar Asatmyata where the food that is ingested doesn’t get digested properly and turns into toxins and causes various allergies including skin allergies and indigestion issues. 

यत्किञ्चित्दोषमुत्क्लेश्यनहरेत्तत्समासत: l


The above shloka explains the concept of Virudha, Virudha is a condition in which doshas get vitiated and are not removed from the body. This usually occurs when we consume the wrong combinations of food, and eat the right food at the improper time and in high quantity. 

How Can You Say It is an Urticaria Rash? 

The following are the symptoms of urticaria and one can easily identify it by the appearance of the following symptoms:-

  • Hives
  • Weals
  • Welts
  • Nettle rash
  • Raised and itchy rashes
  • Red or skin-colored bumps with clear edges

One can see a nettle-like rash with well-defined borders on the skin and can differentiate it from other kinds of rashes easily. 

Get to Know Whether You’ve Food Allergies

The following are the symptoms of food intolerances and seek medical care in severe conditions:-

  • Vomiting 
  • Abdominal cramps
  • Rashes 
  • Burning sensation in the chest 
  • Rashes on the skin
  • Cyanosis
  • Fatigue
  • Dizziness
  • Gastrointestinal ulcers
  • Indigestion
  • Loss of appetite 

What’s the Reason Behind Any Allergies? 

As per Ayurveda, there are mainly 5 reasons that are responsible for any kind of allergies:-

  1. Weakened immune system 
  2. Accumulation of toxins (Ama visha)
  3. Imbalance of doshas
  4. Exposure to allergens
  5. Indigestion of food 

Final Diagnosis 

The final diagnosis of Ridhi is:-

  1. Sheetpitta (Urticaria)
  2. Aahar Asatmyata (Food allergies or intolerances). 

Treatment of Chronic Urticaria and Food Intolerances at IAFA Ayurveda®

For the successful treatment of Chronic Urticaria and Food Intolerances, Dr. Sahil Gupta focused on the treatment of the root cause of the disease and recommended the patient safe and effective Alternative medicines that work inside of the body and help to recover the patient completely from the disease.

Internal Medications

1. IAFA Swaras Chikitsa – Total Care 3X Ras

Key Benefits of IAFA®’S Total Care 3X Ras

  • Ayurveda says that swaras bypass the digestive system and enter the bloodstream rapidly. 
  • So the body absorbs all the herbs effectively. 
  • Eliminates the toxins
  • Balance of doshas
  • Enhances digestion

Dosage: 30 ml twice a day with 15 ml of water before meals.

2. IAFA Pitpapra Capsules

The key use of Pitpapra capsules is to balance the aggravated pitta dosha and heal the allergies related to vitiated pitta dosha.

Dosage: 2 capsules twice a day, one on an empty stomach and one in the evening.  

3. IAFA Skin Detox Tablet

IAFA Skin Detox Tablet is made up of skin wellness herbs and is providing relief to millions of patients suffering from various kinds of skin allergic conditions. 

Dosage: 2 tablets twice a day, 15 minutes after meals.

4. Triphala Capsules

Triphala capsules are made of 3 highly potent herbs namely Amalaki, Haritaki, and Vibhitaki. 

Dosage: 2 capsules once a day at bedtime with water. 

Do’s (Pathya)

Dr. Sahil Gupta not only advises the patient on herbal medications but also focuses on the diet consumed by the patient and advises the best Ayurvedic diet. 

  • Light and easily digestible food. 
  • Frequent intake of water
  • Fresh fruits and fruit juices
  • Highly nourished vegetables 
  • High-fiber content vegetables and fruits
  • Leafy green vegetables 
  • Consumption of herbs like cumin, fennel, and curry leaves improves Agni or the digestive fire and helps in the proper digestion of the food. 

