Treatment of Food Allergy in Ayurveda: A Case Study

Dr. Sahil Gupta is the well-known Ayurvedic Allergy Specialist, founder of the IAFA® has successfully treated thousands of allergy cases such as Food Allergy.

Food allergies in children can be treated with a high success rate by various Ayurveda treatment measures. Dr. Sahil Gupta the well-known Ayurvedic Allergy Specialist, founder of the Institute of Applied Food Allergy® has successfully treated thousands of allergy cases. Ayurvedic treatment of Food allergy is one among IAFA’s successful measures. This blog is a case study of Food allergy successfully treated by Dr. Sahil Gupta.


Food Allergy is an allergic reaction manifested by an abrupt onset of symptoms within minutes to hours after ingesting the food. Some foods are known to cause adverse reactions and toxic effects in some individuals. These abnormal reactions could either be due to food insensitivity, food allergies or food intolerance. In Ayurveda, various food allergic conditions are correlated with Aahar Asatmyata. The present case report deals with a 6-year boy patient of food allergy who came for Ayurvedic treatment at IAFA. Swaras Chikitsa (high potency herbal extract in liquid form administered orally) is used as the best choice of treatment along with other internal herbal medicine for food allergy. The results revealed the healing process of the food allergies and there was much symptomatic relief for the patient. Patient had continued these medicines for three months. His symptoms such as severe headache, fever, nausea and vomiting subsided after taking treatment from IAFA. The understanding of this Ayurvedic ancient wisdom may prove to be of immense importance in the treatment.

Keywords: Food Allergy, Aahar Asatmyata, Swaras Chikitsa


In modern medicine, the only proven therapy for food induced allergic reactions is the strict elimination of the particular or suspected allergen but it is very difficult to follow strict elimination of that particular food. Unfortunately, there are no efficacious drugs available in modern medicine for the management of food allergies and the patients have to be dependent on corticosteroids and antihistamines for the treatment. The present case report deals with a patient of food induced allergic reaction who came for Ayurvedic treatment for Food allergies at IAFA. His parents got the reference of IAFA from one of his close relatives. Dr. Sahil Gupta is the CEO and founder of IAFA. He started practicing Ayurveda with prime importance to allergic disorders management through Ayurveda. He became the first doctor who knew how to treat Food allergies naturally. Allergies such as food allergy, skin allergy and nasal allergy were successfully treated through natural methods within a short period of time. He is giving his online video consultation globally in western countries as well including the United States of America and Canada.

With the objective of understanding better pathogenesis of the disease, the author presents a case report.

Case Description

A 6-year boy, visited in OPD of on date: 09/01/2019 with the following details:

Patient Name: Master Seedit

UID No.:2019/2689

Date of Registration: 09/01/2019

Seedit, came to IAFA with chief complaints of continuous fever for more than 10 days with dizziness, abdominal pain, nausea and vomiting after ingestion of food from the last 2 years. The allergic reaction starts after half an hour of ingesting food items. Allergic reactions start with nausea, vomiting and severe headache. The patient used to take antipyretic, antispasmodic and anti-emetic syrups with corticosteroids before starting Ayurvedic treatment. He was suggested by physicians every time to get admitted in hospitals whenever his fever did not subside even after 10-12 days. The proper diagnosis was not done at that time and only symptomatic treatment was given. Dr. Gupta after doing Ashtavidha Pareeksha gets the accurate diagnosis that fever associated with nausea and vomiting is due to Aahar Asatmyata i.e. food allergy. He suggests him for a pathological investigation-food intolerance test to find out the accurate food allergens.

As per his food intolerance test on 11/01/2019, the food that behaves as an allergen is:

  • Cow milk and Casein
  • Egg white
  • Sheep milk
  • Barley, Corn, Wheat, Rye and Spelt
  • Amarnath and Pea
  • Gliadin
  • Yeast (Brewer’s)

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Patient has opted for Ayurvedic treatment of food allergy and came to us for the management of acute food induced allergic reaction.


The diagnosis of food allergy requires careful recording of the history of the patient’s symptoms as well as his food habits. The main objective of the treatment was to manage food allergy and to prevent anaphylactic shock.


Patient was prescribed herbal medicine for food allergy by Dr. Gupta and he started getting results in just 15 days after the use of the prescribed herbal medicine. The treatment continued for 3 months.

Treatment Plan: Started on 11/01/2019


  1. Aahar Amrutham Bindu – 10 drops with 20 ml water empty stomach once in a day in morning.
  2. Aahar Amrutham Ras – 5 ml twice in a day before meal.
  3. Kutaja Ghan Vati – 250mg twice in a day with after meal.
  4. Kachi Haldi Swaras – 5ml once in a day.

1. Aahar Amrutham Bindu

Aahar Amrutham Bindu by IAFA is an herbal formulation that supports digestion of a wide range of foods in children. It gives strength to the digestive system.

