Gokshura – Tribulus terrestris


Gokshura, commonly known as Caltrops is a herb found through out India. The name Gokshura means that the fruits of the plant can injure the gazing cattles due to its spines. The word ‘Tribulus’ means ‘having three sides’ and ‘terrestris’ means ‘of the ground’. The plant Caltrops have many therapeutic actions and nowadays commonly used in both Ayurveda and Modern sciences.

Dr. Gupta’s IAFA conducted various experimental studies in Caltrops and found out actions like Diuretic, tonic, aphrodisiac, demulcent, hypoglycemic and antiallergic properties of the plant. Our experts found out that the protein bimolecules of Caltrops have antilithiatic potency. The plant is nowadays used as a common ingredient in the preparation of medicines to treat Urolithiasis. Caltrops is traditionally used as a sexual enhancer or aphrodisiac. Through consistent efforts our scholars found that the plant can manage sexual dysfunctions. The fruit extract of Tribulus terrestris showed hepatoprotective activities and the acetone extracts of leaves and seeds have larvicidal and repellence activities against mosquito vectors. Caltrops also have cardioprotective actions.

Action of Gokshura – Tribulus terrestris in Allergies

The antiallergic property of the plant Caltrops are not very well known to many medical field workers but through extreme hard work, our experts are on the verge to prove the antiallergic property of the plant. The plant contains phytoconstituents like diosgenin, gitogenin, chlorogenic, harmane, harmine, kaemperal, quercitin abd rutin which is responsible for the antiallergic property of the plant. Gokshura alleviates all three doshas and can be used in skin allergies caused by the aggravation of Vata Pitta and Kapha ( Sannipathaja kushta).

Vernacular Names

Hindi name  Gokhru
Sanskrit name Gokshura, Ikshugandhika, Trikantaka, Svadukantaka, Shvadamshtra, Kantaphala, Palankasha, Bhakshataka
English name  Small caltrops, Tribulus, Cow hage, Puncture vine
Tamil name Nerunjil, Nerunjil
Bengali name Gokshura, Gokhru
Marathi name Bala Chikna, Tupkari
Telgu name Palleru
Gokshura Urdu Khar E Khasak Khurd
Punjabi name Bhakhra, Gokhru
Kannada Name Sannanaggilu, Neggilamullu,Neggilu

Botanical Name

Tribulus terrestris



Morphology of Gambhari- Gmelina arborea

  • Moderate sized deciduous tree.
  • Grows upto a size of 15-30 m
  • Root – Tap root, cylindrical, bark often exfoliates into flakes.
  • Stem –Erect, branched
  •  Stem Bark is greyish outside and yellow within.
  • Leaves – Broadly ovate acuminate, margin is entire. Upper surface glabrous when mature
  • Petioles – Long, cylindrical, glandular at the top.
  • Inflorescence- Panicle about 30 cm long
  •  Flowers – Small,5 lobed 2 lipped. Petals are brownish yellow in colour. 
  • Fruit- Drupe,orange yellow when ripe
  • Seed- Elliptic, 2-4 in number.

Ayurvedic Reference of Gokshura

Ayurvedic Reference of Gokshura

Parts Used of Gokshura – Tribulus terrestris

  • Whole plant
  • Roots
  • Leaves
  • Fruit (dried unripe fruits)

Preparations and Dosage of Gokshura – Tribulus terrestris

  • Extracts (satva): 100 250 mg, once to thrice a day
  • Powder (choornam): 1 – 3 grams per day
  • Decoction (kashayam): 30- 60 ml per day
  • Juice (swaras): 15-30 ml per day

Tribulus terrestris- Anti-doping herb for body builder and sports person

Nowadays, Gokshura is also used by body builders for better muscle growth in harmless way. Caltrops have natural muscles strengthening contents which help in the growth of muscle fibers and tissues. As it is naturally available, the intakes of Gokshura for body building purpose have no side effects at all. The Gokshura plant is taken and powdered well is taken orally along with honey on daily basis at a dose of 10-15 g for achieving better physique. Caltrops can be also used as a nutrient supply for body builders.

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Home remedies of Gokshura – Tribulus terrestris.

Ayurveda practice have introduced plenty of home remedies in various conditions. Gokshura is one among the major herb used as in the form of home made preparations.

  • In Dysuria (Mutrakrchra) – For the permanent relief of Dysuria, gruel prepared from Tribulus terrestris and Solanum xanthocarpum (Kantakari) is taken along with jaggery. Oral intake of this gruel for a period of 7 days can cure Dysuria
  • As an Aphrodisiac (Vajikarana) – Decoction prepared from seeds of Gokshura have excellent aphrodisiac action. Intake of this decoction at a dose of 60 ml can enhance sexual potency.
  • In renal calculus (Asmari) – Gokshura seeds are collected and crushed well to prepare powder. The powder is then mixed with honey and Goat’s milk. Drinking this for a period of 7 days will relieve Calculus
  • In inflammation (Sotha) – Paste prepared from fruits of Caltrops are applied on skin and it can reduce inflammation.
  • In Diabetes mellitus (Prameha) – Daily intake of Decoction of Caltrops along with Curcuma longa and honey will check Diabetic condition. The dose should be 50 ml and is taken twice daily.
  • In Breathing difficulty – Oral intake of 60 ml of decoction prepared from leaves of Gokshura can immediately cure breathing difficulties.
  • To promote hair growth (Kesavardhana) – Applying the paste prepared by mixing Tribulus terrestris, Sesamum indicum, honey and ghee on the scalp can promote hair growth.
  • In Cough (Kasa) – Caltrops leaves are collected and crushed well. It is then made into decoction and drinking this at a dose of 60 ml can immediately cure cough.
  • The Indian System of Medicine, Ayurveda  is purely based on naturally available herbs for treatment purposes. Gambhari is a naturally available non toxic herb and can be used to treat diseases like, 
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Dr. Gupta’s IAFA is conducting various studies on naturally available drugs to provide pure and non toxic Ayurvedic medicines. Our treatment is based on Ayurvedic principles. Our studies and researches are  mainly focuse on alleviating allergic disorders by using naturally available herbs . We areconcerned about the safety of our customers by subjecting our products to various tests. 

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