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    Bed sores are wounds that occur in areas of body which are under constant pressure. It usually occurs in bedridden patients.


    Bed sores are also called pressure ulcer or decubitus ulcer. It is a serious problem affecting bedridden fragile old people. It can occur when a patient is bedridden, immobile, and unconscious or having deficient tactile sensation. Elderly people who are diabetic or with circulatory disorder and poor nutrition are more prone to bedsores.


    Bedsores are slow to heal and is a great concern depending upon patient’s physical conditions. It usually occurs at buttocks, heels of foot, shoulder blades, back of head etc.Dr.Gupta’s IAFA is the best Ayurvedic Institute for treating all kinds of bedsores.


    • Skin discolouration to red/purple
    • Swelling
    • Wounded skin
    • Oozing from skin
    • Puss like draining
    • Warm to touch


    Bedsores happen when a bedridden or immobile person is not moved regularly or mal-positioned leading to hampered blood supply for 2-3 hours which then leads to reddish purple skin ,its rupture and wound formation which when left untreated leads to infections.


    Symptoms develop through four stages

    • Stage 1-red or purple discolouration of skin
    • Stage 2-open sores, blister occurs
    • Stage 3-crates like appearance of skin
    • Stage 4-large wounds with severe damage to underlying tissues, muscles, bones, tendons etc.


    Diagnosis is based on appearance of skin and staging is done accordingly.


    • Proper positioning and changing position every 2 hours of a bedridden patient.
    • Keeping legs slightly raised may help in proper blood circulation.
    • Frequent checking of skin for redness or minor wounds.
    • Provide soft cushioning, pads in wheelchair and beds.
    • Use bubble mattress or specialised bedding for bedridden patients.
    • Use body creams or lotions regularly to prevent cracking of skin


    Bedsores are very slow to heal and when infected makes the situation even worse. Patient may suffer from recurrent fever and chills, cellulitis, bone and joint infection,marjolins ulcer ,sepsis etc which are severe complications of bed sores. Infection may spread all over body and cause secondary diseases.

    Institute of Applied Food Allergy® is the world best Ayurvedicdestination for the complete cure of all kinds of bedsores”.

    Dr.Gupta’sIAFA is the best Ayurveda centre for natural friendly healing!!!


    -Allergist, Dr. Sahil Gupta

    Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine & Surgery
    Master’s in Health Administration

    Diet in BEDSORES


    • Proper hygiene of the area containing bedsore
    • Low carbohydrate easy to digest vegetarian diet .


    • Avoid katu,amla,lavana rasa (tastes) ,snigha(unctous), abisyandiahara
    • Avoid Vidahiahara(acidic food)
    • Avoid Yougurt ,oily , spicy ,non vegetarian ,deep fried food


    • Prithvi mudra-to increase energy levels of body ,reduce weakness and fatigue
    • Gyanmudra-to ease tension, mental stress, anxiety


    • Anulomaviloma pranayama-helps in increasing oxygen levels of body thus contributing to better circulation and wound healing


    Ayurvedic Management Of Bedsores


    Vrnaharachikitsa according to extend of dosha vitiation have to be followed.


    • Guggulutiktakagrita
    • Saribyadiasava
    • Rasagandhimezhuku


    • Jatyadigrita
    • Jeevantyadiyamaka
    • Sinduradilepa
    • Rasothamadilepa
    • Kshalana (washing of wound)-triphalachurna


    • Raktamoksha(blood letting)
    • Vanesection-siravedham
    • Jalookavacharanam (leech therapy)


    • Patana – incision
    • Vyadhana-puncturing
    • Chedana-excision
    • Lekhana –scraping
    • Prachanna-rubbing
    • Sivana -suturing


    • Haridra (Curcuma longa)
    • Durva (Cynodondactylon)
    • Nimbi (Azadirachtaindica)

    Article Written By: Dr. Sahil Gupta, Ayurvedic Allergist

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Question) What is are bedsores?

    Answer) Bed sores are wounds that occur in areas of body which are under constant pressure. It usually occurs in bedridden patients.

    Question) What are the major symptoms of bedsore?

    Answer) Skin discolouration to red/purple, Swelling, Wounded skin, Oozing from skin, Puss like draining and Warm to touch are the major symptoms of bedsore.

    Question) Isthere any treatment in Ayurveda for bedsore?

    Answer) Yes, Ayurveda has successful treatment for bedsore using natural friendly measures.


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