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Draksha (Vitis vinifera)

Draksha (Vitis vinifera)

Drakshais well known for its sweet fruits. It is commonly knownas Grapes and is cultivated through out India. Draksha have sweet taste like that of nectar and is also known as Madhurasa. Vinifera indicates that it is used for making wine. Draksha have many therapeutic properties. 


Dr.Gupta’s instituteof Applied Food Allergy have been studying on readily available herbs for the purpose of alleviating allergic condition. Our experts studied on Draksha and proven the Laxative , Cooling, Digestant, Haemostatic, Antiallergic and anti-inflammatory actions of the herb. Draksha can be used to treat diseases like Thirst, Cough, Fever, Skin allergic conditions, Itching, Diabetes, Worm infestations etc. The plant contains constituents like malicacids and catechins which are responsible for the anti-inflammatory actions of the plant. The heartwood extracts of the plant have antitumor activities. Our experts also proven that catechin rich extracts of Draksha can be helpful to cure adenocarcinoma conditions. 

Action of Draksha – Vitis viniferain Allergies

IAFA experts have successfully proven the anti-inflammatory, antimicrobial and antiallergic property of the plant Draksha. The plant contains phytoconstituents like sugar,gum, tannin, tartaric acid, citric acid, malic acid, potassium chloride, magnesia, alum etc and these phytoconstituents aids the antiallergic property of Draksha. The decoction prepared from the fruits of the plant can be used to treat skin allergic conditions. 

Vernacular names and Classification

Botanical Name Vitis Vinifera 
Family Vitaceae
Native Names
Sanskrit Name Draksha ,Gosthani, Rasala
Hindi Name Angur
English Name Grapes 
Malayalam Name Munthiri
Kannada Name Drakshi
Marathi Name Draksha 

Ayurveda reference of Draksha – Vitis vinifera

Morphology of Draksha – Vitis vinifera

  • Tendril climbing vine
  • Stem is weak
  • Leaves are simple alternately arranged 
  • Inflorescence is panicle
  • Fruits are globose 
  • Seeds are small thick testa

Geographical distribution of Draksha – Vitis vinifera

Seen all over India especially in NorthIndian states. 

Phytoconstituents of Draksha – Vitis vinifera

The plant contains phytoconstituents like sugar, gum, tannin, tartaric acid, citric acid, malic acid, potassium chloride, magnesia, alum etc

Parts used of Draksha – Vitis vinifera

  • Fruits

Dosage of Draksha – Vitis vinifera

  • Juice (rasa) -40-60 ml. 

Medicinal Properties of Draksha – Vitis vinifera

  • Kasa hara – relieves cough
  • Kushtaghna-Alleviates skin disorders 
  • Sophahara – relieves swelling 
  • Kandughna-relieves itching 
  • Ruchya – relieves anorexia   
  • Agnivardhaka- improves digestion 
  • Vrsya – aphrodisiac 
  • Balya – promote strength 

Home remedies of Draksha – Vitis vinifera

Ayurveda is atreatment system which is focused on lifestyle modifications along with medicines, in treating diseases. The treatment system adopted by Ayurveda is purely based on naturally available herbs. Draksha is one of the commonly growing plant and due to its high medicinal value it is used in treating many diseases like, 

  • In Thirst (Thrishna) – Juice of fruits are collected and squeezed well. It will alleviate thirst. 
  • In Cough(Kasa)- 50 Draksha, 30 Pippali and sugar mixed with honey or milk and taken internally. 
  • In Fever (jwara) –Juice prepared from Draksha and Gooseberry is taken internally. 
  • In Sprue(Grahani)- Fermented juice of Draksha, Ikshu and Dates is very useful in Sprue
  • In Anaemia (Pandu) – Juice of Grapes and Gooseberry taken internally at a dose of 20 ml
  • In Jaundice (kamala) –Juice of Grapes and Gooseberry taken internally 
  • In Diabetes (Prameha) –Fruitjuice prepared from Draksha and Gooseberry is taken at a dose of 60ml per day for a period of 7 days. 
  • In Inflammation (Sotha) –Intake of Decoction prepared from Draksha can relieve inflammation. 

Article Written By: Dr. Sahil Gupta, Ayurvedic Allergist

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