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Eosinophilia - Causes, Symptoms, and Ayurvedic Treatment

Eosinophils play two major roles in the body – to destroy foreign bodies that have been flagged by the immune system and to regulate inflammation; sometimes this inflammatory reaction may be more than what’s required, resulting in tissue damage and disagreeable symptoms. Eosinophilia is a condition in which the eosinophil count in the peripheral blood exceeds 0.5×109/l (500/μL). Although enumeration of tissue eosinophil numbers would require examination of biopsied tissues, blood eosinophil numbers are more readily and routinely measured. Hence, eosinophilia is often recognized based on an elevation of eosinophils in the blood. Absolute eosinophil counts exceeding 450 to 550 cells/µL, depending on laboratory standards, are reported as elevated. When eosinophil increases it is an indicator of an increased antigen-antibody reaction. It also indicates that the body’s immune mechanism is highly influenced. Eosinophil increased count produces clinical symptoms like starting from a simple common cold to dreaded pulmonary eosinophilia. It is a marker for filarial the body. More or less it will produce respiratory tract symptoms such as cordial chest pain often accompanied by wheezing.


In Ayurveda, there is no direct correlation to eosinophilia. The concept of Ama, Asatmya, and Viruddh Aahara all of these can predict this allergic condition. Ama is the product of impaired digestion and metabolism. It affects Rasa and Rakta Dhatu leading to the manifestation of symptoms. Wrong food combinations (Viruddh aahara) having antagonist properties like fish with milk, fruit juice with milk, clarified butter with honey, ice cream after night meals, etc. leads to allergy.


Dr. Gupta’s IAFA successfully addresses this condition and provides very safe and effective treatment for Eosinophilia. 

Causes of Eosinophilia

Causes of Allergy Associated Eosinophilia


Mild Degree of Eosinophilia

Moderate to Severe Degree of Eosinophilia

Ayurvedic Reference of Eosinophilia

Symptoms of Eosinophilia

  • Constitutional: Fever, night sweats, unintentional weight loss, fatigue 
  • Cutaneous: Eczema, pruritus, urticaria, angioedema, rash, ulcers 
  • Cardiac: Dyspnoea, chest pain, palpitations, symptoms of heart failure 
  • Respiratory: Nasal/sinus symptoms, wheezing, cough, chest congestion 
  • Gastrointestinal: Weight loss, abdominal pain, dysphagia, nausea, vomiting, diarrhea, food intolerance, changes in stools 
  • Nervous system: Transient ischemic attack, cerebrovascular accident, behavioral changes, confusion, balance problems, memory loss, change in vision, numbness, weakness, pain

Dr. Sahil Gupta Allergy Specialist

At Dr. Gupta’s IAFA, we are providing very effective treatment for Eosinophilia based on the classical principle of Ayurveda and our research. Institute of Applied Food Allergy® ensures that our health care system better meets the needs of all about your health”. 

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-Dr. Sahil Gupta (B.A.M.S., M.H.A.) 

Ayurvedic Allergy Specialist

CEO & Founder of IAFAⓇ

Diet Management in Eosinophilia

Do’s (Pathya) in Eosinophilia

  • Living in a clean, dust-free environment.
  • Maintaining personal hygiene.
  • Wash all vegetables and fruits to avoid parasites.
  • Avoid medicines and certain metals that may induce allergies in you.
  • Use precaution during sexual activities.

Don’ts (Apathya) in Eosinophilia


  • Flour items like Idly, dosa, vada, newly harvested rice, sweets, Oil items, cool drinks, ice creams, curd, non-vegetarian food items, un-boiled water,
  • Bath in cool water, walking in the cool breeze, habitat in crowded places and in marshy land, Day sleep are the food and habits.
  • Avoid uncooked meats, fish, frogs, snails, slugs, freshwater prawns, etc.
  • Avoid liquids that haven’t been boiled.
  • Avoid medicines and certain metals that may induce allergies in you.

Yoga Therapy for Eosinophilia

Postures include,

  • Surya Namaskara
  • Chakrasana
  • Ushtrasana

Pranayama include, 

  • Ujjayi
  • Kapalbhati 
  • Bhastrika 
  • Nadishodhana 


Ayurvedic Treatment for Eosinophilia

Since Eosinophilia shows Kapha Vata predominant symptoms, shvasahara and Kapha Vata pacifying drugs are very useful in Eosinophilia.

Internal Medicines for Eosinophilia

  • Madhusnuhee choornam 
  • Taleesapatradi choornam
  • Sitopaladi Churna
  • Pravala panchamrutam
  • Sheetamsu rasam
  • Swasakutara rasa
  • Manjishtadi kwatha  

  • Dasamoola katutrayadi kwatha
  • Chyawanprash 
  • Vasavaleyha
  • Vasarishtha
  • Pipalyasava

Purificatory Therapies

  • Vamana
  • Virechana

Single Herbs Used in Eosinophilia

  • Sati (Hedychium spicatum)
  • Haridra (Curcuma Longa)
  • Yashtimadhu (Glycyrrhiza Glabra)
  • Bharangi (Clerodendron Serratum)

  • Pippali (Piper Longum)
  • Nimba (Azadirachta Indica)
  • Vasa (Adhathoda Vasica)

Article Written By: Dr. Sahil Gupta (B.A.M.S., M.H.A.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: What is Eosinophilia?

Answer:   Eosinophils are a type of disease-fighting white blood cell. This condition most often indicates a parasitic infection, an allergic reaction, or cancer.

Question: What are the causes of Eosinophilia?

Answer:    Eosinophilia may be caused by numerous conditions, including allergic, infectious, inflammatory, and neoplastic disorders.

Question: What is the Ayurvedic treatment for Eosinophilia?

Answer:    Ayurvedic classics have dealt with various procedures and medications including palliative and purificatory treatments to manage the disease Eosinophilia.

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