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Casein Protein Allergy (Ksheeralasaka)

स्तन्ये त्रिदोषमलिने दुर्गन्ध्यामं जलोपमम् ।
विबद्धमच्छं विच्छिन्नं फेनिलं चोपवेश्यते ।।

Casein Protein Allergy: Symptoms, Causes, Types, Do's, Don'ts, Yoga, Ayurvedic Reference and Treatment : Complete Ayurveda Details

Casein protein allergy is one of the commonest allergic conditions occurring predominantly in children. It may also be observed in adults. As we all know Casein is a protein predominantly present in milk products. In some individuals, the abnormal allergic reaction to milk products are mainly due to the abnormal immune response of the body towards the Casein protein present in milk or milk products.


In Ayurveda, we correlate this condition based on different criterias. As it is an allergic response due to Casein present in milk, it can be defined as “Ksheeralasaka” in children upto the age of 2 years. If considering in a  wide spectrum, due to the presence of  allergic response by a  Protein, we can correlate to the condition “Virudha”. In a broad sense, it can be also related to “Amavastha” as the main treatment principle is Pachana of the Ama dosha (End product of improper metabolism). 


IAFA has been very keen in developing medicinal preparations for the management of diseases occuring in children and infants. Casein protein  allergy can be cured by the application of different Ayurveda methods and with the help of Yoga, all the measures lead to the improvement of the immune system.

Causes of Casein Protein Allergy - Ksheeralasaka

As mentioned earlier, it is the abnormal immune response of the body to the intake of Casein containing products. Normally the antibodies produced by Immunoglobulins fight against harmful foregin materials entering the body. But in this case, antibodies identifies Casein as a harmful foreign material and produce histamines and other chemical materials thereby triggering an allergic response to it.

Ayurvedic reference of Casein Protein Allergy - Ksheeralasaka

Triggering factors of Casein Protein Allergy - Ksheeralasaka

  • Not properly cooked or boiled milk
  • Allergic history

Signs and symptoms of Casein Protein Allergy - Ksheeralasaka

  • Vomiting
  • Diarrhea
  • Cough
  • Tingling sensation around lips
  • Wheezing
  • Abdominal cramps and pain
  • Rhinitis

Diagnosis of Casein Protein Allergy - Ksheeralasaka

The condition can be identified by taking detailed personal and medical history of the patient. Laboratory examination for Ig E and observation after giving low quantity casein containing products to see the reaction are  enough for  confirming casein allergy. Skin tests can also be done.

Dr. Sahil Gupta Allergy Specialist

IAFA® is the only institution that is doing successful management of allergies through ancient Ayurveda science and has developed various therapeutic procedures and herbal preparations specified for Casein Protein Allergy.  Based on many researches under strict supervision, Institute of Applied Food Allergy®  have developed a great approach to get rid from various chronic conditions through deep knowledge in Ayurveda. IAFA strongly follows safe and natural friendly measures for the healing and curing of a wide range of conditions. 

Reach IAFA for a lively life!


-Dr. Sahil Gupta (B.A.M.S., M.H.A.) 

Ayurvedic Allergy Specialist
CEO & Founder of IAFAⓇ

Diet in Casein Protein Allergy - Ksheeralasaka

Do's (Pathya)

  • Warm food
  • Plant based milk alternatives like Almond milk or Vegetable cheese. 
  • Gooseberry and Turmeric intake

Don'ts (Apathya)

  • Slimy and oily foods
  • Dairy products for the treatment period
  • Excess fatty food
  • Anger and anxiety must be avoided through Ayurveda, Yoga and self measures

Yoga Practice for Casein Protein Allergy - Ksheeralasaka

The practice of Yoga and Pranayama helps to boost the immune system thereby preventing the presence of any disorders due to external causes.  Asanas like Salabhasana, Paschimothasana, Gomukhasana and Vajrasana help to maintain a healthy immune system and proper digestive system functioning. Always perform yoga under the guidance of a teacher for the best results. 


Ayurvedic Treatment of Casein Protein Allergy - Ksheeralasaka

The treatment of Ksheeralasaka can be given to the child as well as to the mother for purifying the breast milk. Ksheeralasaka is caused due to ama (end product of improper metabolism)  and vitiation of breast milk. So treatments are-

  • Purification of breast milk
  • Depletion therapy – Apatarpana
  • Fasting – Langana
  • Carminatives – Deepana and Pachana

Commonly used Formulations

For mother

  • Guducyadi kashayam
  • Abhayarishtam
  • Mustadi sthanya sodhana kashaya
  • Haridradi kashaya
  • Vachadi kashaya


for Children

  • Rajanyadi churna
  • Ashta churna


For the milk allergy of elders, we can use medicines like

  • Ashta churnam
  • Pachanamrtham kashayam
  • Guducyadi kashayam
  • Sudarsanam gulika
  • Vilwadi gulika
  • Chiruvilwadi kashayam
  • Indukantham kashayam
  • Hinguvachadi churna
  • Vilwadi leha


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Article Written By: Dr. Sahil Gupta (B.A.M.S., M.H.A.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Question: Can Ayurveda treat Casein Milk Allergy?

Answer: Fortunately, Ayurveda can treat casein milk allergy through herbs, herbal remedies, changes in diet and lifestyle.

Question: Is it possible to treat Casein Allergy through Ayurveda?

Answer: Yes, Ayurveda is highly beneficial in the management of Casein protein allergy.

Question: Does Desi Ghee have casein?

Answer: Desi ghee is not dairy free but it contains extremely low levels of casein and lactose so Ayurveda recommends taking desi ghee in diet on a daily basis.

Question: What is the Ayurvedic treatment of Casein Milk Allergy?

Answer: Traditional Ayurvedic treatment of casein milk allergy includes holistic practices to alleviate the root cause and provides relief in casein milk allergy and prevents them occurring in the first place.

Question: What is the role of Yoga and Pranayam in the treatment of Casein Milk Allergy?

Answer: Regular practice of yoga and pranayama helps in calming the mind and body and prevents recurrent attacks of allergies.

Question: What spices should be included in a diet for casein milk allergy?

Answer: Warming spices such as cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, cumin seeds, garlic help in restoring the digestive fire and help in eliminating toxins while avoiding the build-up of the same.

Question: Can I give Ayurveda medicines for my child (2 years) who is having confirmed Casein protein allergy?

Answer: Yes, you can surely give Ayurveda to your child. We suggest going through an online or offline consultation with our team for accurate management.

Question: Is it possible to combine Yoga and Ayurveda for the management of Casein protein allergy?

Answer: Combination of Yoga and Ayurveda accelerates the pace of treatment in case of any allergies including Casein protein allergy. 

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