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    Vitamin Deficiency disorders in Children (Kumara Sosha)

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    Vitamin Deficiency disorders in Children-Kumara Sosha

    Vitamins are very important for a child’s development and are essential for ensuring healthy growth in them. Vitamins are divided into two major groups – fat soluble and water soluble. Vitamins like A, D, E and K are fat soluble.They are stored in the human body for longer time periods. Water soluble Vitamins like B complex and C are water soluble and they have to dissolve in water for the body to absorb them. Different types of foods offer different Vitamins, a well-balanced diet is necessary for ensuringchild’s growth and development. The deficiency of these Vitamins results in various diseases and symptoms in children. This can also hinder the normal growth rate of children. In Ayurveda, the signs and symptoms associated with lack of child nutrition are included under the term Kumara Sosha. Dr. Gupta’s IAFA provides effective management for various nutritional disorders in children. The Ayurpediatric department in IAFA is specially meant for ensuring child health and welfare. 

    Signs and Symptoms of Five Important Vitamin Deficienciesin Children

    1. Vitamin A

    Deficiency of Vitamin Ais mainly manifested as xerophthalmia or “dry eye”. This condition comprises of night blindness and corneal/conjunctival xeroses, Bitot’s spots and keratomalacia. Vitamin A deficiency can also result in an increased risk of gastrointestinal irritations,throat and chest infections.  Also, delayed growth and bone development are also manifested in children due to Vitamin A deficiency. 


    2. Vitamin B12

    Vitamin B12 deficiency is manifested as symptoms like developmental delays, irritability, anorexia, neurological problems, and weakness in children. A well-timed detection of Vitamin B12 deficiency can prevent majortissue damages and can improve child’s physical development.


    3. Vitamin C

    Deficiency of Vitamin C may lead to a condition called scurvy which is manifestedas – easy bruising, slow wound healing, swollen and bleeding gums, and dry hair. 


    4. Vitamin D

    Vitamin D is essential for formation of healthy bones and muscles in children. Symptoms of Vitamin D deficiency may remainhidden. Deficiency of Vitamin D can cause muscle cramps, general muscle weakness, dental problems and bone fractures in children. 


    5. Vitamin E

    Deficiency of Vitamin E is uncommon. It can lead to various neurological problems as a result of poor nerve condition. Vitamin E deficiency can give rise to low birth weight babies. Common deficiency symptoms include tremors, numbness, vision problems, difficulty in walking and muscle weakness. 

    Ayurvedic Reference of Vitamin Deficiency disorders in Children

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    -Allergist, Dr. Sahil Gupta

    Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine & Surgery
    Master’s in Health Administration

    Diet in Vitamin Deficiency Disorders in Children

    Do’s (Pathya) in Vitamin Deficiency Disorders in Children

    • Liver meat, green leafy vegetable
    •  Milk, and eggs
    • Whole grains, nuts, fish
    • Guava, yellow bell pepper, kiwi, and broccoli
    • Almonds, avocado, spinach and sweet potatoes 
    • Fruits like orange, apple, pear etc.
    • Eating goose berry with honey
    • Intake of fiber containing vegetables

    Don’ts (Apathya) in Vitamin Deficiency Disorders in Children

    • Fried food items
    • Improperly cooked food
    • Junk food & baked food
    • Intake of food before digesting previous meal
    • Drinking cold water
    • Bottled soft drinks and artificial juices
    • Intake of unfamiliar food items 
    • Sleeplessness
    • Mental stress of children

    Yoga and Pranayama in Vitamin Deficiency disorders in Children

    Yoga postures will be helpful in decreasing the mental stress and also to empower the whole body

    • Ardhamatsyendrasana
    • Jatara parivrithi
    • Ananda Balasana
    • Sughasana
    • Padmasana
    • Pavana muktasana
    • Parighasana
    • Bhujangasana 

    Pranayama is very effective in strengthening body. It reduces stress and anxiety.

    Ayurvedic Treatment of Vitamin Deficiency disorders in Children

    Ayurveda has detailed protocol for the management of Vitamin Deficiency disorders in Children. It includes internal medicines, treatment procedures and use of single herbs.

    Internal Medicines for Vitamin Deficiency disorders in Children

    • Drakshadi kashaya
    • Parooshakadi kashaya
    • Vasa guluchyadi Kashaya
    • Guluchyadi kashaya
    • Panchakola Kashaya
    • Abhayarishta
    • Dasamoolarishta 
    • Ashta churna 
    • Vyshwanara choorna

    • Chyavana prasha
    • Drakshadi lehya
    • Narasimha rasayana
    • Ajamamsa rasayana

    Single Herbs in the Management of Vitamin Deficiency disorders in Children

    • Dadima (Punica granatum)
    • Draksha (Vitis vinifera)
    • Parushaka (Grewia asiatica)
    • Haridra (Curcuma longa)
    • Tava ksheera (Curcuma angustifolia)
    • Yava (Hordeum vulgare)

    • Punarnava (Boerrhavia diffusa)
    • Sigru (Moringa oleifera)
    • Harithaki (Terminaliachebula)
    • Amalaki (Emblicaoffcinalis)
    • Vilwa (Aeglemarmelos)

    Article Written By: Dr. Sahil Gupta, Ayurvedic Allergist

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Question: What are the causes of Vitamin deficiency in children?

    Answer: Vitamin deficiency is caused by insufficient intake of nutrient rich food and diet during the growth period of children. 

    Question: What are the symptoms of Vitamin deficiency in children?

    Answer: Symptoms of Vitamin deficiency in children vary according to the type of vitamin that becomes deficient. It can range from minor fatigue to muscle weakness, nerve damage, delayed or reduced growth and development etc. 

    Question: Is Ayurvedic treatment effective in Vitamin deficiency in children?

    Answer: Yes. Ayurveda provides a lot of medicines that help to increase digestive fire and to improve nutrient absorption by the body tissues. Many of the herbs in the Ayurvedic preparations are themselves rich in various nutrients. 


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