Is Formula Milk Feeding Safe for Your Baby?

Is Formula Milk feeding safe for your baby? Let us know in detail through this blog. New moms should read this blog completely.

This article is for all the new moms out there who have chosen to feed their babies with formula milk. Don’t worry, we are not going to brag badly about baby formula as many do. We will provide you with some insightful nuggets so that you can be aware and more cautious about your baby’s feeding. Due to some medical reasons and personal issues, you might have opted for baby formula, but the constant nightmare that haunts you is whether the baby formula is satisfying all your baby’s needs and whether it is safe for your baby. We got you, we will clear all the doubts that are piling up in your head. 

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Why Baby Formula? 

Even though the world health organisation (WHO) recommends breast milk for up to six months of age and considers breast milk to be the best option, many people due to the below-mentioned reasons choose formula milk as their baby’s main feeding.

  • Mothers should not breastfeed due to some infections or chronic illnesses.
  • Some don’t get enough breast milk.
  • Sometimes babies need more milk and their mothers’ milk won’t be sufficient.
  • Working mothers don’t have the luxury to feed all the time.
  • Some mothers feel awkward feeding in public places.
  • Some choose baby formula along with breastfeeding.
  • Very low birth weight infants can’t suckle the milk and they need to be fed with paladai or spoon.
  • Some unconscious children can’t suckle the milk from their moms.

Is Baby Formula A Good Choice? 

Even though it’s not the best choice, we can’t deny that it is a good choice when you don’t have the fortune to feed breastmilk. It is a good choice because:-

  • It has all the required nutrients and vitamins.
  • Baby formulas are prepared with utmost care and caution.
  • Quality is not compromised as they are fed to babies.
  • Additional ingredients like DHA, lutein, iron, and probiotics help in the brain development of babies.
  • They can be fed by other family members too.
  • Need not feed too frequently.
  • It is a better substitute for breast milk than any other type of milk.
  • Some babies are allergic to cows’ milk and in this case, the baby formula fulfils all the needs of your baby.

If you want to read all the pros and cons of breast milk and baby formula, read here.

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Key Points to Remember

Hey, new moms out there, these are the few things you must remember if your baby is on formula feed.

  • Baby formula is hard to digest and have a look at your child’s digestion.
  • Don’t feed too frequently as it takes time to digest.
  • Burping is often recommended in formula-fed babies as it helps in easing out excess gas.
  • The child may face constipation issues, so don’t get tense about that and consult your paediatrician.
  • Use laxatives to get relief from constipation after consulting your paediatrician. 
  • Baby formula after you mix it with water, check that it must not be very thick. 
  • The thicker the milk, the harder it is for the baby to digest. 
  • Do not use milk powder more than the recommended scoop by your paediatrician.
  • Vitamin D is not present in some of the baby formulas, so talk with your doctor and ask them to prescribe some multivitamins and vitamin D syrup.
  • If it is hard for the baby to suckle the milk from the nipple, use a spoon or paladai for feeding.
  • Rubber nipples and plastic bottles must be cleansed properly. 
  • It is often recommended to use stainless steel milk sippers rather than plastic bottles made up of harmful chemicals. 
  • Never try to prepare a baby formula on your own at home by watching some videos or by anyone’s suggestions. 

Our Final Suggestion

Before even choosing on your own or listening to someone, we advise you to talk with your paediatrician thoroughly and know your baby’s needs better and opt accordingly.

  • If you have the luxury to feed your baby with breast milk, then we definitely suggest you breastfeed. Nothing can replace the immense benefits that breast milk has. 
  • If you can’t breastfeed due to the above-mentioned reasons, you can go for baby formula. But, remember with more caution and care. 

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