Are Plant-Based Milk (Vegan Milk) Good for You? A Wholesome Insights

Are Plant-Based Milk (Vegan Milk) Good for You? A Wholesome Insights

Plant milk has been in trend for the last decade. Even though plant-based milk was used in many cultures for centuries, it came into the limelight and has been thriving for the past decade. Vegan has become a new trend and people for a wide range of reasons are shifting their paths from the dairy industry. Quitting all of a sudden and shifting to non-dairy products like plant-based milk is kinda tough but when you have all the reasons to give it a try, then why not? This article provides you with the whole information about plant-based milk and why people are going crazy about it and insights into this non-dairy milk if you want to make a quick switch from your dairy diet to plant milk.

Have a joyful read and make sure to stick till the end to get some bonus tips if you are a newbie to veganism. 

What is Plant-Based Milk? 

Plant-based milk is nothing but a milk-like textured creamy fluid that is obtained by using plant materials instead of animal use. This is commonly known as alternative milk, plant milk, and non-dairy milk.

There are plenty of varieties of plant milk available in the market but you have to check the label thoroughly before you buy the particular milk. You have to choose based on your preferences, for example, if you are allergic to nuts, then make sure to select milk which is devoid of nuts. Below are the common things you can find in any plant-based milk:

  • Lactose-free
  • Dairy-free
  • Vegan

Why Vegan Milk? 

Bloomberg Intelligence report states that in 2021, the global plant milk market was predicted to reach 62 billion USD by 2030. So, it is clear that the vegan milk market is thriving and can top the food industry in the upcoming decades. But there are a handful of reasons why people are opting for vegan milk:-

  • Veganism is the trend. People are becoming vegans completely avoiding animal products from their diets due to many personal reasons.
  • Lactose intolerance is another major drawback. Due to environmental pollution, there is a downside in the quality of food we eat and the water we drink. So many people are getting intolerant to certain foods. Happily, plant-based milk comes with a lactose-free badge. 
  • Dairy-free is another option people are seeking. Removing dairy from their diets and including more fibre and less fat is what makes people go for vegan milk. 
  • Environmental Protection is the major reason why people are turning vegan. Veganism helps in saving tons of greenhouse gases emission that is produced from the ruminant animals and by breeding other animals. 

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Things to Keep in Mind

Cows’ milk and any other animal milk is packed with essential nutrients, minerals and vitamins but extracting milk from a plant source may not have all the needed nutrients for our bodies. So make sure your plant milk is doing justice to your body’s needs. 

Economic times states that consuming plant-based milk costs around thrice of consuming cows’ milk. It further predicts that a family of two adults and one child consuming dairy milk costs around £310.89 while the same family consuming plant-based milk costs around £856.70 a year. So, choose a cheaper local brand which is fortified with all the nutrients to fall into your budget limits. 

Why Can Vegan Milk Be the Best? 

  • Lactose-free, so no need to worry about lactose intolerance issues.
  • Low calorie, if you are on a diet or if you are on a weight loss journey, this can be your best friend.
  • Low-saturated fats than cows’ milk and are a good add-on to your beneficial fats. 
  • Plant milk can be the best for those who are allergic to cows’ milk. 
  • It has way fewer sugars than cows’ milk or buffalo milk, so your weight can be controlled without giving up on delicious food. 
  • No need to compromise on the taste as there are plenty of options coming up every time. 
  • Wide range of varieties, so that you can choose the one which suits you and your body. 
  • Many studies also show that it is good for heart health and helps in reducing chronic lifestyle diseases too due to its less fat content. 

To end with, vegan milk is tastier, cruelty-free, and eco-friendly. Then what’s stopping you from going vegan? 

Bonus Tip for Newbies

Hey, you are here. As we promised, the bonus tip is served for you. 

If you have just turned into a vegan and not having a morning coffee is making your brain drain and to add this, there are a bunch of varieties on the market and many influencers tell you to go for this or that. Uff! We know all this is eating your head and you are confused. We are here to save you.

Your Saviour says to go for the below options as a new vegan after deep research:-

  • Soy Milk – has the same amount of protein as cows’ milk and is easily available. It will be a good replacement for your dairy diet in the beginning.
  • Almond Milk – we consume milk as it has DHA and other brain development ingredients and builds up our cognitive abilities. So almond milk serves as the best alternative to your usual cow milk. 
  • Cashew Milk – we are often told that drinking milk makes our bones stronger, now you are not having milk, so what? You got cashew milk, fully loaded with calcium to make your bones stronger. 
  • Oat Milk – what can be a best pleasure than having milk and not gaining weight and having no constipation issues? This is served with oat milk which is packed with fibre and all nutrients. 
  • Coconut Milk – you can have your morning coffee or tea with the above milk but what if you want to bring some flavour to your curries and cook delicious dishes? Here’s coconut milk which has been used for centuries in cooking.

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Winding Up

Go for it. If you are thinking of making a switch to plant-based milk then we suggest you go for it. Nothing can be better than saving our environment without compromising on serving our taste buds. Vegan milk has all these. But, make sure you check the label before buying to be away from added artificial flavours, sweeteners and oils. 

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