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    Vaccine Allergy

    उपशेतेयदौचित्यादोकसात्म्यंतदुच्यते ll (च.सू.६/४९) ll

    Vaccine Allergy

    Certain vaccines can be allergic to some people. Allergic sensitivity of most people is believed to be caused by two common vaccine ingredients namely Gelatine or egg protein. The increasing number of administration of vaccineis always associated with increased adverse reactions. In some cases, it can become serious and even fatal. In Ayurveda, Satmya is the concept where an accustomed food, medicine or regimen will be favourable to body and the opposite called Asatmya can cause adverse reactions. Dr. Gupta’s IAFA is providing good Ayurvedic management for allergies caused by vaccine administration. IAFA has effective treatment protocol for various allergic reactions.

    Signs and Symptoms of Vaccine Allergy

    Adverse reactions caused by vaccine allergy can be either immediate or late and can be local.

    Immediate Reactions

    Immediate allergic reactions to vaccines are usually rare. Adverse reactions generally start within minutes afteradministration of vaccination.


    Main symptoms include:

    • Skin manifestations like urticaria, swelling, itching etc.
    • Respiratory manifestations like cough, difficulty in breathing, wheezing etc.
    • Reduction in blood pressure
    • General weakness
    • Loss of consciousness. 

    Mostly, testing of allergy can confirm the vaccine allergy. In general, most patients allergic to one vaccine can be given other vaccinations without problems.

    Late Reactions

    When symptoms appearsome hours or days after receiving the vaccination, it is improbable to be a true vaccine allergy.

    Local Reactions

    Occasionally vaccines can result in local reactions that arise in a few hours after the administration or even the next day. The site of administration can become red, inflamed and painful. The reaction can last several days. These do not typically representan acute allergic reaction. Vaccines with the booster like DT (diphtheria, tetanus) are more often allied with such reaction.

    Ayurvedic reference of Vaccine Allergy

    Dr. Sahil Gupta

    Institute of Applied Food Allergy® is a renowned Ayurvedic institution in the management of various allergies. Dr. Gupta’s IAFA is providing good Ayurvedic management for allergies caused by vaccine administration”.

    Make IAFA your first and safest choice in all allergic distresses!!


    – Dr. Sahil Gupta (B.A.M.S., M.H.A.)

    Ayurvedic Allergy Specialist
    CEO & Founder of IAFA®

    Diet Management in Vaccine Allergy

    Do’s (Pathya) in Vaccine Allergy

    • Freshly prepared food
    • Vegetarian diet
    • Easily digestible food
    • Practice of exercise
    • Adequate sleep
    • Maintain fresh air in working place
    • Food that contain vitamin C & vitamin C

    Don’ts (Apathya) in Vaccine Allergy

    • Intake of egg and egg containing food
    • Excess consumption of Alcohol
    • Restaurant food
    • Mayonnaise
    • Bread and other baked food
    • Deep fried foodstuffs
    • Junk food 
    • Reheated and old food
    • Obesity 
    • Day sleep
    • Cold food and water

    Yoga and Pranayama in vaccine allergy

    Yoga provides flexibility to body and improves body functions. Following Yogaasanas(postures) will be helpful to strengthen immune system against allergy:

    • Shalabhasana
    • Pavanamuktasasana
    • Suryanamaskar
    • Adhomukhasvanasana
    • Matsyasana

    Pranayama (breathing exercise) corrects the movement and functions of doshas in body and also gives control over body functions. It helps to relieve stress, anxiety etc.


    Ayurvedic Treatment for Vaccine Allergy

    Ayurveda aids in minimizing the effects of vaccine allergy and prevents complications. Purification therapies as well as pacifying medicines are combined in the management of vaccine allergic condition.

    Internal Medicines for Vaccine Allergy

    Following internal medicines can be advised according to the condition of the patient. 

    • Mahatiktakakashaya
    • Patoladi Kashaya
    • DasamoolaKaduthraya Kashaya
    • Vilwadigulika
    • Kaisorauggulugulika
    • Dasamoolaharitakilehya

    • Punarnavasava
    • Haridrakhanta
    • Draksharishta
    • Mustarishta
    • Khadirarishta

    Purification TherapiesUsed in the Management of Vaccine Allergy

    • Virechana (Purgation) 
    • Vamana (Emesis) 
    • Raktamoksha (Blood-letting)

    Single Herb Used in the Management of Vaccine Allergy

    Following single herbs will beneficial with proper adjuvants

    • Aragwatha (Cassis fistula)
    • Yashtimadhu (Glycyrrhizaglabra)
    • Nimba(Azadirachtaindica)
    • Guduchi (Tinosporacordifolia)

    • Padmaka (Nelumbonucifera)
    • Amalaki (Emblicaofficinalis)
    • Haridra (Curcuma longa)
    • Khadira (Acacia catechu)

    Article Written By: Dr. Sahil Gupta (B.A.M.S., M.H.A.)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    Question: What are the early symptoms of vaccine allergy?

    Answer: Though rare, immediate symptoms of vaccine allergy include rashes, itching, dyspnoea etc.

    Question: Which ingredient in vaccine causes allergy?

    Answer: Usually gelatine and egg protein are the common ingredients in vaccine that cause allergy.

    Question: Is Ayurvedic treatment effective in vaccine allergy?

    Answer: Yes. Ayurveda offers many medicines that help to reduce the intensity of adverse reactions caused by vaccine administration.


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