How to Make this Halloween Safe for Children with Food Allergies? An Ultimate Guide

Allergy-Free Halloween for Children

Halloween is scary and frightening in a fun way but everyone loves the festive vibes and vibrant colours it brings. Especially children, they love to dress up with variety, we can say weird costumes and go trick-or-treating neighbours, right? But it brings sorrow to the parents of kids with food allergies. So, here we are offering some Halloween Safety Tips for Parents.

At Halloween, people offer a wide range of candies, cookies, chocolates, cakes, etc, but all these contain primary food allergens like nuts, wheat, vegetable oils, milk, soya, artificial flavours and colours which most of the kids are allergic to. So it’s worrisome news for those parents, but don’t worry, today we will share with you 7 tips and tricks that you can follow to make an Allergy-Friendly Halloween even brighter and bring back the festive vibes. 

7 Amazing Tips and Tricks for A Food Allergy-Friendly Halloween

1. Read Out the Ingredients List

If your kid is all customed up and went for a trick-or-treating, then go along with your kid and read out the ingredients list on the candies offered, if the ingredients are allergic to your kid, then tell your child to swap the candy for safe candy or toy or any gift or can donate the candy at candies shop. Make your kid understand that he/she is allergic to a particular allergen and needs to stay away from it and if possible can simply say NO to such candies. It’s the primary tip of Halloween Safety Tips for Parents.

Tell your kid not to take any homemade candies, cookies or cupcakes as most of them contain the main ingredient milk or nuts and your child may not recognise them and can get an allergic reaction. 

2. Ask the First Rule

Teach your kid to ask the offering people for Safe Halloween Treats like whether the candy is safe candy or not or he can ask for non-candy gifts like handmade finger puppets, pencils, animal-printed toys, cars and more instead of candies. 

This rule helps to keep the kid away from allergens in the first place and need not worry about any allergic reaction the whole Halloween and can enjoy the festive day. 

3. Teal Pumpkin Project

Teal Pumpkin Project was launched in 2014 to encourage non-candy gifts to be offered to kids to prevent them from life-threatening anaphylactic reactions by eating candies that contain allergens and spread awareness about Allergy-Friendly Halloween.

In this project, people are asked to make a teal-coloured pumpkin or print one and hang it over the door to let the kids know that they are offering gifts other than candies and they can have the choice to choose the house whichever they like for trick-or-treating. 

4. Teach the Children

Teaching your kids is the best thing you can do for Allergy-Friendly Halloween even if you’re not with them. Children may get tempted by the colourful candies and the attractive wrappers and may fall for them. But letting them know and making them understand the worst situation that they have to face once they consume anything that’s allergic. It can help the children to stay away from such candies and they understand not to get attracted. Instead, advise them to swap such candies with other safe candies or non-candy gifts. 

It’s a little bit tricky for parents as kids are not in a stage to obey the rules when they are in a festive mode but it’s your responsibility for Halloween Safety Tips for Parents to make them understand and obey what you say. 

5. Trade Out the Allergen Candies

At every Halloween, there could be trading shops where you can get something in exchange for your candies. 

So, when your kid gets the candies, read out the ingredients, if you find any allergen in it, ask your child to trade out that candy with Safe Halloween Treats like safe candies or other gifts. 

6. Bang on to a New Tradition

Bring a new tradition where costumes can be your top priority. You can host a costume party at your home and so you’re in charge of what you offer. 

You can forgo the candies altogether and offer a variety of other non-food items like stickers, glow sticks, bouncy balls, or fake moustaches. Make the costume a top priority and let your kid dress in the elegant costume. Safe Halloween Treats are the best way to make Halloween inclusive to everyone. 

7. Talk with Your Neighbours or School

 Have a pre-talk with your neighbours about the allergens your kid has and ask them to offer safe candies and avoid any candies or other food items that have allergens. You can also offer yourself a safe candy to give to your child. Having a chat prior is one of the best Halloween Safety Tips for Parents as they don’t have to worry about their kids even if they are not with kids. 

If Halloween is held at your kid’s school, go and talk with teachers about the allergic reactions that your child can have and the foods he’s allergic to. And ask them to keep an eye on your kid while picking the candies or eating anything. To be more cautious, you can be there for your child’s safety and always carry yourself with anti-allergen shots to prevent anaphylactic reactions. 

Wrapping up

Halloween can be the most vibrant festival where kids enjoy a lot more than elders. They munch on different foods and trick the neighbours with mischief activities if they don’t offer any treats, dress up in colourful costumes and play with their friends. Everything is fine until the food allergies step in, right? Halloween can bring more stress to parents of kids with food allergies because Halloween is a festival of kids’ favourite foods being offered to them. It would be hard for your kid to reject it altogether and odd out from the crowd, so we are here to bring you some Halloween Safety Tips for Parents which you can follow to have a safe Halloween for your kids without worrying about food allergies.

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