IAFA is a group of professionals under the leadership of Dr. Gupta. IAFA includes qualified Ayurveda doctors, Ayurveda paramedical staff, Yoga professionals and supporting staff. Along with Ayurveda and Yoga consultation services, IAFA has a well established herbal pharmaceuticals for serving our followers with good quality products.

The major service of IAFA is the management of allergic conditions like Food allergy, Nasal allergy and Skin allergy and Paediatric cases with the help of Ayurveda and Yoga. IAFA also has wide range of Ayurvedic and Yoga measures for maintaining health and curing diseases completely by solving the root cause. Health attaining measures of IAFA helps an individual to fulfill the purposes of life.

Ayurveda unit of IAFA, is working based on ancient Ayurvedic rules along with applied aspects of science for attaining research level output. All the procedures performed and herbal products manufactured are prepared based on Ancient scriptures namely “Ashtanga Hrudaya”, “Susrutha Samhita” and “Charaka Samhita”. Real Ayurveda knowledge sharing is the pure intention of IAFA for assuring completely natural healing for all our followers.

Yoga department of IAFA is based on “Ashtanga Yoga” concept put forward by great teacher Patanjali. Our specialists have designed yoga sessions for all age categories as well different health conditions. Yoga department also take initiative in special mediation, counselling and pranayama sessions for our followers.

The ultimate liberation through natural friendly lifestyle is the aim of IAFA. IAFA is helping our followers through real Ayurveda and Yoga for leading a healthy life, fulfilling all the purposes of life, including the ultimate liberation.

Know the meaning life through IAFA’s Ayurveda and Yoga. Reach us and feel the measures to attain health and eternity through health.

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