World Food Day 2022 (16 October) – Celebrate with IAFA®

World Food Day 2022 (16 October) - Celebrate with IAFA®

The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO) leads world food day to remind everyone around the world that there are millions of people left who can’t afford a healthy diet and meal every day. The theme for World Food Day 2022 is to “Leave no one behind”.

Due to the ever-changing environment, climate change, poverty, lack of sustainable resources, inequality, conflicts and wars, inflation, improper financial management by the leaders of the nation, and denial to support one another has led to a state where people can’t afford a healthy diet. We can’t move forward by leaving many behind. Because we are all connected, what is affecting one can have an impact on all of us. We had already been taught by the pandemic this beautiful lesson where the loss of one is not actually the loss of one but the loss of many.

So, IAFA® had come up with this article to share some awesome insights about World Food Day 2022 (16 October) and also bring into the limelight the Significance of Ayurveda in incorporating a Nutritious Diet into Your Lifestyle.

When is World Food Day 2022 Celebrated? 

On the 16th of October every year, which is also the date of the founding of The Food and Agriculture Organization (FAO). World food day is celebrated worldwide by more than 150 countries. It is a part of the United Nations where awareness has been raised all over the world bringing to attention the importance of healthy food and what can be done to eradicate starvation. 

Did You Know? 

Globally, women are 15% more likely to be severely or moderately food insecure than men!

World Food Day – Inspiring Themes! 

Every year, on the occasion of World Food Day, FAO has been coming up with inspiring themes to make it more popular and also to show the world the significance of having food security, especially in times of crisis.

Some Past Themes of World Food Day:

  • Climate is changing, and Food and Agriculture must too!
  • Social protection and Agriculture!
  • Breaking the cycle of Rural Poverty and Feeding the world, Caring for the earth!

Theme for World Food Day 2022 - Leaving No One Behind!

Significance of World Food Day 2022 

Food is the thing that brings families, friends, and unknown humans together. We share the table and also our thoughts. We enjoy the variety of cuisines and share with others our cuisines. There is one saying, no matter how much you earn, you are doing it to feed your stomach. Some fictional stories tell us that if we don’t feel hungry, we won’t be working and become lazy bees. Therefore, this world food day is another chance for us to enjoy delicious, nutritious, and yummilicious food and also to look for others not being left hungry. World food day is all about:-

  • Raising the awareness of healthy and nutritious food.
  • Enjoying food with your loved ones.
  • To make your hands partake solely in feeding others. 

What does Ayurveda Say About Food? 

Ayurveda is an age-old miraculous therapy. What Ayurveda has said millions of years before, is being said now. Ayurveda always stresses eating fresh and nutritious food. But, in today’s fast-running world we are so addicted to instant, fast foods, and packaged foods. Any health concern will awaken us and then we start preaching about the goodness and importance of eating healthy food. But Ayurveda always recommends eating Pranic Aahar and advises avoiding all artificially flavored, packaged foods at all times.

So, on this auspicious World Food Day 2022 let’s take a vow to spread awareness of the importance of healthy food and also try to donate some nutritious food to the hungry, following the theme of 2022, “Leaving no one behind”. 

How do You Celebrate World Food Day? 

There are plenty of ways to celebrate this auspicious day. We have mentioned some of the ways that you can make this day more memorable and also inspire others to do the same by sharing this article.

1. Donate Food 

Let’s take the theme of 2022 wildly and donate food to your nearby food banks or the hungry around your streets. “Annadanam Mahadanam“. Annadanam is the sacred offering of food, it is considered one of the best donations we can give to someone. So, on this day, let’s take the honor of spreading the richness of your traditional foods all around your streets by sharing the food.

2. Make Some Ancient Cuisines 

World Food Day 2022 gives us a chance to cook those ancient, magical cuisines that linger on our tongues. Bring your grandparents to the table and have fun knowing the nutritious elements and what’s the magic that makes their food taste better. Invite your loved ones to the party and celebrate heavenly with delicious food. And also don’t forget to share on your socials to raise awareness about the same, we would love it if you can tag us too!

3. Raise Awareness 

Yes! The more you speak about it, the more you are reaching the people. Word of mouth is powerful. So make an intention to shoot a small video explaining the importance of having a healthy diet or donating food to others or giving data about food insecurity all around the world. Whatever you can share, make sure you are researching enough and providing value to the viewers. Don’t forget to use hashtags, #worldfoodday, and #iafaayurveda. Let’s celebrate World Food Day 2022 together.

4. Organize or Attend a World Food Day Event

The best thing you can do is to take that step forward and organize a world food day event or try to attend one if you can’t organize it. Don’t forget to speak about the importance of food producers who are helping us to eat peacefully every day. Without them, there would be no food on our tables. Giving them due credits on this day is another lucky chance for us! 

5. Try to Eat Healthily

We can’t see the value of good things until we experience the worst effect of it. So before things go worse, try to eat healthy food every day. Eating healthy is not difficult but we make it difficult by making more choices. Having fruits instead of junk snacks is not that hard once you know the damaging effect that it brings you. It would be better to eat healthy and pranic aahar regularly rather than eating them when we fall ill. What do you say? Let us know! Let’s make this World Food Day 2022 more memorable than ever! 

A Quick Wrap-Up! 

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