Katuki – Picorrhiza kurroa

Katuki, commonly known as Hellebore is one of most commonly used herb for the alleviation of Allergic conditions, Worm infestation and Liver diseases. The name Katuki itself means that it helps in releasing bile. Katuki is also known as ‘Katurohini’ owing to its regenerative action.

Our experts studied on Katuki and proven the plant’s therapeutic activities like Anthelmintic, Liver stimulant, Cholagogue, Purgative, Antiallergic, Expectorant actions etc. Katuki can be used in various diseases like Diabetes, Worm infestation, Skin diseases, Heart diseases etc.  The methanolic and aqueous  extract of Katuki have antioxidant and anti neoplastic actions. Aqueous extract of Katuki have antidiabetic actions. It also can be used as an antiproliferative agent. Nowadays Katuki is also used for treating skin allergic conditions. 


Action of Katuki – Picorrhiza kurroain Allergies

IAFA experts have successfully proven the antiallergic property of the plant Katuki. The plant contains phytoconstituents like picroside 1, picroside 2, kutkoside, picorhizin, kurrin, vanillic acid, kutkiol, kutkisterol, D-mannitol etc. These phytoconstituents aids the antiallergic and anthelmintic property of Katuki. Paste or powder of Katuki can be effectively applied on the skin to alleviate skin allergic conditions. 

Vernacular names

Native Names
Sanskrit Name कट्वी, कटुका, तिक्ता, कृष्णभेदा, कटम्भरा, अशोका, मत्स्यशकला, चक्राङ्गी, शकुलादनी, मत्स्यपित्ता, काण्डरुहा, रोहिणी, कटु रोहिणी
Hindi Name Kutki
English Name Hellebore 
Malayalam Name Katurohini 
Kannada Name Katukarohini
Marathi Name Kalikutki

Botanical Name

Picorrhiza kurroa



Morphology of Katuki – Picorrhiza kurroa

  • Creeping herb 
  • Stem is represented by stolons 
  • Leaves are oval with sharp apex
  • Inflorescence is indeterminate spike
  • Flowers are white or pale purple 
  • Fruits are capsule 

Ayurveda reference of Katuki – Picorrhiza kurroa

Ayurveda reference of Katuki – Picorrhiza kurroa

Geographical distribution of Katuki – Picorrhiza kurroa

Katuki is found growing in Himalayan regions from Kashmir to Sikkim. 

Phytoconstituents of Katuki – Picorrhiza kurroa

The plant contains phytoconstituents like picroside 1, picroside 2, kutkoside, picorhizin, kurrin, vanillic acid, kutkiol, kutkisterol, D-mannitol etc.

Parts used of Katuki – Picorrhiza kurroa

  • Rhizome 

Dosage of Katuki – Picorrhiza kurroa

  • Powder(churna)- 3-6 g

Medicinal Properties of Katuki – Picorrhiza kurroa

  • Kasa hara – relieves cough
  • Pramehahara- cures diabetes 
  • Dahahara – relieves burning sensation 
  • Swasahara – relieves asthma 
  • Dipana  – as carminative 
  • Krimighna – useful in worm infestations  
  • Kushtaghana- relieves skin diseases 
  • Jwaraghna – useful in fever 
  • Arsoghna – useful in treating piles
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Home remedies of Katuki – Picorrhiza kurroa

Ayurveda is not only a treatment system popular in India which uses commonly seen herbs for medicinal purpose. Katuki is one of the most widely used herb. Due to its high medicinal value it is used in treating many diseases like,

  • In Skin diseases (Kushta) – Katuki and Sandal wood are made into a paste and applied over skin.
  • To purify breast milk (Stanya suddhi)  – Decoction prepared from Katuki is useful in purifying breast milk.
  • In Heart diseases (Hridroga) – Paste prepared from Katuki and Glycyrrhiza glabra is taken with Sugar-water. 
  • In Jaundice (Kamala) – Paste of Katuki is taken along with water and sugar.
  • As Purgative (Virecanartha) – About 3-6 g of Katuki paste is taken as a purgative.  
  • In Liver diseases (Yakrut vikara) – Katuki is taken along with milk to cure liver diseases. 
  • In Diabetes (Prameha)– Decoction of Katuki is taken to cure diabetes. 
  • In Cough (Kasa) -Katuki powdered and taken along with honey.
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Ayurveda is an Indian system of medicine which is popular from ancient times. It uses different plants and plant products as medicine. Dr.Gupta’s IAFA have been conducting research studies to find out different phytoconstituents of herbs and their action in body. The knowledge acquired through these researches are used to make different medicines. IAFA is the provider of safe and effective treatment for a wide range of diseases, mainly allergic diseases all based on Ayurveda. 

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