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    Contact Dermatitis (Udarda)

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    पित्तेन सह संभूय बहिरन्तर्विसर्पत: l l

    Contact Dermatitis

    Contact Dermatitis is the allergic reaction of skin towards certain allergens that come in direct contact with it. The skin may become prickly and develop rashes. In Ayurveda, Udarda is a similar condition explained by MadhavaAcharya (Ayurveda scholar). Ayurveda assures complete cure in the condition of Contactdermatitis. Dr.Gupta’s IAFA is following genuine Ayurveda herbal remedies in the management of “Contactdermatitis”and associated symptoms with high success rates.

    Causes of Contact Dermatitis

    Contact Dermatitis is caused by various irritants or allergens that come in contact with skin and irritate it or initiate an immune response. These irritants or allergens may be any of the following:

    • Detergents
    • Certain medications
    • Metals in ornaments
    • Lotions
    • Alcohol
    • Preservatives in cleaning agents etc.

    Ayurveda suggests that the causes of Contact Dermatitis may be exposure to cold, wind etc.

    Ayurvedic Reference of Contact Dermatitis

    Signs and Symptoms of Contact Dermatitis

    Indications of Contact Dermatitis are seen on the area of contact with irritant or allergen. Signs and symptoms usually develop within minutes to a few hours and last for about two to four weeks.  Common symptoms include:

    • Rashes
    • Blisters
    • Itching
    • Burning sensation
    • Water oozing from blisters
    • Swelling
    • Redness
    • Dry, rough surface

    Repeated scratching over affected area may cause oozing that can lead to infection.

    The symptoms of Contact Dermatitis as per Ayurveda are redness, itching, slight swelling and rashes on skin.

    Types of Contact Dermatitis

    Contact Dermatitis is of two types:

    • Irritant Contact DermatitisIt is the most common type of Dermatitis. When irritants like certain solvents, soap, shampoo etc. come in contact with skin they erode the protective layer of skin and results in itching and rashes. This may happen either by single exposure or by multiple exposures based on sensitivity of people.
    • Allergic Contact DermatitisWhen allergens like certain metals, medicines, food etc. activate the immune system,it will result in allergic reactions manifested on skin. In case of direct contact with skin, only that particular area will be affected. Once, there developed an allergy towards any substance, even small amount of that will cause allergic response. In children allergy is manifested on contact with diapers, wet tissue, lotions etc.

    “Dr.Gupta’s IAFA is following genuine Ayurveda herbal remedies in the management of “Contactdermatitis”and associated symptoms with high success rates. Ayurveda is the only natural measure for managing the condition named Contact Dermatitis successfully”.  

    For Ayurveda follow IAFA!!!


    -Allergist, Dr. Sahil Gupta

    Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine & Surgery
    Master’s in Health Administration

    Diet in Contact Dermatitis

    Do’s (Pathya)

    Exercising followingpathyawill help to prevent the recurrence of allergic reactions and to reduce its intensity

    • Maintain personal and environmental hygiene
    • Identify allergen and avoid exposure to it.
    • Adequate sleep
    • Drink enough quantity of water
    • Easily digestible food
    • Vegetarian diet with less oil
    • Include fruits and vegetables in diet

    Don’ts (Apathya)

    Avoiding certain food items and regimen will help to strengthen immune system.

    • Red chilly
    • Egg
    •  Oily food
    • Ajinomoto containing food
    • Chemical-based lotion
    • Day sleep
    • Strong detergents, soap etc.
    • Use of medicines without doctor’s prescription.

    Yoga and Pranayama for Contact Dermatitis

    Yogasanashelp to strengthen body as well as mind.  Following asanas (postures) will be beneficial in strengthening body’s immune system.

    • Surya namskar
    • Padmasana
    • Vajrasan
    • Paschimothasana
    • Savasana

    Pranayama helps to retain the pathway of body channels and to clean them. This aids in nourishment of body cells and to heal them.

    Ayurvedic Treatment of Contact Dermatitis

    Contact Dermatitiscan be treated effectively through Ayurveda. It also focuses on preventing recurrence of allergic reactions.

    Internal medicines

    Internal medicines in various forms can be advised according to the condition of patient and disease. Following are some of the effective Ayurvedic medicines for internal use.

    • ManjishtadiKashaya
    • PanchatiktakaKashaya
    • NimbadiKashaya
    • AragwadhadiKashaya

    • Gandhakarasayana
    • Manibhadragula
    • Kaisoraguggulugulika
    • Avipathychurna

    External Medicines

    Following medicines are applied externally based on the manifestation of symptoms.

    • Nimbadichurna
    • Triphalachurna
    • Rasottamadilepa

    • Eladiganachurna
    • Guluchyadikashaya

    Treatment Procedures

    Ayurveda advises various treatment procedures including purification therapies for complete cure of illness. It includes:

    • Snehapana (Intake of medicated oil or ghee)
    • Vamana( Vomiting treatment)
    • Virechana(Purgation)

    • Kashayadhara(External treatment of decoction pouring) and
    • Raktamoksha(Blood letting)

    The above mentioned treatments when performed in a combination based on the individual constitution successfully cures Contact dermatitis.


    Singleherbs in proper dose are effective in the treatment of allergy. The following herbs are highly successful in case of skin diseases especially allergies.

    • Sirisha (Albizialebbeck)
    • Khadira (Acaciacatechu)
    • Tulsi (Ocimumsanctum)

    • Aragwadha (Cassiafistula)
    • Kumari (Aloevera)

    Article Written By: Dr. Sahil Gupta, Ayurvedic Allergist

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Question: What is Contact Dermatitis?

    Answer: Contact Dermatitis is the allergic reaction caused by certain allergens that come in contact with skin.

    Question: Which are the types of Contact Dermatitis?

    Answer: Contact Dermatitis is of two types – Allergic Contact Dermatitis and Irritant Contact Dermatitis

    Question: Is Ayurveda fruitful in the management of Contact Dermatitis?

    Answer: Yes, Ayurveda has significant effect in the cure as well as prevention of recurrence of Contact Dermatitis through various internal and external medicines.


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