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Drug Allergy (Gara Visha)

तीक्ष्णोष्णरूक्षविशदव्यवाय्याशुकरंलघु l
विकाषिसूक्ष्ममव्यक्तरसंविषमपाकिच: l l

Drug Allergy

The abnormal allergic reaction by the body towards the administration of a medicine is called Drug allergy. Drug allergy or any allergic reactions are the response of our immune system towards that particular substance. Any type of drug may produce an allergy. In general, there are few known and common allergy-causing drugs which should be always used with a proper prescription. In Ayurveda, drug allergy is correlated to the concepts of “Gara Visha or Synthetic Poison” and “Viruddha” or Incompatible substances”. The above-mentioned conditions cause similar reactions like anaphylaxis, fever, or rashes as seen in a common drug allergy. Dr. Gupta’s IAFA specialists and researchers have created successful Ayurvedic solutions for managing drug allergy and associated symptoms.

*यत्किञ्चित्दोषमुत्क्लेश्यनहरेत्तत्समासत: l
विरुद्धं ……………………………………………………….l l (अ.हृ.सू.7/45,46)

(Ref: Ashtanga Hrudayam by Chapter 7 Annarakshavidhi adhyaya by Acharya Vagbhata, Sutrasthana)


An external situation or substance which provoke the doshas within in an individual and leads to an abnormal state of health is called as Viruddha. In such case doshas will not  be in a state to pacify as well as go out of the body.

Causes of Drug Allergy

The body identifies a drug as a foreign harmful material or microbe and leads to the condition of drug allergies. The common drug allergy drugs are certain,

  • Pain killers
  • Antibiotics
  • Chemotherapy drugs and
  • Autoimmune disorder medications

According to Ayurveda, all the substances or factors that leads to imbalance of all doshas may lead to the similar situation of drug allergy. Synthetic poisoning or poisoning is such a condition causing similar effect of drug allergy. Ayurveda suggests avoiding known drugs, which may lead to extreme emergency situations. Dr. Gupta’s IAFA is promoting Ayurvedic measures to improve immune system activities for maintaining a good state of health.

Ayurvedic Reference of Gara Visha (Drug Allergy)

Symptoms of Drug Allergy

The reaction in case of drug allergies happens within a short period of time. The complete manifestation of symptoms may appear within a week of time. The major symptoms of drug allergy are

  • Anaphylaxis
  • Rashes
  • Fever
  • Inflammation
  • Itching or pruritis
  • Breathing difficulty
  • Discomfort in eye and nose etc.

The difficult to manage situation in case drug allergy is anaphylaxis. Anaphylaxis is an emergency condition in which all the major bodily systems are affected. Anemia, dyspnea, kidney failureetc. may be observed associated with Anaphylaxis caused due to drug allergy.

Dr. Sahil Gupta Allergy Specialist

Ayurveda is the only completely natural solution for managing drug allergy with high success rates. Dr. Gupta’s specialists and researchers have created successful Ayurvedic solutions for managing drug allergy and associated symptoms. Institute of Applied Food Allergy® is the perfect destination for treating drug allergies in a completely natural friendly way”. 

Reach us today and feel the difference through Ayurveda!!!


– Dr. Sahil Gupta (B.A.M.S., M.H.A.)

Ayurvedic Allergy Specialist
CEO & Founder of IAFA®

Diet in Drug Allergy

Avoiding fermented milk products  like curd, cheese etc. and chemical added as well as  processed  food are suggestive in case of drug allergy. Taking easy to digest food and in certain cases fasting must be done for attaining a fast result.

Do’s (Pathya)

  • Special medicated herbal porridges
  • Vegetarian diet
  • Boiled and cooled water
  • Adequate rest
  • Adequate sleep (Average 7 hours)

Don’ts (Apathya)

  • Avoid smoking
  • Avoid alcohol intake
  • Day sleep
  • Packed and processed food

Yoga in Drug Allergy

Pranayama  is the best yoga measure suggestive in drug allergy. Yogasanas like vrikshasana and ustrasana are also good in case of drug allergy to maintain a state of wellbeing and mental balance.


Ayurvedic Management of Drug Allergy

The external procedures like ayurvedic collyrium and ayurvedic herbal washing (Dhara) along with the Panchakarma procedures like Vamana (vomiting therapy) and Nasyam (Nasal medication) and Raktamokshana (bloodletting) should be done as per the guidance of an Ayurveda Specialist. The above measures

  • Drakshadi kashayam
  • Tiktaka kashayam
  • Viwadi gulika and
  • Dushivishari gulika are used in the management of drug allergy

Single herbs like Neem (Azadirachta indica) and Turmeric (Curcuma longa) is widely used in the management of drug allergy.


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Article Written By: Dr. Sahil Gupta (B.A.M.S., M.H.A.)

Frequently Asked Questions

Question-What is drug allergy?

Answer- The abnormal reaction of immune system towards an unknown substance in a drug or microbe is called as drug allergy.

Question- What are the major causes of drug allergy?

Answer- The reaction of our immune system by identifying a drug substance as a foreign material leads in causing drug allergy. The known causes of drug allergy are certain antibiotics, painkillers, chemotherapy drugs and autoimmune disorder medicines. According to Ayurveda all substances which leads to the imbalance of all three doshas may lead to a similar condition of drug allergy.

Question- Is it possible to treat drug allergy through Ayurveda?

Answer- Yes, Ayurveda has successful treatment to manage drug allergy.

Question- What is Drug Allergy?

Answer- When the body identifies the drug as a foreign and harmful material, it leads to the condition of drug allergy. The common drugs that cause allergy are:  pain killers, antibiotics, medications used in autoimmune disorders, chemotherapy drugs etc. 

Question- What is the cause of Drug Allergy?

Answer- In Ayurveda, drug allergy is known as Gara Visha. According to Ayurveda, the factors or substances that lead to the imbalance of the doshas may lead to the similar situation of drug allergy.

Question- How Ayurveda helps in dealing with Drug Allergy?

Answer- Ayurvedic measures help in improving the immunity for maintaining good health and overcoming the problem of drug allergy. There are various measures mentioned in Ayurveda such as – Dhara (Ayurvedic herbal washing) along with Panchakarma procedures like Vaman (vomiting therapy) and Nasyam (nasal medication) and Raktmokshan (bloodletting) are prescribed.

Question- What are the herbs useful in Drug Allergy?

Answer- Various herbs such as Neem (Azadirachta indica), Turmeric (Curcuma longa) etc. are widely used in Ayurveda for the treatment of drug allergy.

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