Ingredients of Aahar Amruthum Bindu:
  1. Vacha (Acorus calamus): Vacha herb possesses deepana property that increases digestive fire due to the presence of phytoconstituents.  The Vata balancing property of Vacha helps in reducing the accumulation of gas in the intestinal tract.
  2. Musta (Cyperus rotundus): Musta herb acts as a detoxifier as it removes Ama (endotoxins) from the digestive tract. The phytoconstituents present in musta contribute to its digestant, astringent and anthelmintic properties.
  3. Parpata (Fumaria indica): Parpata is one of the best antacid herbs as it has the property of balancing Pitta dosha.
  4. Bilva (Aegle marmelos): Bilva is an excellent fruit for diarrhoea and indigestion. It supports proper bowel movements by improving the intestinal flora.
  5. Dadima (Punica granatum): Dadima works on gastro-intestinal tract and relieves the symptoms such as diarrhoea, blood in stools, dysentery, flatulence etc. Pomegranate is also known as ‘super food’.
  6. Sariva (Hemidesmus indicus): Sariva has been used for dysentery, dyspepsia, diarrhoea etc. since ages. It also provides relief in gastric and abdominal pain.

2. Aahar Amruthum Ras

Aahar Amruthum Ras is an Ayurvedic formulation designed by IAFA for gastro-intestinal balance.

Ingredients of Aahar Amruthum Ras:
  1. Chotti Dudhi (Euphorbia thymifolia): Chotti Dudhi swaras is antimicrobial in nature and stops the growth of harmful microorganisms in the gastrointestinal tract. It also reduces the formation of ama in the body.
  2. Shrifal (Aegle marmelos): Shrifal, commonly known as Bael fruit, is antimicrobial in nature that lowers the colonization of harmful bacteria in the gastrointestinal tract. The anti-inflammatory property of shrifal is due to the presence of tannins in it.
  3. Bhoomi Amla (Phyllanthus niruri): Bhoomi Amla is an excellent herb for liver disorders. It helps in proper secretion of enzymes from the liver and thus helps in digestion of various food items.
  4. Punarnava (Boerhavia diffusa): Punarnava is commonly known as Hog weed. This herb is rich in fibre and keeps the liver healthy by reducing inflammation.

3. Kutaja Ghan Vati

Kutaj GhanVati is prepared from the bark of the tree Holarrhena antidysenterica. Kutaj is anti-inflammatory in nature which has the properties of expelling toxins from the body. It is a very useful herb for the proper functioning of intestines as it reduces toxins within the system.

4. Kachi Haldi Swaras

Turmeric has been used as a spice and medicine in India for thousands of years. This yellow spice contains compounds called curcuminoids. This compound is a powerful anti-inflammatory in nature and extremely useful in food allergy.

This herbal treatment for kid’s gastrointestinal support contains extracts of various ayurvedic herbs that support a wide range of complete digestion of food. The patient is advised to alternatively rotate positive foods every 5 days and can also be tried. No adverse effects were reported with herbal formulations by the patient. The patient got clinically meaningful improvement with these medicines when these were administered.

Thus, Ayurvedic treatment of food allergy seems to be promising in the management of food induced allergic reactions by specific food intake. Patient was happy and satisfied by the treatment. He is thankful to Dr. Gupta and IAFA for curing his food allergy naturally without having any side effects.


In Ayurveda, allergic reactions are explained as independent entities such as Virudham, Ksheeralasaka, Grahani Roga, Sheetpitta, Udarda etc. Various etiological factors such as intake of viruddhahara (incompatible food combinations), mandagni (low digestive fire) etc. play a major role in the causation of allergic reactions.

The herbal formulations of IAFA have the properties to control the allergic conditions and improve vyadhikshamatva (immune-modulation) by removing ama (endotoxins) within the system. This Ama leads to the blockage in channels and is responsible for producing many disorders within the system.

Encouraging results were found with all the herbal formulations prescribed to the patient. Food allergies which are chronic in nature, can be successfully treated through Ayurveda.

Thus, this problem is well addressed in Ayurveda and Ayurvedic treatment by IAFA seems to be beneficial in the successful management of food allergy without causing any adverse effects. IAFA herbal formulations for food allergy are absolutely safe for children.

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Dr. Sahil Gupta completed his Bachelor of Ayurveda in Medicine and Surgery (B.A.M.S.) and Master’s Degree in Health Administration (MHA) India. He is Registered Ayurvedic Doctor & Vaidya in India having Registration No. 23780. He is the CEO and founder of IAFA. After completing BAMS, Dr. Sahil Gupta started practicing Ayruveda by giving prime importance to allergic disorders management. He became the first Ayurvedic doctor to cure Food Allergies through Ayurveda. Read More About Dr. Sahil Gupta.

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