How to Get Rid of Vitiligo Permanently?

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Vitiligo is a skin disorder in which the skin loses its color in blotches. The condition generally begins to appear on the hands, forearms, face, and feet, and then gradually starts spreading with time in terms of the size of the patches.

Facts About Vitiligo

  • This skin condition is also called Leucoderma.
  • Leucoderma can occur at any age but usually appears before the age of 30.
  • If vitiligo appears at a place that gas hair, the hair on that body part may also begin to turn white.
  • No single reason or cause may be attributed to this particular condition.
  • Most of the discoloration spreads with time, but in some cases, the skin gets its color back.

In order to Get Rid of Vitiligo, one may go through various treatments to restore color to the affected area of the skin, which we will deal with in the course of this article, but first let us understand the Cause of Vitiligo.

 Causes of Vitiligo

The main cause or reason behind this condition is still unknown, but what triggers the failure of production of melanin maybe a few of these following reasons:

  • Melanocytes are the skin cells that produce melanin, the chemical that gives the skin, hair, and eye its pigment. Vitiligo occurs when these cells that produce melanin die or are destroyed by the body’s immune system, also known as the autoimmune condition.
  • Heredity or Genetic factors.
  • Any traumatic or stressful incident may also trigger this incident.
  • Severe sunburn may also condition.
  • A chemical reaction that may have occurred on the skin.
  • Neurogenic factors may also result in the same.
  • Self-destruction of Melanocytes.

Symptoms of Vitiligo

Apart from the patchy discoloration of the skin, Symptoms of Vitiligo include:

  • Graying or premature hair whitening on the scalp, brows, lashes, or beard.
  • Loss of color of the mucous membranes (tissue lines inside the mouth or nose).

Complications that Arise with Vitiligo

People suffering from Vitiligo often run under the risk of going through a lot more complications other than the symptoms. A few of them are:

 Psychological stress

  • Social trauma
  • Sunburn
  • Hearing loss
  • Eye problems
  • Self-doubt
  • Loss of confidence

Ayurvedic Treatment of Vitiligo

Ayurveda deals with the underlying cause of the illness and aims at providing long-term relief. Even in the case of leucoderma, Ayurveda suggests Ayurvedic herbal treatments that eliminate the root cause without leaving any kinds of side effects. Treatment of Vitiligo in Ayurveda includes the use of herbs in combination, panchakarma therapy, and an Ayurvedic diet. Let us take a deeper look over these aspects:

1. Bakuchi (Psoralea corylifolia):

This is the most commonly used herb for treating vitiligo. It slowly decreases the intensity of the white patches and also benefits the skin.

2. Neem (Azadirachta indica):

The antioxidant properties of neem help in reducing the symptoms of vitiligo. It prevents further worsening of the condition by protecting melanocytes from damage.

3. Manjistha (Rubia cordifolia):

This ayurvedic herb helps in restoring the normal skin color and prevents the progress of the patches on the skin.

4. Giloy (Tinospora cordifolia):

This herb is readily available in households for its super medicinal properties for treating health issues. It helps in minimizing the effects of Vitiligo by protecting the melanocytes from damage caused by the immune system.

5. Haritaki (Terminalia chebula):

It destroys the free radicals that damage the cells and serve as an antioxidant. The mental stress and trauma caused by Vitiligo can also be controlled by this herb.

6. Khadira (Acacia catechu):

This herb can help in curing the skin condition at its early stages. The regular use of khadira can help in reducing white patches and its intensity.

Diet and Lifestyle

  • Detoxification of the body is very important when trying to control any internal diseases, to prevent further accumulation of toxins.
  • Proper intake of fruits and water to create balance in the body.
  • Consumption of bitter gourd and drumsticks also act as antioxidants.
  • Foods that are difficult to digest must be avoided.
  • Avoid consuming excessive salt, curd, fish and milk together, sesame seeds, and jaggery.
  • Adequate sleep and rest play an important role.
  • Apply sunscreen when coming in exposure to the sun.
  • Practice pranayama and take walks in nature.
  • Drinking water from a copper vessel is a great remedy but must be practiced regularly.


Practicing these ayurvedic remedies and treatments can make a great difference if you’re suffering from leucoderma. IAFA strictly governs and promotes ayurvedic treatments and practices to help people treat various health and skin conditions. To get a deeper understanding of measures to Get Rid of Vitiligo, contact us at IAFA and book an appointment for further assistance.

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