How to Treat Milk Intolerance with Ayurvedic Remedies?

How to Treat Milk Intolerance with Ayurvedic Remedies?

When our body is unable to digest lactose, a sugar mainly presents in milk and dairy products, a condition called milk intolerance (lactose intolerance). The root cause of milk intolerance arises when our small intestine doesn’t produce enough lactase enzymes. This enzyme is required for our body to break down lactose.

To heal yourself, it is important to cut out the foods that are the problem. Eliminating dairy products can help to enhance your digestion and metabolism. This will help you to treat milk intolerance. But not everyone finds it easy to cut down their favorite milk and its products. So, if you want a treatment for milk intolerance, opt for Ayurveda. Ayurveda has a great solution to treat milk intolerance.

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Symptoms of Milk Intolerance

  • Stomach-ache
  • Nausea
  • Bloating
  • Diarrhea
  • Headaches
  • Acne
  • Gas

Causes of Milk Intolerance

Milk intolerance is generally caused due to the following reasons:

  • Lactose malabsorption (When small intestines produce low levels of lactase enzyme).
  • Any past injury, surgery, or chronic diseases like Celiac disease or Crohn’s disease may affect your small intestine thus decreasing lactase production.
  • The last reason is genetic factors. Some babies are lactose intolerant since birth. Intolerance may be transmitted to a kid by their parents.

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Ayurveda and Milk Intolerance

According to Ayurveda, milk intolerance occurs when diarrhea is left untreated or is not treated in time then conditions like milk intolerance cause. Due to its improper treatment milk intolerance condition occurs. Many people struggle to digest milk because they are lacking in an enzyme that breaks down lactose, a milk sugar. But there is a fantastic Ayurvedic substitute you can try instead of consuming artificially processed lactose-free milk.

Treatment of Milk Intolerance at IAFA®

IAFA® offers safe and effective Ayurvedic remedies which are prepared from natural herbs by following the principles of Ayurveda to treat milk intolerance. We also recommend you a diet and yoga plan along with these remedies. The treatment is fully based on herbs and the best thing is that it has no adverse effects. IAFA® is the one-stop junction for the Ayurvedic treatment of allergies and other diseases. Ayurvedic remedies by IAFA® are:-

1. Aahar Amrutham Ras

Aahar Amrutham Ras is a wonderful preparation made by IAFA®. It is made very carefully and in which 5 types of Ayurvedic herbs have been used, all these herbs are very beneficial and prove to be very good for milk allergy, and milk intolerance, all these herbs have an anti-microbial activity that does not allow microbes to grow in the stomach and improves our digestion. It is used successfully to stabilize the pancreas. The remedy is determined to be safe and works by balancing pH and modulating enzymatic reactions. Along with this, these herbs have anti-inflammatory and antispasmodic properties, by which the problems of milk intolerance like diarrhea, bloating gas, and stomach pain are all removed.

Dosage: 30-60 ml twice a day with an equal amount of water after meal.

2. Anthram Mithram Gulika

This tablet is the best tablet formed by IAFA® which is useful to remove all Stomach related issues. This tablet is specially formed based on the parpati concept. Parpati is used in different Ayurvedic medicine, it means the complete absorption of nutrients when we eat food. This tablet helps in the complete digestion process and keeps the conditions like milk intolerance at bay.  There are different types of herbs present inside this tablet, all these ayurvedic herbs are helpful for the good working digestive system. This remedy is very beneficial in the condition of milk intolerance, symptoms of milk intolerance such as diarrhea, stomach ache, etc. minimized. Thus, improving digestion and metabolism.

Dosage: 1-2 tablets once a day 1 hour after meal mesh and take it with lukewarm water.

3. Kutaj Ghan Vati

Irritable bowel syndrome, stomach infections, ulcers, diarrhea, and all stomach issues can all be treated with the Kutajghan Vati. The stomach and intestines suffer a great deal of damage from harmful viruses and germs that enter your body through infected food and drinks. Kutajghan Vati removes these viruses and other organisms from the digestive tract and eases the discomfort you face during the illness. In Milk intolerance conditions also these pills are of great use they minimize their symptoms and hence treat the condition fast. 

Dosage: 1-2 tablets twice a day 1 hour after a meal with lukewarm water.

4. Triphala Capsules

Triphala Capsules are good for promoting intestinal balance and maintaining good metabolism. This promotes healthy digestion, stimulates the healthy working of the gut, assists with bowel control, and softens the stool for painless elimination. Symptoms of Milk intolerance get so much reduced after consuming this remedy. 

Dosage: 1 capsule twice a day with water.

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Living with conditions like milk intolerance does not mean you need to give up your favorite meals. You may manage your symptoms in a variety of ways and maintain a healthy digestive system. At IAFA®, Dr. Gupta offers individualized diet plans along with the ayurvedic remedies mentioned above. Book an appointment to consult with Dr. Gupta if you or a loved one is suffering from Milk intolerance and say goodbye to your illness and lead a happy healthy life.