Which is the Lowest Calorie Plant Milk?

Hey, kudos to you as a vegan you are doing an amazing job who is not only saving our environment by reducing the carbon footprint, and land and water usage but also keeping yourself healthy. If you are on a weight loss journey, then one thing you might hate is adding more calories to food. Your search for low-calorie food can never end, well today we are here to tell you Which is the lowest calorie plant milk and can aid you in your weight loss journey and that too not compromising on taste. Being a vegan and trying to shed some excess weight, it will be harder for you as there are only a few options available to eat and not to eat from. Today we are here to help you to pick some of the lowest calorie plant-based milk and enjoy your food. Are you ready? Let’s get started! 

What Makes You Gain Weight? 

Before actually digging into the milk options available in the market, isn’t it necessary to know what makes you gain? Yes, right, that’s why we have mentioned below what makes you put on some weight. 

  • More fat
  • More carbs
  • More sugars
  • Less exercise or workout
  • Less fibre
  • Less protein

Once you are clear with the things that are adding to weight, then it will be easy to eliminate from your diet and make a choice on the foods which help to shed some load. 

Before you go for particular milk, please make sure the below boxes are ticked as this indicates that it will help you shed some weight. Your plant milk should be of:-

  • Low saturated fats
  • High fibre or some amount of fibre
  • Have sufficient proteins
  • Low sugar or carbs
  • And of course, tastier. 

If the plant milk you are going to choose ticks any of the above or all of the above, then it’s great. It will help you to filter Which is the lowest calorie plant milk for your weight loss journey.

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Check Out the Nutritional Value Chart

Below, we have attached the nutritional value chart of the popular plant-based milks and cows’ milk, so make sure you check out to get a glimpse of what you are taking in and what’s good for you. 

Nutrients per 100gDairy milkSoya milkAlmond milkOat milkRice milkHemp milkCoconut milk
Total fats2g1.7g1.1g0.5-1.5g1g2.8g0.9-2g
saturated fats1-1.3g0.3g0.1g0.1-0.2g0.1g0.3g0.9-1.9g
Polyunsaturated fats0-0.1g1g0.3g0.7g0.6g2g0g

(2.1g- sweetened)

0.1g (sweetened -3g)4.1g3.3-7g1g0.6-1.9g

Fat Check: 

Even though hemp milk has more fat content than any other plant-based milk and cows’ milk, most of the fats are polyunsaturated fats like omega 3 and omega 6 fatty acids which are good for heart health, they help in lowering bad LDL cholesterol and enhance the good HDL cholesterol. So it’s no harm. 

Keeping aside cows’ milk, coconut milk has more fat content and most of them are saturated fats which are not good for your heart and weight. It’s a good option for those who want to gain weight. 

Soya milk also has more unsaturated fats which help to put on good cholesterol and remove bad cholesterol. 

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To Sum Up: 

Based on fat content, Which is the lowest calorie plant milk Oat milk, rice milk, soya milk, hemp milk and almond milk are the best options and have the lowest calories. You can choose anyone from the above-mentioned milk and have pleasure. Better to avoid coconut milk. Make sure to keep in mind that if you have any nut allergies, you can go for other alternatives.

Protein Check: 

Only soya milk, among other plant-based milk, has the same amount of protein which can be found in cows’ milk. Usually, plant milk does not have proteins in them. Protein helps you to build some muscle and aids in weight loss. But to note one thing here, protein is not mandatory for weight loss, you can still do better without protein. Protein helps you to build muscle and strengthens you, though you have fewer calories. So, if you are looking to get in shape along with shedding some weight, then soya milk is the best option for you. It has low-fat content, more protein, is tastier and easily available. Soy is your saviour dear! 

Fibre Check: 

The main defect of dairy milk is it doesn’t have any fibre content and makes you feel bloated and gassy and can also face constipation issues. When you are on your weight loss journey due to low food intake, constipation can be a problem. So, to keep this issue away, it’s better to choose milk that has sufficient fibre in it. Oat milk stands out among all the plant-based milk with high fibre content which relieves you from constipation. Followed by oat milk, soya, hemp, and rice milk also have a good quantity of fibre. So, based on your preferences you can choose either of them:

  • Oat milk
  • Soya milk
  • Almond milk
  • Hemp milk

Sugar Check:  

Sugar content includes both natural sugars and carbs that are present in the milk. Sugar or carbs are the magic components that will put you on weight. So, it is usually advised to have fewer carbs or sugars in your weight loss journey. Oat milk, rice milk and coconut milk have more sugar in them. But, the high fibre content in oat milk can balance the excess carbs. But the soya milk, hemp milk and almond milk have a very minute quantity of sugars and stand out among the crowd. 

Final Verdict

After considering all the required nutritional values, we have come up with some options to answer your query, Which is the lowest calorie plant milk:-

  • Almond Milk – less fat, moderate fibre and protein and almost no sugars. The best option.
  • Soya Milk – low saturated fats and high essential fats, high protein, moderate fibre and no sugar. Makes it compete with almond milk. 
  • Hemp Milk – is rich in omega 3 and omega 6 fats, low saturated fats, moderate protein and fibre, and no sugar in the race along with soya and almond milk. 

It’s difficult to declare a winner from the above three. But it’s up to you now, anything works fine based on your taste and preferences. 

  • Oat Milk – low fat, high fibre, slightly high protein but more sugar. Because high fibre can balance the sugar, you can still opt for it especially if you have any constipation issues. 
  • Rice Milk – low fat, low protein, low fibre and more sugar. But it is easily accessible and cheap, you can still have it occasionally and in a moderate quantity. 

The above two are also good options if you don’t have access to any of the first three. Coconut milk is often advised to be avoided when you are on weight loss. 

We hope you got a clear answer to your query: Which is the lowest calorie plant milk?

Do let’s know in the comments, which plant milk you’re gonna choose to be your partner and saviour. And, stay tuned as we come up with much more awesome content.

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