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Brahmi, an acknowledged and few of the most beloved Ayurvedic Herbs is considered one of the greatest Mental Rejuvenators. It is a unique herb because of its phytomorphology and phytogeography, which shall be discussed as we proceed. 

The term Brahmi comes from Brahman, which is a Sanskrit name for universal knowledge and consciousness in Vedic Philosophy, which means Energy of Universal Consciousness, which completely justifies its powerful effects on the mind and consciousness.

To begin with, the vast treasure of the benefits of Brahmi includes its history of use for enhancing mental and intellect acuity, promoting the growth of healthy hair, nourishing the skin, detoxifying the body, helping in blood purification, and helps in soothing the nervous system. 

Importance of Brahmi in Allergies

Besides providing numerous benefits to mental health, Brahmi is also known to considerably aid asthmatic allergies and conditions. It provides relief by relaxing the asthmatic tract and helps in managing allergies and their symptoms.

Vernacular Names

Indian Names Indian Pennywort, Water Hyssop, Thyme-leafed Gratiola, Herb of Grace
Sanskrit Names Sarasvatī, Saumyā, Suvarcalā, Kapotavegā, Vaidhātrī, Divyatejā, Mahauṣadhī,  Somalatā, Surejyā, Maṇḍūkamātā, Matsyākṣī, Maṇḍūkī, Medhyā, Vīrā, Bhāratī, Varā, Parameṣṭhinī, Divyā and Śārdī.
English Name Thyme-leaved Gratiola, Herb of grace, Indian pennywort, Water Hyssop
Hindi Name Brahmi
Bengali Name Birami
Telugu Name Sambarenu
Kannada Name Jala Brahmi
Sinhala Name Lunuwila
Tamil Name Neera Brahmi
Chinese Name Jia-ma-chi-xian

Botanical Name

Bacopa Monnieri



Phytomorphology of Brahmi

Brahmi, a small succulent herb has several branches and emerges from the nodes, which may grow from the sea level or altitudes of 4400 feet. The plant grows well in moist and wet soil, marshes, and shallow water. It tastes bitter to sweet and imparts energy to the body.

The stems of the plant are slender and bear vibrant green leaves, making this one of the most distinctive features of the plant. The deep resemblance of the leaves to a cerebellum proves the ancient doctrine of signatures that says that herbs have a unique affinity for the part of the body that they have a resemblance to, in this case, the human brain.

The plant bears white or light purple flowers, with a maximum of four to five petals. The entire plant including its flowers may be used for medicinal purposes. The therapeutic herb is known to be an excellent memory enhancer, health tonic, and aphrodisiac.

Ayurvedic Reference of Brahmi

Ayurvedic Reference of Brahmi

Phytogeography of Brahmi

The succulent grows in the marshy and moist soil throughout Asia. It is natively found in India, but also found in Sri Lanka, Nepal, Pakistan, Vietnam, and South America, Hawaii, and Florida. 

Phytoconstituents of Brahmi

Bacopa Monniera consists of hersaponine, D-mannitol, plantainoside B, apigenin, monnierasides I-III, and cucurbitacin. Apart from these, herpestine, nicotine, and alkaloids brahmine are also a part of the chemical constituents of Brahmi. 

The plant is considered an excellent supplement for the brain, longevity, and capacity for memory often called “the herb of enlightenment” in many cultures. 

Parts Used of Brahmi

The entire plant, including its flowers, can be used for various medicinal purposes. It provides cooling energy when consumed and is bitter-sweet to taste.

Dosage of Brahmi

Form of Brahmi Dosage
Fresh Juice 10-20 ml
Brahmi Powder

2-3 gms in divided dosage every day

 (for adults)

Brahmi Capsules

Size available – 25mg to 500mg

Dosage varies from 1g to 250mg per day.

Leaf Juice

5ml to be given 1-2 times per day. 

