Ayurveda and Yoga:
    Indian wisdoms for life

    The Sanskrit term “Ayurveda” originated from the combination of two words, Ayuh and Veda. The word meaning of  “Ayuh is “Life” and Veda means Knowledge. The knowledge about life in total is called as Ayurveda.


    The proper union of Sareera (body), Indriya (sense organs), Satva or Mana (mind) and Atma (soul) is called as Life or Ayuh. According to Ayuvedic science, Ayuh never ends because the Soul is eternal.

    Ayurvedic Reference of Ayurveda

    Ayurveda is a measure for attaining the four Purushartas or Purposes of Life namely- Dharma (Righteousness), Artha (Monetary benefits), Kama (Desires) and Moksha (Liberation of Soul) through Health. Ayurveda teaches the method of attaining health. Ayurveda says that, one can attain the purposes of life including liberation of soul through health.


    Ayurveda teaches about seasonal regimen, diet, daily regimen, internal medications, external procedures and various offerings such as Mantras as well as prayers for attaining the state of health. Ayurveda aims at the maintenance of health in healthy individual as well curing of disease in diseased ones.

    Ayurvedic Reference of Yoga

    The word ‘Yoga’ is derived from the Sanskrit word root ‘Yuj’, means ‘the union’. Yoga helps in the perfect union of individual soul with the eternal soul, which is called as liberation. Yoga also helps in the proper union of body, mind and soul. Similar to Ayurveda, Yoga also aims at the “ultimate liberation of soul”. Yoga is performed with the well structured as well as controlled mental and physical activities. Yoga liberates an individual by “taking the mind away from the objects of senses”. Yoga is one among the Indian originated wisdom, which is accepted all over the world.


    The methods like Pranayama, Surya Namaskara and Asanas (Yoga postures) as well as meditation measures of Yoga are directly used in the treatment of various psychic and somatic disorders. Yoga is helping millions of individuals as a measure for liberation and healing.


    Dr. Gupta’s IAFA aims at the propagation of Ayurveda and Yoga in combination for maintaining health as well as attaining cure in various allergic conditions especially Food allergy, Skin allergy and Nasal allergy. The scholars at IAFA are highly dedicated to assure the best known Ayurveda and Yoga solutions to our followers.


    IAFA is blessed with the genuine practice of “Ancient Indian Wisdoms”- Ayurveda and Yoga. Visit us and feel it.

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