Flax Seed


    Flax (linum usitatissium) also called linseed is a common fibre crop extensively cultivated in cooler regions of the world. It is charged with nutritional and therapeutic benefits. Flaxseed is generally used as seeds, turned to oil, nutritional supplements, powders and an ingredient of wood finishing product. IAFA is producing good quality flax seed to assure a healthy life to our followers.


    • Flaxseed is highly supplied with nutrients.
    • Daily usage of as little as one tablespoon provide sufficient proteins, fibres, and Omega- 3 fatty acids in addition to being rich in dietary, vitamins, and mineral fibres.
    • Flaxseed is highly rich in Lignin which acts as an anticancer agent.
    • It also helps in reducing blood pressure, control blood glucose levels and help in managing dyslipidaemia.
    • Flaxseed is widely used in weight loss as it helps in controlling hunger and supply a rich source of dietary fibre, vitamins proteins and Minerals.


    flaxseed is a versatile ingredient. It can be incorporated to diet in the following methods.

    • Boiling drinking water with one teaspoon of flaxseed.
    • Adding flaxseed powder as a topping to Pizza, side dishes etc.
    • Using flaxseed oil as a salad dressing.
    • Mixing flaxseed powder to bread, Muffin, cookie batter.
    • Add as a topping to smoothies, shakes, juices.
    • Flaxseed powder along with few teaspoons of yoghurt can be made to fine paste and applied on skin for improving skin health and texture.
    • 1 teaspoon flaxseed, cumin seeds, Fenugreek is mixed with 10 ml milk and taken 2 times a day to increase breast milk.


    • Amount per 100g of flax seed
    • Total calories-534 kcal
    • Cholestrol-0%
    • Sodium-1%
    • Potassium-23%
    • Total carbohydrate-9%
    • Protein-36%
    • Vitamin A-0%
    • Calcium-25%
    • Vitamin D-0%
    • Cobalamin-0%
    • Vitamin C-1%
    • Iron-31%
    • Vitamin B-6-25%
    • Magnesium- 98%


    • Flaxseed powder: 5-35 gram per day
    • Flaxseed oil: 4-60 ml per day (divided dose)


    • Flaxseed is known as Nilapushpi or Atasi in Ayurveda. 
    • It properties include madhura (sweet), tikta (bitter) rasa, snigdha(unctous), pichhila (slimy)guna ,katu vipaka , ushna virya (hot potency).
    • Therapetic action: grahi (constipating), cardio-tonic(hridyam)


    • Lignin 
    • Linamarin
    • Omega-3-fatty acid
    • Secoisolaricresinol diglucoside
    • P-coumaric acid
    • Ferulic acid
    • Alpha linoleic acid

    Article Written By: Dr. Sahil Gupta, Ayurvedic Allergist


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