How to Heal Sweat Allergy in Ayurveda?

Institute of Applied Food Allergy® is the promising Ayurvedic institution that provides effective herbal remedies to heal Sweat Allergy through Ayurveda.

Sweat Allergy is a type 1 hypersensitivity reaction against the contents of sweat. Cholinergic Urticaria is the most common type of allergic manifestation that is triggered by sweat. Cholinergic Urticaria is also known as cholinergic angioedema or heat bumps in common language. They usually appear quickly and get cleared easily as well. Other symptoms of sweat allergy include itchiness, redness, and even hives from sweating.

What are the Causes of Sweat Allergy?

The primary reason for Cholinergic Urticaria is the increase in body temperature. The nerve fibers in the sweat glands are responsible for it because as the body temperature rises, the skin reacts to sweat and heat. Other factors for sweat allergy include:

  • Sweating by exercise
  • Taking bath in hot water
  • Wearing tight clothes
  • Eating hot and spicy food
  • Stress and anxiety

What are the Symptoms of Sweat Allergy?

  • Rashes on trunks and arms
  • Itching
  • Red bumps
  • Slight swelling on the affected area

Sweat Allergy – According to Ayurveda

In Ayurveda, there is an explanation of the condition where there is an increased sweating and its associated symptoms.

Ayurvedic Reference of Sweat Allergy

Reference: Ashtang Hridya, Sutrasthana, Doshadivinjaneeya, Chapter-11, Shlok No. 14

Meaning: In the above-mentioned shloka, the symptoms of increased sweating have been described. It is described as the condition in which there is an increased production of body waste whose symptoms are bad odour and itching at the site of increased sweating.

What is the Ayurvedic Treatment of Sweat Allergy?

Institute of Applied Food Allergy® (IAFA) offers successful Ayurvedic management of discomforts caused due to sweat allergy.

Dr. Gupta’s IAFA is the promising Ayurvedic institution that provides effective Ayurvedic treatment of Sweat Allergy. Herbal Remedies for Sweat Allergy by IAFA include:

1. IAFA Skin Detox Tablet

IAFA Skin Detox Tablet is one of the most effectively used herbal preparations giving relief in allergic skin conditions including skin allergy. It is a perfect proprietary blend by IAFA for healthy skin balance.

How to use: Take 1-2 tablets twice a day before food.

2. IAFA Skin Fresh Bar

IAFA Skin Fresh Bar is a perfect Ayurvedic solution for intense moisturizing effect with ultimate skin care. It cleanses and moisturizes the skin naturally without causing any side effects. It is useful in clearing out sweat naturally and also useful in allergic skin conditions caused due to sweat. It can be used by the persons of any age group. Herbs used in IAFA Skin Fresh Bar are: Kumari (Aloe barbadensis), Sveta Kutaj (Wrightia tinctoria), Lodhar (Symplocus racemosus), Durva (Cynodon dactylon), Nimba (Azadirachta indica), Chakramarda (Cassia tora), Aragwadha (Cassia fistula), Neelini (Indigofera tinctoria) and fortified with 7 essential oils such as Avocado oil (Pyrus communis), Almond Oil (Prunus amygdalus), Karanja Oil (Pongamia glabra), Manjistadi Oil (Rubia cordifolia), Godhuma Oil (Triticum sativum), Coconut Oil (Cocos nucifera) and Castor Oil (Ricinus communis).

How to use: Apply IAFA Skin Fresh Bar on the whole body during the time of bathing. After application, wash with clean running water. Use as a regular bathing bar.

3. IAFA 333 Cream

IAFA 333 Cream is a unique herbal preparation prepared from a group of herbs that have anti-allergic, anti-inflammatory and anti-microbial properties. It is fortified with coconut oil which is an ultimate answer to allergic skin conditions. The 3X formula of this cream makes it an excellent remedy for sweat allergy. The herbs of IAFA 333 Cream include: Sveta Kutaj (Wrightia tinctoria), Sirisha (Albizia lebbeck), Nimba (Azadirachta indica), Karanj Beej (Pongamia glabra) and Coconut (Cocos nucifera).

How to use: It can be applied directly over the skin thrice a day.

4. IAFA Detox Powder

IAFA Detox Powder is a unique herbal blend of carefully chosen 10 Ayurvedic herbs that help in detoxifying the digestive tract. All the herbs in combination assure a good digestive fire balance to eliminate Ama Visha (difficult-to-digest products). This powder can be administered to any age group and it does not have side effects.  It is free from artificial flavors, colors, wheat, soy, dairy, corn, and sugar. The ingredients of IAFA Detox Powder are:

How to take: Adults: 15-25 gm in the morning on an empty stomach followed by drinking warm water. Children: 5-10 gm at bedtime with warm water or as directed by the physician.

5. Pitpapra Capsules

Pitpapra Capsules by IAFA are prepared by using the pure extract of Pitpapra Panchang (Fumaria indica). These capsules are useful in balancing Pitta dosha in the body by reducing excessive sweating. These capsules are highly recommended in sweat allergy due to their Pitta balancing action.

How to use: Take 1-2 capsules twice a day before food.

6. Skin Beau Tea

Skin Beau Tea is a proprietary Ayurvedic preparation that is prepared by carefully chosen 7 herbal ingredients under experienced healthcare professionals of IAFA. All the herbs used in this preparation help in reducing burning sensation by balancing Pitta dosha, useful in allergic reactions, gastrointestinal complaints and improves skin complexion keeping it beautiful over a long period of time. This tea can be used as a substitute for regular tea/coffee and can be used by individuals even after recovery from sweat allergy.

How to use: Adults: ½ teaspoon for 1 cup of tea twice a day. Children: Above 10 years and up to 14 years of age: 1/4th teaspoon for 1 cup of tea twice a day.

Diet and Lifestyle

  • Avoid the intake of hot and spicy food items.
  • Intake of tea/coffee, alcohol is not recommended.
  • Include seasonal fruits and vegetables in the diet.
  • Use cotton clothes.
  • Exposure to the sun for a long time should be avoided.
  • Yoga asanas such as Veerbhadrasana, Vajrasana, Paschimottanasana, and Savasana should be practiced.

Dr. Sahil Gupta completed his Bachelor of Ayurveda in Medicine and Surgery (B.A.M.S.) and Master’s Degree in Health Administration (MHA) India. He is Registered Ayurvedic Doctor & Vaidya in India having Registration No. 23780. He is the CEO and founder of IAFA. After completing BAMS, Dr. Sahil Gupta started practicing Ayruveda by giving prime importance to allergic disorders management. He became the first Ayurvedic doctor to cure Food Allergies through Ayurveda. Read More About Dr. Sahil Gupta.

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