Don’ts (Apathya)

  • Foods that have high lactose content like dairy products.
  • Foods with high cholesterol
  • Packed foods
  • Bakery foods
  • Yeast fermented foods 
  • Seafood
  • Meat
  • Poultry
  • Vegetables like eggplant, ladyfinger, capsicum, spinach, and mushroom.
  • Fruits like bananas and avocado 
  • Nuts like cashew and pistachio
  • Beans like kidney beans, soya beans, and pinto beans. 
  • All leftovers

Yoga Asanas that Help in Urticaria 

Stress can worsen urticaria and hyperactivity in the body. So, yoga helps in the reduction of stress and promotes relaxation. The following yoga asanas help the patient feel better. 

  • Halasana 
  • Matsyasana
  • Trikonasana
  • Bhujangasana 
  • Surya Namaskar 
  • Bhastrika Pranayam 

Follow-Up #1

Dr. Gupta advised the patient to use the above-mentioned medication for one month and team IAFA® follow up with the patient and review whether the medication is getting the best results for the patient. 

Changes in the Medication 

After a month, Dr. Gupta replaced Total Care 3X Swaras with Bhoomi Amla Swaras and added Mouktik Pishti and Haridra Khanda Churna to support a healthy digestive system and gastrointestinal wellness, so that food is properly digested and reduces the formation of toxins. 

Take 2gm of mouktik pishti in 300gm of Haridra khand churna and consume one teaspoon twice a day with water 20 minutes before meals. 

Progress After 1st Follow-Up:

  • Her urticaria has improved by 70%.
  • Itching and rashes are rare now.
  • The patient feels relief from intense itching and urticaria bumps.
  • Food is getting properly digested.

Follow-Up #2

After a month of treatment, Dr. Gupta added the external medication to the internal medication to get rid of skin allergies and improve overall skin health. 

Changes in the Medication

External Treatment 

  • IAFA AF-7 Bar: Replace the regular bathing bar with the IAFA AF-7 Bar and massage gently over the affected area to get good results. 
  • IAFA AF-7 Cream: Apply the cream over the affected area twice or thrice a day.

Dr. Sahil Gupta added the above external medication along with the internal medication to get the best results. 

Progress After 2nd Follow-Up

  • Improve overall skin health.
  • 90% improvement in the urticaria. 
  • Overall gut health has been improved.
  • The patient doesn’t feel any itching, rashes or bumps on the skin.

A Happy Review from the Patient

My daughter has been suffering from urticaria since 2 years. I consulted almost all the best dermatologists of city but no progress was there. The only solution with them was cetirizine and other antihistamines. I was very much depressed. Then one day I found IAFA.I thought that I would try this with a hope. and after going through the treatment I can proudly say that If u follow their treatment with consistency and patiently the results must be positive. Now my daughter is fit and fine by the grace of God and all the team of IAFA…….keep the good work up…best wishes to Dr. Sahil Gupta and team.

— R. Sharma, Ridhi’s Mother

A Quick Wrap-Up

Ayurveda explains urticaria as Sheetpitta where vata-kapha doshas are dominated over the pitta dosha and one can easily identify nettle rash and weals over the skin. Along with urticaria the patient also suffers from food intolerances. These two conditions together have caused skin allergies in Ridhi.

Dr. Sahil Gupta thoroughly focuses on the treatment of the root cause of the disease. IAFA®’s customized external and internal treatment helped Ridhi to recover from food intolerances and urticaria.

IAFA Ayurveda® has provided her great relief from the underlying cause of the disease. Book an online consultation now with Dr. Sahil Gupta and get rid of any kind of allergies naturally with the use of Ayurvedic herbal medicines, a personalized Ayurvedic diet, and yoga asanas. IAFA®’s Ayurvedic treatment will improve the overall quality of life.

Dr. Sahil Gupta completed his Bachelor of Ayurveda in Medicine and Surgery (B.A.M.S.) and Master’s Degree in Health Administration (MHA) India. He is Registered Ayurvedic Doctor & Vaidya in India having Registration No. 23780. He is the CEO and founder of IAFA. After completing BAMS, Dr. Sahil Gupta started practicing Ayruveda by giving prime importance to allergic disorders management. He became the first Ayurvedic doctor to cure Food Allergies through Ayurveda. Read More About Dr. Sahil Gupta.

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