(adult dose)

Brahmi Dosage as Per Age:-

Although its best to consult your doctor about the same, the standard dosage according to age goes as follows:  
Age Dosage
Infants to 5years of age
  • Children and infants must be given Brahmi Ghrita (herbal ghee made with Brahmi in a combination with other ingredients), rather than the powdered or capsule form of Brahmi.
  • This helps in brain development and improvement, hence used in the brain improvement program.
  • Also contributes to boosting immunity.
Children up to 5-12 years
  • Brahmi Ghritham may be given. 
  • Brahmi  capsule – 250mg per day.
  • Brahmi powder – 1gm per day after meals. Along with honey or ghee, and water.
12-18 years of age 
  • Brahmi extract capsule – 250mg, 1-2 timer per day, after meals, maybe given with ghee or honey.
  • Brahmi powder – up to 2gms per day.
  • Bacopa extract – 250-500mg per day, once or twice.
  • Brahmi powder – 2-3gms per day after food.
  • Brahmi Decoction may be prepared by combining 1 tbsp of powder with water, giving it a boil, and reducing it to half. This can be consumed up to 25-50ml per day and must be consumed hot.
  • Brahmi can be safely consumed for a period of 3-4 months. 

Medicinal Properties of Brahmi

Bhojana Kutuhalam in its twelfth chapter states that Brahmi is cold in potency, has a severe and sharp taste, and cures vitiated pitta, rakta, and vata dosha. Its universally known to improve and impart wisdom, focus, and knowledge, thereby keeping one radiated and young for a longer span of time. 

The Medicinal Properties Include:

  • Taste (Rasa) – Bitter, Astringent (Kashaya)
  • Qualities (Guna) – Light to Digest
  • Taste After Digestion (Vipaka) – Sweet (Madura)
  • Potency (Veerya) – Cold (Sheeta)
  • Impact (Prabhava) – Improves Intelligence (Medhya)
  • Effect On Doshas – Balances Pitta and Vata
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Home Remedies of Brahmi

Brahmi has been used in Indian homes for centuries to provide relief to various ailments, provide nourishment to hair, skin, and body, and improve mental strength and abilities. Let us take a look at a few home remedies, that have been practiced for ages:

  • Brahmi paste, when applied regularly, helps in curing various skin conditions.
  • A mixture of grounded Brahmi leaves, cumin, and sugar helps in treating dysentery, a condition of the intestines.
  • Chewing a few Brahmi leaves over an empty stomach helps in enhancing brain retention capacity and sharp memory.
  • The application of Brahmi hair oil helps in revitalizing your scalp, regulates hair growth, and nourishes and fixes damaged hair. 
  • Brahmi oil also helps in treating dandruff problems and providing strength and nourishment to the hair.
  • Consumption of fresh Brahmi Juice, in a combination with tbsp of honey, has a soothing effect on brain nerves, thereby calming the brain and reducing stress.
  • Effectively helps in curing various kinds of stomach troubles and conditions in adults and helps in purifying blood in children when 1-2 tbsps of Brahmi juice are consumed along with cow’s milk.
  • Helps in treating leprosy when 3-5 grains of Brahmi powder are consumed thrice per day.
  • Treats dysentery and diarrhea in children when Brahmi paste is applied on children’s navel. 
  • Ensures proper functioning of the liver, lungs, and kidneys by regulating blood circulation throughout the body.

Benefits of Brahmi

Few remarkable functions and benefits of this medicinal herb include:

  • Nourishment of Hair and Skin: helps obtain glowing and toxin-free skin by cleansing the skin and healthy and smooth hair by protecting the scalp.
  • Comforts the Joints: the herb helps in clearing amma (natural toxins) and provides relief and comfort to the joins, thus allowing free movement.
  • Supports Multiple Systems in the Body: the magical herb has a powerful effect on the circulatory, nervous, and digestive system. In addition to this, it also regulates the functions of lymph, blood, urinary tract, and nervous tissue.
  • Relieves Stress and Nourishes the Mind: one of its most efficient functions is the revitalizing of the brain and encouragement of a balanced emotional state. Also helps in strengthening memory and intellect.

Besides performing these vital functions it provides a few more benefits:

  • Helps in reducing inflammation.
  • Contains powerful antioxidants that protect cells from damage.
  • Prevents hypertension and anxiety.
  • Helps in reducing blood pressure levels.
  • Possesses anti-cancerous properties.
  • Helps in maintaining blood sugar levels in diabetic patients.
  • Slows down aging.
  • Helps in preventing and treating Alzheimer’s.
  • The leaves are used for treating snake bites. 
  • Helps treat insanity and epilepsy. 

To conclude, it can be safely said that Brahmi is nothing less than a super medicinal and therapeutic plant in the Herbs and Ayurveda family. To know more about the benefits of various herbs and treatment of specific conditions or diseases, you may contact us at IAFA where we give personal medical and Ayurvedic assistance for treating various disorders. Book your appointment now to get your personal session with our Ayurveda experts.

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