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    Sweat Allergy

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    Sweat Allergy

    Sweat allergy is defined as a type I hypersensitivity against the contents of sweat. Some people experience itchiness, redness and even hive from sweating. Cholinergic Urticaria is the most common type of allergic manifestation triggered by sweat. It occurs as rashes when the body gets very much warm and sweats. Cholinergic Urticaria is also known as cholinergic angioedema or heat bumps. It usually appears quickly and gets cleared easily. Rarely, it may result in life threatening allergic reactions. In Ayurveda, there is explanation of condition where there is increased sweating and associated symptoms. Dr. Gupta’s IAFA is the renowned Ayurvedic institution dedicated in the management of various allergic diseases. IAFA isoffering good Ayurvedic management for discomforts caused by sweat allergy. 

    Causes of Sweat Allergy

    The primary reason for Cholinergic Urticaria is increase in body temperature. The nerve fibres in the sweat glands are responsible for it. When the body temperature rises skin reacts to heat and sweat. Other factors leading to this condition are:

    • Sweating by exercise
    • Bathing in hot water
    • Exposure to hot climate
    • Wearing tight garments
    • Stress and anxiety
    • Eating hot and spicy food

    In Ayurveda, sweat allergy is caused by various conditions where the body produces excessive sweat.

    Ayurvedic reference of Sweat Allergy

    Symptoms of Sweat Allergy

    Main symptoms of sweat allergy include:

    • Formation of rashes especially on trunks and arms
    • Red bumps
    • Itching of rashes
    • Burning on skin around rash
    • Reddish discoloration of skin around rash
    • Slight swelling of affected area

    Usually the symptoms of sweat allergy pass away after a few hours. Rarely it can lead to breathing difficulties, lowered blood pressure etc. that may result in anaphylaxis.


    In Ayurveda, the symptoms caused by increased sweating include itching, bad odour etc.

    Institute of Applied Food Allergy®  isoffering good Ayurvedic management for discomforts caused by sweat allergy. Dr. Gupta’s IAFA is the promising Ayurvedic institution that provides effective management of various allergic illnesses. IAFA is always at your help for your allergic concerns”.

    Be with IAFA and enjoy the freedom from allergies !!!


    -Allergist, Dr. Sahil Gupta

    Bachelor of Ayurveda Medicine & Surgery
    Master’s in Health Administration

    Diet Management in Sweat Allergy

    Do’s (Pathya) in Sweat Allergy

    • Eat freshly prepared food
    • Drink enough quantity of water 
    • Easily digestible food
    • Vegetarian diet 
    • Include fruits and vegetables in diet 
    • Maintain personal hygiene
    • Adequate sleep
    • Use neat and loose cotton dress 

    Don’ts (Apathya)in Sweat Allergy

    • Red chilly
    •  Egg & meat
    •  Oily food
    • Alcohol intake
    • Working without rest
    • Exposure to sun for long time
    • Drugs that induce sweating
    • Day sleep especially during hot climate
    • Journey to humid and warm places

    Yoga and Pranayama inSweat Allergy

    Following asanas (postures) will be helpful in strengthening body’s immune system.

    • AdhomukhaVrikshasana
    • Veerabhadrasana
    • Urdhwahastasana
    • Surya namskar
    • Padmasana
    • Vajraasan
    • Paschimothasana
    • Savasana

    Pranayama helps to retain the pathway of body channels. This supports in nourishment of body cells.

    Ayurvedic Treatment inSweat Allergy

    Sweat allergy can be treated successfully through Ayurveda. It also focuses on avoiding recurrence of allergic reactions.

    Internal Medicines for Sweat Allergy

    Following are some of the effective Ayurvedic medicines in sweat allergy for internal use.

    • Guduchyadi Kashaya
    • Drakshadi Kashaya
    • Panchatiktaka Kashaya
    • Nimbadi Kashaya
    • Aragwadhadi Kashaya 

    • Chandanasava
    • Useerasava
    • ManibhadraGula
    • KaisoragugguluGulika
    • AvipathyChurna

    External Medicines for Sweat Allergy

    • NimbadiChurna
    • TriphalaChurna
    • RasothamadiLepa
    • EladiganaChurna

    • ChandanadiTaila
    • NalpamaradiKera
    • PindaTaila

    Treatment Procedures in Sweat Allergy

    • Snehapana (Internal administration of medicated ghee)
    • Vamana (Emesis)
    • Virechana (Purgation)

    • KashayaDhara(Pouring medicinal decoction)
    • Raktamoksha(Blood-letting)

    Single Drugs in theManagement of Sweat Allergy

    Single drugs in proper dose are effective in the treatment of allergy.

    • Chandana (Santalum album)
    • Useera (Vetiveriazizanoides)
    • Musta (Cyperusrotundus)
    • Hribera (Coleus zeylanicus)

    • Madhuka (Glycyrrhizaglabra)
    • Lodhra (Symplocusracemosus)
    • Sariba(Hemidesmusindicus)

    Article Written By: Dr. Sahil Gupta, Ayurvedic Allergist

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Question: What are the symptoms of Sweat Allergy?

    Answer: Main symptoms of Sweat Allergy are rashes, hives, red bumps, itching, swelling etc. 

    Question: How Sweat Allergy is caused?

    Answer: Sweat Allergy is caused by body’s reaction to certain chemicals in sweat and increased body temperature.

    Question: Is Ayurveda beneficial in the management of Sweat Allergy?

    Answer: Yes. Ayurvedic management that incorporates internal as well as external treatment procedures is extremely effective in sweat allergy.


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