Best Ayurvedic Medicine for Fungal Infections

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What is a Fungal Infection?

A fungal infection is a disease of the skin caused by a fungus, also called mycosis. It sleeps in the soil, on trees, on the surfaces of the house, and your skin. Fungal infections are very prevalent and usually happen when one’s immunity cannot beat off or after antibiotics. Factors like cancer treatment and diabetes also raise the danger that you will get a mycosis. Those susceptible to persistent fungal infections are typically those with weak immune systems.

Ayurvedic Outlook on Fungal Infections

Ayurveda doesn’t treat fungal infections as different sorts of diseases. However, it includes them in Kushtha Roga with other disorders in each system, like fungal skin infections (skin diseases). Newly harvested foods and heavy metals are a number of the factors that induce vitiation of all three doshas and cause disease of the skin, as per Ayurvedic intake of incompatible food combinations.

How Ayurveda works in Fungal Diseases

You should use Ayurvedic medicine for fungal infection only on the recommendation of an Ayurvedic practitioner for better outcomes. Therefore, the least side effects.

List of best medicine in Ayurveda to be applied locally over skin to cure fungal infections:

  • Topical IAFA AF-7 Cream containing herbs like Azadiracta indica (Neem) and Cassia tora (Seena) paste application helps to alleviate itchiness and treat fungal infection.
  • There are antimicrobial effects of IAFA AF–7 Oil. This oil is an efficient solution for the increasing skin adverse conditions like fungal infections, itching, burning etc.
  • IAFA AF-7 Bar is employed to appease disorders like superficial skin infections, burning, itching, scaling, cracking, redness, soreness, irritation, chafing of the skin and treat fungal infections.

Ayurveda Medicines for Fungal Infections

1. IAFA AF- Tablet

It contains natural herbs like Khadira, Trifla, Haridra, Guggulu, Tvak, Ela etc. can be taken internally for the alleviation of conditions like fungal infections including Tinea versicolor, Candida albicans, Oral candidiasis etc. By the regular usage of the tablet, the immune system is also found to be rejuvenated to the best.

2. IAFA AF-7 Tea

It helps to combat fungal infections treatment in Ayurveda. Herbal teas are the best known traditional herbal concoction of certain high potency herbs each having its own properties and working together to offer relaxation, enhanced immunity, detoxification etc. It is the best known ancient, safest and effective component of Ayurveda to help people for attaining health, wellness, and vitality written in our Ayurveda shastra.

Consult Online with Dr. Sahil Gupta (B.A.M.S., M.H.A.)

How Effective are Ayurvedic Drugs for Fungal Treatments?

A 55-year-old man with ringworm got her treatment during a case study with Oral IAFA AF-7 Tablet 750 mg twice daily, alongside topical IAFA AF-7 Cream administration. Dietary and lifestyle changes were also recommended, like avoiding incompatible food combinations and improving personal hygiene. Symptoms, before and after treatment, and substantial symptoms like Itching, burning sensation, erythema, dry skin, and eruptions indicate the effectiveness of fungal infections treatment in Ayurveda like ringworm so they can report for enhancement.

Diet and Lifestyle

Do’s in Fungal Infection:

  • Wear dresses that are loose-fitting and clean.
  • Keep personal hygiene in fitness.
  • Twice each day, change your wardrobe.
  • Moisturize yourself with IAFA AF–7 Oil.

Don’ts in Fungal Infection:

  • Might not remove desires, like the will to feed, drink, urinate or evacuate the intestines.
  • Don’t automatically drink chilled or cold water after a workout or sunlight exposure.
  • Don’t eat combinations of foods like fish and milk that are incompatible.
  • Don’t overeat or drink something hard to digest.
  • Don’t eat food goods that are tainted.
  • Stop eating things that are too salty or acidic.
  • During the daytime, stop sleeping.


Fungal infections are more common in people that are weakened in immunity. These infections may occur as systemic. It happens within the event of AIDS or cancer or in those that have had a transplant. There are many things you need to take care of in the future while treating fungal infections. Antifungal drugs won’t suppress fungal growth. Fungal Infections Treatment in Ayurveda works on the principle of removing toxins and balancing vitiated doshas aims to enhance the immune system and it also treats causative factors. To give it a kick start, grab your hands on IAFA AF-7 Antifungal Kit to fight against chronic fungal infections. This kit has IAFA AF-7 Tablet, IAFA AF-7 Tea, IAFA AF-7 Bar, IAFA AF-7 Oil, IAFA AF-7 Cream and IAFA AF-7 Wash.

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