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  • First Come First Serve Only
  • 30 Free Online Consultation
  • Ayurvedic Allergy Specialist
  • 14 Years of Experience

You will be glad to know that We at the Institute of Applied Food Allergy®️ are organizing an event – Free Online Consultation & Allergy Awareness Program from 10th May to 11th May 2022. Consultation slot will be provided as per first come first serve basis only. There are a limited number of 30 slots and they are filling up soon. Register now. For More information, you can call us at (+91) 961-218-0000.

In the present scenario of a pandemic disease named COVID-19, our online consultation helps everyone to attain health assistance following the guidelines of WHO.

Diseases We Treat

Food Allergies

Skin Allergies

Nasal Allergies

Fungal Diseases

Benefits of Online Consultation

Accuracy of an online consultation is as good as that of a physical consultation by implementing technology.

Save your time as the consultation can be done from home at the convenience of your time.

Save your money by saving the traveling and fuel costs.

To avoid visiting public places.

To reduce the physical contact with the people.

To avoid travel until or unless it is very urgent.

What We Offer

Unique Advantages of Consultation at IAFA®

Face-to-Face Consultation

Detailed Assistance & Guidance

Customized Herbal Remedies, Diet & Lifestyle Guidelines

Guided Herbal Products Delivery at Your Doorstep

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    Real Testimonials and Case Studies

    Real Case Studies of Successfully Treated Patients from All Around the World by IAFA Ayurveda®

    Ritu Todi, USA

    “IAFA team very keen to take follow-ups during the treatment course. I highly recommend them to friends and family.”

    K. Dewangan, USA

    “All Thanks to IAFA Team and Dr. Sahil Gupta. Best treatment for allergy. My son is better now.”

    Cassandra Falco, USA

    “I am So gratefull to Dr. Gupta and the IAFA Team. Please if you suffer from allergies reach out to them.”

    Hana Meshram, India

    “Truly appreciate the knowledge of allergies and different ailments by doctor as well as the humanistic and realistic approach.”

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